Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer

I went and purchased two more John Coltrane CD’s, "Blue Train" and "Traneing In", in spite of, relative to other artists, having way too many of his albums already. I do love his music and just now counted having forty-eight of his albums, not even including the ones he recorded with Miles Davis.

Is there anyone else out there at least equally nutty, or has more recordings by any single artist, band or composer? If so, who do you like, and how many of their albums have you collected and play? Miles Davis at thirty-three records and CD’s, comes in a not too distant second in my collection.

Hopefully this topic hasn’t been broached before here.

Oh wow, where to start?

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 IM A COLLECTOR, as well as a music lover. !! Thank

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. And 500, other bands!

mostnbands I buy, I will get the entire discographies!

im anal!
I love a lot of composers, musicians and genres, but the ones I've built sizable collections of include Bowie, The Byrds, The Doors, Dylan, Beethoven, Mahler, Mozart, Bartok, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, Genesis, Tchaikovsky, Fritz Wunderlich, Benjamin Britten, The Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, The Vienna Phil, Springsteen, Sinatra, Clapton, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Bruno Walter.  I also got heavily into the 1970's New York Punk/New Wave scene.  I tried my best to see every New York New Wave/Punk band that showed up in L.A. during that period.  I loved the Seattle Bands.  I played in a New Wave band that went absolutely nowhere.  The reason?  We were awful.
The question at hand is, does any one of you have more than 48 albums by any one artist, be it an individual, band or composer. There's got to be someone out there who does, or even might have a larger Coltrane collection.  Now that's a person I'd like to meet.

Edcyn, even though your band might have been awful, I bet you had a lot of fun playing together.

Glad to meet you !   I have over 500 albums of the greatest artist who ever lived , one Johann  Sebastian Bach .
@schubert .I'm definitely with you there Len, got to be the best composer who ever lived and the amount of work he created was all to such a high standard.I too have a massive amount of material composed by him. The next biggest amount of material I have is of the great Chillean pianist Claudio Arrau. Sadly I doubt if we will ever see their like again.
I’m a Frank Zappa completist, which means I’m over a hundred albums and counting. ’The Torture Never Stops’ .......😎 (would have been nice to stick in his trademark moustache here).

I can’t help wondering what FZ’s comments would have been about the current state of the world and US leadership in particular. ’Dickie’s Such An Asshole’ wouldn’t even begin to cover it....

Garbarek... out of room here...running out of space @ home...:(
Ron Carter has appeared on 2,221 recording sessions.  For jazz enthusiasts, you could have more recordings with Ron on them than any other musician in your collection and not even realize it ;-)
If we’re counting single artists appearing with other groups, Ray Brown would be up there in my collection. Other than that, the Dave Brubeck section is starting to crowd out the Chet Baker and Cannonball Adderley section.

In the classical closet, Bach seems to be overtaking Beethoven.

Schubert, of all the Bach recordings you have which are your favorites, and which do you play most.? That is an impressive collection by anyone’s measure. Are you still finding more to purchase or have you exhausted his canon.

Jim204, about how many Bach recordings do you estimate you have?

Edgewear, that’s an impressive Zappa collection. Any favorite recordings where he plays, rather than dinks around. One of the best concerts I ever went to, at school in the early seventies, consisted of Zappa playing a scintillating solo on "Montana". Rest of the concert was mostly him yanking our chain, but that solo was so original to be completely unforgettable.

Three_easy_payments, you’re right, Ron Carter is on a lot of recordings. I’d not noticed that before.

All the rest of you fine folks, about how many of the artists you mentioned albums have you collected . That’s what I’d really like to know. I can’t imagine anyone surpassing Schuberts Bach collection though. I’m willing to offer a cherished "No prize", earned on another site, to anyone who eclipses that total.

The only artist I have large number of CDs is Beethoven who I have several sets of symphonies including Furtwangler.
Merle Haggard and Bob Dylan here.  Stones and Beatles in the mix, but not close.  

Yup, Bach for sure. Several hundred, mostly on CD. Also Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel, Purcell, Rameau, Scarlatti, Couperin. Obviously, heavy on Baroque.

