moody blues vs rock hall of fame

i read an article on goldmine debating their inclusion. so far they have been snubbed. as with some bands they are loved or hated. they did have some rather iffy songs but i think they should be in. btw i am 58 and grew up listening to them, still like them and thought some people here would have some interesting opinions.i vote "in"
The Moodies are a great band and should have been inducted a long time ago.
the amount of quality music they gave us in a seven album stretch is undeniably one of the greatest runs in recorded music history.
Agree with the above. They should have been in when they first became eligible years ago...
a local rock station kind of fixated on two songs that were played ten times daily for like 20 years - all i know about the Moodys and was never tempted to buy an album.

The RRHOF needs to let in KISS, like em or not, the most greatest band ever.

I'm working my way through my CD collection and I just so happen to be at the Ms - in fact, at The Moody Blues.

I had to sort them into chronological order first, and then off we go. "Days of Future Passed" was nice but not as psychedelic as "Lost Chord". All those lovely MFSL golds - and they do sound good, but I actually prefer the original Deram (silver to the center) for "Lost Chord". A few fun hours to follow.

A quality body of work that stands the test of time.

I'd put Question of Balance and To Our Children's Children's Children right up there, too.
Although there were no "hits" on it, On The Threshold Of A Dream" is the Moody's album that really takes me there. Unbelievable how vivid the memories are.
Not sure what value the RRHOF has, none to me, but the Moody Blues should be in it.
The Moodies were ahead of their time and made a lot great music. Sad that the Rock Hall of Fame is behind in their time(ing). Late night , the lights out and any of the above albums playing on the turntable is pure enjoyment for me.
I agree they should have been inducted years ago. Their first 7 albums were amazing works in both music and poetry. And really some of the albums that followed were very good albums. But the orginal core band( from days of future passed on) of Hayward,Lodge, Edge, Thomas and Pinder, were pioneers in sound that they invented. Later albums such as Long Distance Voyager the addidtion or Patrick Moraz rejuvinated the bands sound. After that they did become very popish and seemed to be plowing the same field over and over. But when you look at some of the inducted band and musicians if the Moody Blues get passed over then in my opinion the Hall of Fame is basing decisions on politics and not talent.
The Impressions, The Ronettes, and Black Sabbath are all in the Hall and the Moody Blues are not.

You can't make that up folks.

The Moodies are in my "hall" and that's all that matters to me. Yes, they were amazing and strung several tremendously beautiful and innovative albums together. By the way, for whatever it is worth, Charles Manson only let his posse listen to 2 bands. One was a little known band out of Liverpool and the other was the Moodies.
I love the Moodly Blues. I'd vote for them. They will eventually get in.

Moodies = deep
RRHOF = shallow
Dear Sloth-I was just telling an old college buddy that Fireball and Machine Head are 2 of the best-played records of this genre ever recorded. The interplay between Paice, Glover, Blackmore, and Lord is telepathic and, almost, jazz-like. Don't make groups like this anymore.
Kiss is the greatest band ever?! Gimme a break! Back in the day, no self-respecting rock 'n' rollwer would EVER listen to Kiss, much less pay to see them in concert. They were always a joke band. And a bad joke at that...

Oh yeah, The Moodies definitely belong in the RRHOF.
if any of you do netflix there is a doc. on them you can view instantly. it covers everything and it is about 2 1/2 hours
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02-12-11: 6550c
>>The RRHOF needs to let in KISS<<
No, they don't

>>like em or not<<

>>the most greatest band ever<<
The Beatles
IMO why would anyone want inducted into such a silly mindless institution in the first place?
What you cant wait to be on display next to Madonna, LL Cool J, or Run DMC? How much more watered down does it have to be before folks quit complaining about who went in and who didnt. I left behind caring about the Hall when it left behind its credibility.
I recently posted on this topic over on the Radio Paradise web site, so I get to cut and paste and save some typing:

"RRHOF does not like "progressive rock" and they categorize the Moodies that way.

No Moodies, Yes, King Crimson, Tull, or ELP I'm pretty sure.

Procol Harum?

Good luck!


I think they recently broke down and inducted Genesis.

I think Pink FLoyd is in.

THat's about it.

The further away in style you are from rock's R&B roots, the less likely you are to get in.

So much for innovation in rock.

Double Nitwits!"

We went to see the show "jersey Boys" the other day.

There was a line in there towards the end in reference to The Four Seasons being inducted into the RRHOF where the band member says something along the line of what an honor it was to be inducted to RRHOF by "the people".

I had to snicker at that line!

My understanding is that there is a small group of decision makers affiliated with the RRHOF that decide who gets in. "The people" have little to do with it at least directly as I understand it. Its more about what that group likes and dislikes it seems.
The Moodys should be in if for no other reason than they were the masters of the concept album, the flow from one song into the next. They were/are all real, talented musicians. They actually played all of the instruments heard on their albums.
"The Moodys should be in if for no other reason than they were the masters of the concept album, the flow from one song into the next. They were/are all real, talented musicians. They actually played all of the instruments heard on their albums."

All true.

Also, in addition to being one of the key early innovators of album rock music, along with the Beatles, Kinks, etc., they have stayed together, occasionally deliver new quality recordings and toured to enthusiastic crowds for over 40 years despite having no real advertising or marketing machine behind them for over 20 of those years now.

What in the blue h-- else could the RRHOF ask?

Not that I really care all that much. I do not relate to the RRHOF at all really. I am a life long Moodies fan though and just have to point these things out.

