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Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Good Catch;The correct date for The Tape Project is 4-10-2008, not 3-10 as previously mentioned. Sorry for any inconvience my error may have caused. Please check our websight for directions; 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
The Tape Project will demo there 15 ips reel to reel copies of studio master tapes at our 3-10-08 meeting. I have always felt the source is the biggest limitation for audiophiles and these tapes are as close as you can get. Visitors are always wel... 
Oregon Audiophiles...
We have a very active audio club in Seattle, you can get on our newsletter distribution list if you contact me. there are samples on line. You can find us on the web. Jerry, President of Pacific Northwest Audio Society 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Meet audiophiles that love music! 6/8/06 meeting; The audio club will demo some CD Tweaks, can a CD-R sound better than the original ? The club Has been at the same location for over 25 years. We will have a home made speaker contest on Aug 26, 06... 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Aug 11th 2005 meeting will feature a demo by Croswon Tech, come and feel the only tactile transducer system that was designed for music. Sept meeting we are planning a music server demo/comparison. 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
August 11, 2005 meeting will feature Crowson Tech demo, I found this to be an interesting supliment to low end, it was designed for use in music aplications, should be allot of fun. 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Did you ever get a club started? I would be interested to correspond with you, I am the president of Pacific Northwest Audio Society in Seattle ( we meet once a month on Mercer Island, maybe I can give you some pointers. 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Seattle club is alive and kicken, We have the Ultimate Monitor featured in Feb and an acoustical Eng will speak in March. We always hope to see some new faces, check out our club websight ""Jerry President 
Seattle, WA
Dean we look forward to having you speak at the club on the second Thursday of March 3/10/2005. If anyone in the area needs info about the club our Web sight is; www/ At our Feb meeting we will Feature "The Ultimate Monitor" speake... 
What about "Pro" vs. Audiophile ?????
I have been in many recording studios on the west coast, the best one I have ever been to was at Skywalker Ranch. I concure, several small studios I have been in mostly in peoples houses don't have very good playback systems, there recordings ofte... 
equipment sound bad?
I consider myself to be an audiophile, have worked in several aspects of the audio industry including recording, and now am prisident of the local audio club. A have found most recordings to be unlistenable as there quality is so bad, when I take ... 
Is there a better deal than the AT OC-9 at 200?
I have a OC-9 on my Linn with a Ekos arm and am quite pleased, after listening to a friends LP12 with a Arkive I plan to upgrade to that when funds allow but there is a 2K difference in price. 
Pre-amp for Manley MonoBlock 160W
If you are bold enough to listen to what your source sounds like, go passive it will color the siginal the least. The manley amps are beefy and should be able to give you the signal needed unless your source has a very low output. 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
November Meeting will Feature George Pro from InnerSound. 
CRT or LCD or DLP projector ?
No doubt the best possible picture at the current time is provided by CRTs but CRTs require a lot of maintenance and the ability to block all ambient light. I am ISF certified and am rebuilding a Runco 980 Ultra (CRT) for my own house.