Oldies that stick in your head...

Spouse Ev has been binge-watching 'Only Murders In The Building'; at the close of one episode at the start of the end credit crawl....

Suddenly, an old fave starts....

Del Shannons' "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun...)...

...pardon the YT ads...

Anybody have that which kicks your 'WayBack' Time-Warp into play?

Jan. '65 is a major jump for this senior....*L*


....Ev’s comment was "...sounds like something from ’65...."

*Gave her The Look*

Cue’d up The Smithereens’ "Behind The Wall Of Sleep"....


"...and so, what’s changed all that much?"

...extra stanzas and solos don’t count, since things aren’t on 45’s as much...I was 14, and in Junior High, a deep dive...*!*

Lets’ hear it....


That disc had a profound effect on me when I first heard it, and I still love it. 

@larsman , another fav of mine is "Strangers When We Meet" off that LP...
@roxy54 , but which one of the 2 is my ?....;)

@czarivey , *G*  Depends on your age, I'd wager...it's 17 yrs. later on my time scale, and  I was 31 in the Bay Area and already with or about to be 'spoused'...looking for real estate we could afford, probably....🤷‍♂️

Call me an 'oldie' and I'll 'dope slap' you, but all in good fun....*L*

(...we had 2 anniversaries....when we met & when we got 'legal'....

Forgot both, and settled on Val's Day....*LOL*)

Lazy hippie tykes....

@asvjerry It's not about your or mine age it's about the age of the song. It's over 40 years old

@mesch ....then we're contemporaries, and not (perhaps) just contemnor's or contemptuous....*L* ;)

Drilling back and finding this song....blew my mind how short it was.

I guess playing the 45 repeatedly with a 5gram needle kinda bored a dent in ones' synapse....

Early Drain Bamage.....🤪

Noticed last night, there's a musical coda from the song that repeats in the show, towards the end of the episodes,,,,

I have a playlist of oldies for the car. Here’s the first half:

Groovin’ by the Little Rascals

Like to Get to Know You by Spanky and Our Gang

Traces by the Classics IV

Sunny by the Classics IV

Stormy by the Classics IV

Every Day With You Girl by the Classics IV

Spooky by the Atlanta Rhythm Section

Brandy by Looking Glass

Smoke of a Distant Fire by Sanford Townsend Band

More Today Than Yesterday by Spiral Starecase

Waiting on a Friend by The Rolling Stones

Suavecito by Malo


@czarivey *L* Precisely....the fact that it instantly popped up into focus, and I was able to drill to it <5min..... !

"Runaway" (also D. Shannon?) came up afterwards....'falsetto' singing....songs & singers featuring such...."...won't come back from Deadmans' Curve..."

I go this late morning, after waking with 'aching everything' (overhead work previous day) to re-arrange what's left of hair....

I've got "old mans' ears and nose"....my head is shrinking....


....but I started this to assure my id, ego, and whatever's left that I'm not alone in these musical moments of ancient anonomli....

@jwei 👍...that's the spirit.... ;)  Not the 'guilty indulgences', but the...'home cooking', feel good kinda stuff...*S*

Old Stevie Wonder doing a thing with his harmonica to a live audience...It's A Beautiful Day soaring 'White Bird'.... Harry Nielsen's doing almost anything from his earlier stuff...Zappa's "We're Only In It For the Money" parody of Sgt. Pepper...

That which made you smile despite your BGF telling you're not welcome at the door mat no more....no matter what the mood enhancer wuz.......

(Withhold names to protect the guilty....)

Oh, 'ell....the 'indulgences' as well....*L* 

@asvjerry   I appreciate the ears and nose thing. When I call my barber, I am requesting a 'ear cut' however also get a hair cut to leave more on the floor for my money.

Some others from the back half of my oldies car playlist, here including "guilty indulgences":

Oye Como Va by Santana

Riders on the Storm by the Doors

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Evil Ways by Santana

Do It Again by Steely Dan

Layla by Derek and the Dominoes

They make my drives a trip down memory lave.

Anything by J Geils band

Redbone-Come and get your love.

Basically, if you grew up during 70's am pop get the soundtrack to the first 'Guardians of the Galaxy" movie.

Anyone around that level of technology ought to have ditched that (those?!) cassettes, dubbed 'em, and stashed them into a 'keepsake' box....

Meanwhile, what would 'umans be listening to 'then', anyway?

Certainly, music ought to have survived....?

If not....I'm not up to 'go there'....unless I get to drag a batch of multi-Tbyte drives with me....;)

Smoke on the Water

Born to be wild

Louie Louie

I want to hold your hand, I saw her standing there, most early Beatles


ah.....Steppen out with the Wolves....

Love it when taken out to play..... ...a little night road music?

Meself, I’d rather be taken out on the MCR.........with some different pilots at the ’trolls.... ;)
If I missed that buss...........snag the next escape....

'cus, Cuz....y'all never know where you'll go unless you hit the switch. :))