In Pop, Dylan (everything). Then Dave Edmunds (ditto), The Everly Brothers (no Everly Brothers = no The Beatles), The Louvin Brothers (no Louvin Brothers = no The Everly Brothers), Buddy Holly, Nick Lowe, The Band (no duh), The Beach Boys (those when Brian was a member), Van Dyke Parks, ABBA (go ahead, laugh. You’re mistaken ;-), The Kinks (whatta group!), The Flamin’ Groovies, The Ventures, John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, Los Lobos, Richard Thompson, Iris Dement, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, Patty Loveless, Steve Earle, Mary Gauthier, Rodney Crowell, Jim Lauderdale, Marshall Crenshaw, Hank Williams, George Jones, Del McCoury, all the regulars.

But some of my favorite music has been made by bands/groups/artists with a small discography. Rockpile (a single album, though the ensemble is heard on many of Edmunds’ and Lowe’s albums), The Notorious Cherry Bombs (a Rodney Crowell/Vince Gill side-project, with a single album). I could go on, but my glass is empty, and I’m low on Vodka. Gotta get to the liquor store.

tpreaves ...

Thanks for the heads up on Boxcar Willie. Been playing his stuff on Spotify. Love it. Great music to follow along with on the harmonica. Good old down-home country music. Two thumbs up.

@skyscraper   I Think without going and physically counting the I would say I have about 350 CDs of Bach related music but I'm afraid I have jettisoned my Cds to the outhouse now as when I retired I got DB Poweramp and copied them all to hard drives. I must have about 3,000 cds in there and I have been thinking lately of selling them on and replacing my ageing much loved but very well used Sennheiser HD800 headphones and getting another pair. 
Just a shout-out to all of you guys who are donating your CDs to the thrift stores, or blowing them out at your garage sales. Like the LP folks that preceded you, I, and several of my friends, thank you from the bottom of our ever-lovin' hearts. :-)

Oregonpapa, couldn’t agree with you more. Used CD’s are especially great as they almost always play perfectly, unlike used LP’s. Those last two Coltranes purchased were both used and in mint condition. No need to pay retail for new.

Never heard of Boxcar Willie or Claudio Arreau before so am learning something new from you all.

Jjborders, 52 more and I've caught up with you on Art Pepper. Nice collection on him. Only eight more though on Sonny Rollins to catch you.


Speaking of Rodney Crowell side projects, do you have the CICADAS album? It's well worth your while. The other members were Steuart Smith on guitars, Michael Rhodes on bass & Vince Santoro on drums. Mostly original tunes along with a smokin' cover of "Tobacco Road!"
"The next biggest amount of material I have is of the great Chillean pianist Claudio Arrau. Sadly I doubt if we will ever see their like again."
Claudio Arrau with Staatskapelle Dresden, Beethoven’s 5th piano concert. It does not get any better than that. I have ony 15 versions to compare, though.


Gustav Mahler (far from my favorite one) 37

Kris Kristofferson 27 (not counting duplicates in multiple, or even same, format)

The Rolling Stones 47 (including 4 different versions of Exile on the Main Street which I do not particularly like)

Bob Dylan 50 (not including 2 versions of Blonde on Blonde on SACD and Blood on the Tracks cassette, LP, CD, SACD, and Mini Disc, missing 8-track)

Leonard Cohen everything on CD, remastered CD, one single (small size) CD, and LPs (two LP versions each of the older ones and one each of last 5, or so, albums)

I actually like disco.

Grateful Dead by a country mile.  I bought the 73-CD Europe 72 Box Set.  I own probably 400 GD CD's.  Out of a collection of about 1000 CD's in total.  All I need to do now is to digitize the entire collection so that I can choose the best version of each song, like Cold Rain & Snow, or any other great GD song, and make the ultimate playlist.  My latest favorite is the Dave's Picks #29 San Bernardino 2/26/77 release-- in my view among the best shows of all-time, along the May 1977 shows and of course others from 1971 and '72.  Sound quality of San Bernardino is fantastic.  Like being there.
Ron Carter has appeared on 2,221 recording sessions. For jazz enthusiasts, you could have more recordings with Ron on them than any other musician in your collection and not even realize it ;-)
Sly n Robbie
Their rhythms have been the driving force behind innumerable songs -- one statistician estimated that together they’ve played on approximately 200,000 tracks, and that doesn’t count remixes, versions, and dubs. As a production team, they were the equivalent of a creative storm, the cutting edge of modern dub, ragga, and dancehall.

