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Not Sure If This Is OK Here, But Here Goes
Being Maggies your speakers will sell if the price is reasonable. There's not millions of people buying high end speakers out there so sometimes it may take a month or two to sell something. I agree with others that it isn't worth the potential pr... 
Tosslink NOOB question!
Toslink is limited in bandwidth. I believe your receiver can take some information from the 5.1 and process it for the extra two channels. I don't believe you can pass high definition signals in 7.1. 
Classe move to China
I just lost all respect for Classe and would not own any of their gear even if it was made in Canada. I'd bet the Chinese Classe gear will not hold it's value so well. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Earthquake Cinenova Grande. It's a sleeper. I've had many amps driving my VMPS RM 40's and the Cinenova wins. 
The right amp for my system
Forgot to add that every time you double the power of the amplifier the loudness goes up 3db. 3db is a little more than noticeable. So a 200 watt amp will play 3db louder than a 100 watt amp. It could be your speakers want a better amp with more c... 
The right amp for my system
On the clarity Bigby is right. Poor acoustics will cause the clarity problems as well as many others. Stats like yours won't have the same punch as cones in the same price class. I'm not sure what you listen to or what volumes so I'm guessing. A g... 
Subwoofer Suggestions ?
I'd get two 15's if you want the best bass. Big difference between a 12 and a 15 all else being equal. 
How close to the real thing?
VMPS has done a live vs VMPS for the last 2 years at CES. By all accounts these live vs recorded demonstrations have been very impressive. 
VMPS 30 speakers
Those speakers are somewhat broken in at the manufacturer. However they will need more break in time, probably 200 hours and they will be at 95%. Any good amp will work fine. 
Room treatment success story
I'm happy to see another person find out for themselves how important room treatments are. I hope you enjoy music more because of it. 
From Vandersteen 2CE to Devore Gibbons 8 or Focal
If the Vandys sound bright, which they shouldn't, then any other speaker may also sound bright. It's your room! Acoustics have as much of an affect on the sound as your speakers. Great speakers with bad acoustics=bad sound. Lower quality speakers ... 
vanalstine fet valve amplifiers
I use a Primare pre with mine. Sound is excellent. 
RB1080 for 803D?
That amp is much better than people give it credit for. It's a good choice. 
Best speaker placement
Magfan is exactly right. Your dimensions cause peaks in the bass. Bass traps will help significantly. 
Help me choose an amp
The ATI or a Cinenova would be the best choices. Cinenova is very very similar and may be made by ATI or vice versa. Either way they're very well designed and built. Best of all you get a heck of a lot of amp for the money.