Moved from Logitech Squeezebox to Cambridge CXN V2 w/NAS - sound not as good


   I recently made a change to my system. I moved my digital music library from my PC to a NAS device (QNAP), and replaced my old streaming interface, a Logitech Squeezebox, with a Cambridge audio CXN V2. I feed the streamer into an external DAC, a Chord Qutest. 

Since I made the change, the sound is different. A bit more "relaxed" sounding. Not sure I like it as much. The old system had a bit more punch and maybe was a little brighter. 

Any thoughts on why this might happen, and how I might remedy it? Going back to the PC and Squeezebox isn't really an option.  


Have you tried the DAC in the Cambridge?  Are you streaming your own files or using a streaming service?  If your own files,  still using Logitech Media Server?   Has any other aspect of the streaming changed besides physical streamer device used?

Hello Mapman,

   Thanks for responding. I am streaming my own files, and I do not use a streaming service. I have not tried the DAC in the Cambridge, as I sincerely doubt it would perform as well as a DAC costing twice the entire CXN V2. The two changes made are, as I mentioned, moving the files themselves from a PC to a NAS, and switching from the Logitech to the Cambridge streamer. 

    Since I am still using the same outboard DAC I didn't expect that the Cambridge would insert its own sound into my system (or at least thought it would be minimal, or better!).

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Could be your accustomed to a bright sounding Streamer and now have a more neutral one and your questioning the difference. I'd try living with it for a while to see if your end up preferring it. if not move on from the Cambridge and try another. one thing is try a PC/Mac laptop and see if that's any different.  

You simply prefer the sound of one component over another. It is no more complicated than that.  That’s what it’s all about. Find out what makes you happy and drink it. Really. 

+1 @glennewdick You may just be very used to the old, more detailed sound.  My guess is the Cambridge, while maybe initially not sounding as detailed, is actually more refined (what you call “relaxed”) and the frequencies are actually more balanced/natural with less added brightness — kind of like going from a TV with the contrast and sharpness set too high and then having it properly calibrated.  At first it might seem dark and dull until your eyes/brain readjust and realize it’s actually better in every way.  Give it a month for your ears to adjust before making any firm conclusions.  

BTW, if the Cambridge is new it’ll need 100 hours or so to start to break in and sound close to its potential.

I have 2 of the Cambridge units so I am quite fond of them.  I am a little unclear.  Are you using the same DAC for the Squeezebox as for the CA?  And what digital connection between the two?

  I had the Squeezebox when it first was released and loved it.  I gave it to one of my kids when I bought a Bluesound Node about a decade ago, before I bought the CA units, so I never did a direct comparison, but sonically the Squeezebox was no slouch 

Nothing to lose trying the built in Cambridge DAC just to see/hear. Cost does not always determine what sounds best.

I used to run Squeeze system then Plex with older DAC then acquired Cambridge Evo 150. The built in DAC is pretty good. That’s what I use. But I did move to Roon shortly after and that is where I am and very happy. I recommend trying all available options with your Cambridge and give it time to determine what works best.


I also have a Chord Mojo and another $80 dongle that sounds very good and on paper is technically better than the Mojo. Both sound very good but very different. The Mojo is probably the worst DAC I use and enjoy at least based on measurements I’ve seen that compare. So you never know how a particular configuration will sound until you try. 

If the cxn v2 has usb out, that’s most likely going to be the best way to connect to the Qutest and it should also sound slightly more open.
This in addition to breaking in the cxn for 200hrs if new and getting used to better sound.

Which model QNAP and how much RAM does it have versus the PC? You changed your server from a pc with (assuming) and Intel or AMD cpu to an albeit streamlined linux box with an (assuming) Arm processor. As odd as it sounds, that can make a huge difference in sound quality, as least in my system.

I, too, use a Logitech streamer, albeit the Transporter, and can easily hear differences between servers, especially if using any DSP or upsampling in software on the server. Just my two cents...maybe switch servers while keeping the Cambridge and see what differences you hear??

Since I still use three Squeezeboxes on various systems why is it not an option to stick with what works? 


I run LMS on a NAS no PC involved and Squeezebox streaming to the systems where needed.     This works well and I have been looking at streamers for years just havent made a move.

The current solution works well and I control all with an IPAD or Iphone using the IPeng app .


The CXN could simply have less noise in the chain.  With digital sometimes noise can cause things to sound brighter.  The CXN might be a quieter streamer creating a lower noise floor which is allowing the files being transmitted to your DAC to be reproduced with a more natural, truer to the file / recording rendering.  

Thanks for all your responses. I am fairly confident in saying that the setup using the squeezebox had superior sound to the Cambridge. One person asked why I'm switching. The Logitech Squeezebox has been discontinued for years, and I figured it would stop working entirely at some point. Also, I didn't think it would be able to find a NAS device, but one person (searchingforthesound) seems to have accomplished it. I'd be interested in how that was done.

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Hey, i have something to try that surprised me on my system.

try a superior power cord on both the Streamer & possibly the DAC 

you can find something that was close to top of the line that's a decade old used 

so not suggesting you over spend

on my previous dac is very much changed its personality for the better

it was like moving up to a take of higher octane gas 

Pump up the volume!  

(Seriously, it could be as simple as less gain through the new config.)