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can PC noise damage speakers?
I do not know if this is the best advice for you, but whenever I have a strange computer issue that seems to not resolve itself. I will backup all of my important information, and reinstall the operating system. Having a fresh install of an OS cou... 
Hi, Dear all. Here's a question of berkeley dac
Why not contact them directly? 
Computer Do Over
I have heard that people have had great results with Windows 7. However after using Microsoft products since dos 2.x I made the switch the Mac and have not looked back once. Go to a apple store and mess around with one, then go find a new pc runni... 
can PC noise damage speakers?
Not sure if it will damage your speakers, but your computer should not be making noises when you are scrolling or doing other tasks. You should look into getting your computer running a bit more optimally. 
HELP I think I have an electrical issue??
Well, unfortunately the fix was short lived, as the heater starting up is just much quieter than before and I could barely hear it. When I tried the paper shredder though, it came through very loud through my speakers. Oh well, I am going to try n... 
HELP I think I have an electrical issue??
I know this thread is now almost a year old but I just wanted to give an update as so many people were kind enough to lend a hand and give me some advice with this strange problem that I was having. After having an electrician out and him not bein... 
Ipod Lockup with Wadia 170i Transport
I would give Wadia a call. Also can you try another iPod for a few days?This could help isolate which is the problem. 
Oregon Audiophiles...
I would also like to get together.I live in East Portland. 
Vic Chesnutt, RIP
RIP Vic, you will be missed. 
Quietest Refrigator ?
Just got a kitchenaid architect series refridgerator last week, as far as the noise you can defintley hear it. Although it only comes on for a few minutes every couple of hours so nothing too bad. Also there is a vacation mode which I would imagin... 
Quality required to hear vinyl
Anyway you could get some of these components together and see what you hear for yourself? That is truly going to be the test. 
Bel Canto DAC3 vs ARC DAC 7 ? Anyone
MacdadtexasJust out of curiosity how did you have your Berkeley connected to your system? Were you able to try the lynx aes16 sound card via xlr aes cable in your comparrisons? 
MP3 conversion rate suggestions
I stand by my original post, of just sticking with v0 or 320. V0 will save you more storage space of the 2, while some believe it is the best sounding as well. YmmvTo sufentanil, I respect your need for storage concerns. I on the other hand would ... 
MP3 conversion rate suggestions
Contrary to the first response I disagree.Either use vbr with v0Or cbr with 320. This is after all an audiophile website (not that mp3s fit in this particulart). But you must utilize the best options that the lossy compression format offer, right?... 
Audiiophile HTPC Setup
I can not recommend using a mac mini enough, first of all they seem to be very quiet so you can place it in your listening area if you would like, very affordable, and you can get bit perfect output right out of the box, unlike windows which takes...