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USB sucks
I learned by accident that USB doesn't suck in the audiophile arena IF you have friends that have done your homework for you.  I was using JRiver on a Lenovo laptop to pull from my NAS and then ran Ethernet to the bridge on my PS Audio DAC .  Not ... 
What do/did you do for a living?
Event & Entertainment Industry ( Sound,Stage, Lighting ) Production Insurance Specialist  
A warm DAC?
The OP said his budget is $ 2500 !  I am suggesting he pair his PSA PWT with a slightly used PSA  Direct Stream DAC without a Bridge.  The 2 work excellent together when using the I2S connection. Happy Listening ! 
Aurender's "Sound"
I ran my Aurender X100L into a Berkley Alpha USB using an Analysis Plus Purple Plus USB and from the Berkley Alpha XLR digital out using a Kimber AGDL into my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC  to my Pass x2.5  Pre using Kiimber Hero XLRs to my Pass X... 
Silver is the appropriate color for everything but speakers.
Mostly Black ( incl  Piano Black speakers ) w/ Silver on Pre's and Power Amp and Aurender ... I revel in diversity ! Happy listening ... Stay Home - Stay Healthy - Stay Connected  
Who buy PS AUDIO ?
After years of loving my Audio Research CDT1 Transport ( and having the laser replaced and then the tray mechanism ) , I started looking for something new and stumbled, by accident on Paul McGowan doing his PS Audio YouTube posts. I took a leap of... 
When Did Your System Disappear?
high-amp  - sorry man and hope this schtuff get us back to normal(?) soon and you can re-build . I dodged losing my first system due to divorce in '91.  She brought in one of my dealers to appraise the system and I ended up giving her the house an... 
How do you sort your LPs?
Alpha in the rack downstairs with dividers keeping about 25+ close at hand for quick access and play at a time .  
Anyone else grateful that they got hooked on this crazy addiction
+1 Millercarbon  It was fascination they say ....  From learning electronics from Dad, to building my first crystal radio, then ham radio, then a tuner, etc.  Enjoying all types of music all along the way and then one day meeting a client who inst... 
Floor standing speaker recommendations new or used, $10,000 and under
Golden Ear Triton Reference or Golden Ear Triton One.R s  ... Amazing bang for the buck !  
My system is where I want it be and it sounds awesome...
...and your wallet begins to "upgrade" cringe !  ( or maybe your wife ) .Double thumbs up on the Golden Ear Reference ... 
Which one? Paradigm persona 3f, Revel Studio2, Audiosolution Figaro L, Goldenear reference
My 11.2.2 HT is all GoldenEar . SuperSat (SS)  60 for center , SS 50's for front L&R , 4- SS 3's for Side and Rear Surrounds, 2- GE Invisa HTR 7000 for Atmos ceiling, and 2 - Forcefield 3 subs.   They cost substantially less than my last home ... 
Tube tester...anyone own their own?
I have a B&K Dyna-Jet 707 that has been an exceptional companion for over 40 years.( Thank you Dad ! )   Have local vintage guitar/amp shop that will calibrate when asked.   
Audioquest buys GoldenEar
I have always liked AQ cables and they are heavily used throughout my 9.2 A/V system along with various Golden Ear A/V speakers and subs.  It has been a good marriage.Last year at AXPONA I met Sandy and demo'd his GE Triton One.Rs  which led to co... 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
+1 genesis777 My DQ10's ( had 2 sets ) paired with a pair of DQ1 subs and crossover were a helluva LOT of fun . Large and in charge and still crankin on over at one of the ex's house.