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Oregon Audiophiles...
Mresseguie, I'm here in Albany and actually work in Corvallis. Perhaps we can get together sometime. My email is audiofi@comcast.net.Art 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Kurt's a nice fella. Down in Eugene you have a number of great guys. Tim and Jeff at Bradford's and my favorite dealer's Dale and Chris Shepherd of Eugene HiFi. 
Audio Kharma website
Then there are the audio websites where entire threads are about another audio website...talk about a waste of bandwidth. Better to a growing site than a fading one. BTW, AK has all kinds of folk from the dumpster diver to the hobbyists with six f... 
Does the NAD 326 Bee Integrated amp run hot
Mine runs warm and the thermal protection has never has been triggered. I keep it well ventilated. It's driving Harbeth P3ESR's quite nicely. 
Oregon Audiophiles...
I believe I just greeted you over at Audiokarma did I not. Nice setup...perhaps we should get together for a listen one of these days. I'm Art from Albany. Have a great evening! 
recommendations for TT + arm + cart, around $3.5k
Clearaudio Performance SE and Benz Glider should solve the upgrade bug for awhile. 
Clearaudio Concept vs. Emotion, and beyond
Haven't compared but I have the new Concept and it's very impressive. It competes favorably with the Roksan Radius 5 with the Nima arm. 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Art in Albany still interested in meeting Oregon audio folk! I have met some from Audiokarma and Ecoustics...step up Agon! 
Speakers for Rega Brio 3
Rega R1, R3, RS1 and RS3. Rega speakers and gear go very well together. The R3's have been discontinued for the RS3's and the R3's always were a cult fav...maybe some good deals could be had. 
Need feedback on Rega Mira 3 integrated amp
The Mira 3 has no QC issues that I'm aware of however it ain't enough for the Model One's. I have a Mira 3 in my main system driving Totem Rainmakers...it makes them sing however it is at the edge of it's ability with them...The one's deserve more... 
Paradigm: Monitor 7 v.3 Better Than 11se Mk. II
I'd just keep the 11se's if you want to upgrade look elsewhere..seriously. This from a fella who has owned a whole lotta Paradigms in my day. 
Best turntable/cartridge/phono preamp combo
I like the Rega P3, Elys 2, and Fono preamp. Great upgradeability and ain't half bad to start with. 
Large room but not large budget-suggestions please
Vandersteens are wonderful speakers and one of my favorites. They require a good amplifier to be at their best. 
Large room but not large budget-suggestions please
I have to second the B&W 600 series suggestion. They will fill a large room and have the grunt to carry off classic rock and blues very well. They are not quite subtle enough for jazz for me but they really are a punchy speaker that should wor... 
Who Do You Credit For Getting You Into This Hobby?
A gentleman named Brian. He was a salesman at Sound World in Pocatello, Idaho 33 years ago. He was patient and informative. He let a 13 yr old kid play whatever he wanted and taught me what I should be listening for. I don't remember his last name...