My system is where I want it be and it sounds awesome...

Finished.....Goldenear Reference, Carver tube amp, Prima Luna Pre....Yggy DAC, 2018 Mac mini serving roon and Oppo 203...With the addition of the GE Reference, I’m no longer using subs...Very pleased.  My wife is happy that the checking account will no longer be ravaged...Thanks for the help in selecting the components...
Now stay off the forums.
Your wallet will be grateful, and your blood pressure will be lower. 
Congratulations!  Could you possibly teach my divorce attorney that first word?  It appears to be missing from her dictionary. Well done. Next week I start building room treatments so my wallet is asking to join a 12 step program at this point. 
Ok Ok, maybe not completely....What tubes should I try?  Carver Crimson 275 has Tung Sol KT120’s and I don’t remember what the pre tubes are.  I don’t have a clue on the Prima Luna...and I’m in New Orleans this weekend and other things on my mind....
...and your wallet begins to "upgrade" cringe !  ( or maybe your wife ) .

Double thumbs up on the Golden Ear Reference ...

Good for you!I'm done too.Tube rolling doesn't count - it's a tweak:-)When you're ready to research,start with the input tubes.They have the biggest impact IMO.
Self deception is a fundamental attribute of all self respecting 
Wow....a happy audiophile.

@fastninja12....Enjoy!  Damn!  I thought I'd never see the day....

To quote M. Python:  "RUN AWAY!" ;) *VBS*

Don't let the nattering nabobs distract you!

O.P. ; same here. Oppo 203, Schiit Vidar amp, magnepan LRS speakers. 
I too am finished. I'm using a Yammy Aventage AVR as a pre for home theater and streaming purposes but since I'm in the "pre-amps do not have sound quality" camp I'm good with this system. Love the maggies. Best speakers I've ever heard. And the Vidar amp seems ideally suited to them.
Congratulations! You can go back to music for years to come :-)
(I am too done with upgrades for a while)
me too. finished gear acquisition that is. feels good.

got my third tt, and third RTR deck. upgraded my amps. gear lust is fading. system sounds i always hoped it could sound.

now just buying more records, that will never stop. with streaming don’t need more files, already have 20tb’s.

subs? i already have -2- 750 pound, 86" tall, active, integrated, bass towers. effectively it’s -4- subs "per side". -3db at 7hz, -6db at 3hz. subs need not apply.

Mc, I'm gonna have 8 subs:)  

A man's got to know his limitations.
I agree with the two subs. Or even one good REL sub since you are using single ended. My speakers will play down to 25 hz and I still have two subs. I just bought a new car. One had a subwoofer option and the other did not. The sound is night and day. SVS will let you return your subs if you do not like it. 2- SB 2000 pros will probably blow your mind. If not they take them back. 
Have GE Triton One.R. Similar to your GE Reference. You don’t need a sub!
 However —- that Oppo ...
I upgraded to an Oppo 105D with full Modwright mod, including tube power supply and tube dac.  Wow!!!  Difference not subtle. Try it if you can.
Get back on that train.
if you tube roll, start with the preamp. The Carver amp should be just fine with the original tubes.
The 275 amp comes with either Electro Harmonix or JJ tubes for small signal tubes..  I changed to NOS Telefunken for both the 12au7 and the twin 12at7's.  Big difference.  There are quite a few NOS tubes that will make a big difference in that amp.  Sylvania goldpins, Amperex, etc. are all nice change in the signal tubes.  The output or power tubes are all good to go.  Those KT120's are great, although you can run KT88's, KT150's, or even 6550's.  
Yep I’m not getting up and down anymore tweaking knobs, moving the Reference mm to get the perfect place.  I don’t find myself any longer trying to hear what I can improve on.  Instead I’m enjoying the music without being obsessed of what I can do to make it sound better...Of course that was a lie, but I do find myself enjoying more and tweaking less.  I’ve got about 20 hours on the GE Reference now and they are really opening up...Love them.  But my wife’s gonna crap if she sees the price tag.
I am one of those crazy enthusiasts who keeps multiple systems and extra components in the house. I won’t tell you how many systems because I am afraid someone might impose an intervention! I have sold most of my gear and consolidated down to one or two excellent systems on numerous occasions. Each time I have said that I was “done”. Those reasons included finances, clutter, children, and an irate but very understanding wife … Most recently it has been health issues. Quitting never lasted for very long!
It is true that for many, upgrade-itis is a lifelong affliction, but it can be overcome.  It is, after all, (or should be) about the music, not the stuff that produces it. Once you hit a happy place, resist the recurring urge to get back on the treadmill!
What you are saying is,   i need to upgrade a few things.   But i need to ask the boss for money .  That's what you told the small world of part time audiophiles .  
 and a good day to you Sir

I have an Oppo 203 as backup and a 205 as my daily driver. IMO the 205 with the lower noise floor is superior at picking up fine details and reproducing a sense of space. YMMV
@fastninja12 Can you describe the difference with the YG? I'm looking for a DAC to deal with the digital decay of room echo in classical choral and chamber recordings especially. I have the bifrost multibit, and am looking at the Yggdrasil GS as an upgrade. 


Congratulations on achieving your goal.
But really, you are not "finished" till you stop visiting these forums. Don't mean to discourage you to visit here - but that is the truth :-) You learn something new, read a new "user experience" and then start dreaming about it in your own system. How do you think I have emptied my bank balance?
Like @wspohn said - it is a lifelong affliction. To overcome that you can either resist change or tweak settings/setup on a constant basis and "experience the new setup" and be happy.