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First Steps into Computer Audio
I think from everything I have read a USB DAC is the best way to go, I have the option to get an EMU 1820 (not M) for around $80, and wondering if thats ok till I get a good DAC. Thinking I can sell it easily for $80.S 
First Steps into Computer Audio
As far as budget would like to stay in the $300 range or under for DAC and our sound card if not USB DAC.S 
Q. on speakers, powered or regular
PPS. What about quad active speakers compared to say Audioenine for those who have heard both?S 
Q. on speakers, powered or regular
So what are speakers designed for this space, assume regular speakers like PSP Alpha Mini are not.I know Dynaudio does have nearfield monitors, both active and passive, any ideas how they compare to audioengine and or Genelec's.Price wise I can sp... 
Good SS Designers and their lesser known designs
Oh yeah forgot Tim De Paravici, highly impressed with his care of details/quality, my exposure is through the quality of the recording on the album "Meeting by the River".Think he did some Luxman designs, not sure what all amp's he did.Shriram 
Good SS Designers and their lesser known designs
I should have added John Curl, from parasound and not sure prior to that.Shriram 
Q. on cheap good line contioning
Yup have a basic surge protetcion filter one of the computer ones from best buy etShriram 
What can I do to upgrade
I have decent interconnects (not sure of brand but will post tomorrow), they are some audiophile brand.In terms of spending, would like to start with biggest bang for the buck items,Thinking of doing a DIY AC conditioner with the Jon Risch designS... 
Oregon Audiophiles...
One more in Portland, OR. If there is an audio group let me know.Shriram