Classic Sly & Robbie....(Drum n Bass)
@edgewear  im with ya on Frank  not quite as many as you but up there

however your comments of him today   Oh my if only

"...together they’ve played on approximately 200,000 tracks, and that doesn’t count remixes, versions, and dubs."
At 3 minutes a track, that is 416 days of uninterrupted playing. Not accounting for recording time which must be in multiples of it. Now, that is prolific.
"The question at hand is, does any one of you have more than 48 albums by any one artist, be it an individual, band or composer. "

A few artists. Most importantly, The [Mighty] Fall. The post-punk Manchester band fronted by the strange character Mark S. Smith. I add Sun Ra too the list - one can never have enough Ra.

Miles Davis and Bill Evans are close seconds. I am gaining ground with Art Pepper (after recently acquiring his incredible late-period Galaxy box set). His auto-biography (transcribed and co-written by his wife Laurie Pepper) "Straight Life" is fascinating - even for non jazz fans.

I started out collecting rock music focusing on Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and other blues-based rock bands focusing on ROIO materials. I happened upon the Archive.Org Grateful Dead collection before Bobby and the lawyers took down all the fantastic soundboards. Burnt them all to CD and made custom covers.
Bob Dylan and JS Bach and in 3rd place probably Neil Young. The best of the best. 
Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin come to mind - limited by the number of albums they put out. I do have a 20 disc collection of Grateful Dead...
Pet Shop Boys. Vinyl, 12" singles, imports, rarities, CDs, CD singles, laser discs, books, autographed VIP passes, signed CDs and special editions. 
Probably used to be The Dead/Garcia/Weir/Hart/Hunter/etc.

I would have to imagine The Cleveland Orchestra, various conductors.

The Royal Concertgebouw, various conductors, a close second, I think.

You jokers have lured me into measuring the width of the shelf space occupied by the artists who most dominate my collection.   Box sets get undeserved bonuses thanks to the extra width contributed by the box itself. LPs only!  I ain't gonna try and sort through the CDs.  And I certainly ain't gonna' actually count anything...

Mozart -- 11",  Beethoven -- 7 3/4", Mahler -- 6 1/2", Bach -- 4 1/2", Bowie -- 4 1/2", Elvis Costello -- 4", Doors -- 4", Schubert -- 3 1/2", Tchaikovsky -- 3 1/2", Genesis -- 3 1/2", Haydn -- 3 1/2", Puccini -- 3 1/4", Bartok -- 3", Springsteen -- 2 1/2", Sinatra -- 2", Various movie soundtracks and musicals -- 9".

@edgewear and @crimsoniter 
Can't get to 100 but I'm all in with you on Mothers and Frank. My count is 41. Took my wife of 45 years on our 1st date to see the Mothers at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, TX in 1973.
I currently have 53 albums, cd’s from Golden Earring or from the individuals in the band doing solo work or with other artists, they have been together for over 50 years and are still performing and have bookings for the next year.The bass player and lead guitarist have been together since at least 1962 when they were in high school.Here in the U.S. they only know of or play 2 songs Radar Love, and Twilight Zone (which was originally called when the bullet hits the bone) the record label made them change the songs title.
Separate official releases on my shelves - Van Morrison - 42.  The guy just keeps cranking them out.
Miguel Bosé , Sandie Shaw, Nils Petter Molvaer, Zucchero, Angelo Branduardi, Gilbert Becaud, Charles Aznavour, Moby, Michel Rabbia, Dusty Springfield, France Gall, Michel Berger, Sarah Brightman, T. Tikaram, Eros Ramazzotti, Madonna, Celine Dion, Abba, José Feliciano, Sting,Queen, Jacques Brel, Armand Amar, Elvis Costello, Laurent Voulzy,,U2,Simple Minds, Patricia Kaas, Neil Diamond, Vangelis, Chris Rea,Ray Charles, Patty Labelle, Mari Boine, Gary Numan,Sparks, Ana Belen, Dead can dance,Kari Bremnes, Yello, Julio Iglesias, Nana Mouskouri, A-ha, Morrissey and the Smits, Faithless, ( all the cd’s of them), and many others...