They should qualify based on the popularity and influencial nature of "Days Of Future Passed", their first album together in their enduring popular form from 1967 (post Denny Laine), alone.
I have to also mention that I saw them play about 7 years ago
at Saratoga Performing art Center. I was the lucky boy in the
third row, floor. They really do still pull it off well. The
voices still sound wonderful. I mean their first record
was released 40 + years ago. These guys are in their mid 60's, for Pete's sake.
Just for "Days Of Future Passed", that alone is worth their entry. Yes, I'm a fan but DOFP takes me right back to the 60s.

I believe the Moodies have toured the world and US almost every year, year round now since at least the early 90's, if not before.

Interms of sheer #s of live performances of their classic material they have delivered, they eclipse even The Rolling Stones, and perhaps could challenge even "The Beach Boys" or whatever group has actually toured under that name so often for many years now as well..

I have seen them 4 times over that period, last about 4 years ago and once earlier for their "octave" tour in 1978.

They deliver the goods still even into their 60's every time. They always perform the songs people know best and mix in various others from their large repertoire built up over the years.

Justin hayward, John Lodge, and Graeme Edge are the three remaining "original" Moodies touring. Ray Thomas retired a few years back.

They know what their music still mean to their fans and nourish that relationship carefully.

When the day comes (perhaps soon given their age) that they are no longer able to perform their classic material up to the high standards that they have managed to maintain over the years, I suspect they finally hang it up for good.

Oh, but that is not good enough for the bleepin RRHOF!


Hopefully this happens while these guys are still around to accept and not after they are gone!

If it does, I suspect they would accept as much for knowing what it might mean to their fans as muchas whatever satisfaction it might still have for them.

BTW, it brings me tremendous satisfaction knowing that I became a big Moodies fan and supporter of their music back in high school around 1975 or so, that they hit their peak in terms of commercial popularity during the MTV generation a decade later, and have managed to keep going strong and remain just as relevant to me and many others continuously 36 years later.
Their first 6 or 7 albums are some of the best music ever made, by anyone. They should have been in the hall of fame back in 72 IMO. But something tells me they (the band) don't give a rats ass about that kind of thing. They love music and it shows in all their work and their performances. I am a life long fan and have seen them in concert here in Canada pretty well every year since 1982. I would rather them come out with a new album (its been about 8-9 years since 'December' came out) than worry about them being inducted into the hall of fame.
"Their first 6 or 7 albums are some of the best music ever made, by anyone."

I don't like to throw around the word "best" much, but I'll agree that they hold their own up there with me and I have listened to a lot of different music in most every genre over the years. They are a most distinctive, ambitious and highly innovative (at the time) collection of works the themes of which have aged quite well. Nothing else out there even slightly resembles this body of work as a whole, for better or for worse.
interesting comments,, my 80 year old father has their greatest hits cd in his car 24/7 and knows little about rock music which i think is cool. the opening few bars of ride my seesaw is a real favorite
The 70s without the Moody Blues? I can’t even imagine that. Hell, it wouldn’t have been the 70s without them.
I remember an watching an interview with Graham Edge (drummer). He said a middle aged woman told him about the time she and her teenage daughter were not doing too well relationship wise (ah, teenagers). One day when she was downstairs, she heard her daughter playing some music up in her room. It sounded good. She went up and asked her what she was playing. She said "It's a Moody Blues album". The mother went up into the attic, dusted off some of "her" old MB's and brought them down to show her. They played them and formed a connection that stayed.

There's a DVD called "Legend of a Band". It's all about them and their history. Check it out if you haven't already.

Surprise for me was after years of hearing "Go Now" on various oldies stations, I did not know it was them singing it.
Justin Hayward and John Lodge were not members for the first album "The Magnificent Moodies" which contained Go Now.

The album is basically a collection of cover songs and bears no resemblance to the music that followed after Hayward and Lodge arrived.

I'm not sure any band released 7 better consecutive albums than Days to Sojourn.

In a 5 year span BTW.
The Moody Blues were a phenomenon unto themselves. Absolutely no group ever had that "sound"...almost an aura around their music. The songs flowed one into the other giving their albums a thematic thread that pulled you into the album. Each album was an "experience". A Question of Balance is a desert island album for me. You don't listen to that album, you experience let it wash over you.
Anyone that appreciates the Moodies, should seek out John/Justin’s “Blue Jays” (mid 70’s), Mike Pinder’s “The Promise” (mid 70’s) or anyone of Justin Hayward'S solo albums, especially “View from the Hill” (mid 90’s). Even Ray Thomas, who is now retired from the band came out with two solo albums back in the 70’s that are a bit hard to find but equally phenomenal in both sound and quality of music. “From Mighty Oaks” (1975) and “Hopes Wishes and Dreams” (1976). Good listening.
I have the early 2 lp Moody's collection "A Dream" on Gema Records.

It's one of my most prized lps. The early Moodies stuff with Denny Laine was more of a British R&B style but still with lots of good harmonies. I like this collection a lot though it little resembles what the Moodies became later when Justin Hayward and John Lodge joined.

Listening to Pinder's "The Promise" as I write. Ray THomas' Hopes Wishes and Dreams prior to that.

Haven't played these since my most recent system upgrades.

I'm lovin life.......
Oh well, not this year.

Upcoming 2011 inductees listed the R&R HOF site:

"Congratulations to the following artists on their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year!

* Performers:
* Alice Cooper
* Neil Diamond
* Dr. John
* Darlene Love
* Tom Waits

* Non-Performers:
* Jac Holzman
* Art Rupe

* Sidemen:
* Leon Russell"
A Rock n Roll Hall of Fame seems like a stupid idea to me and when you consider some of the people they have inducted I think its a badge of honor that the Moodies aren't in.

By chance I came across a December 2003 Rolling Stone that featured "The 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time". You guessed it, no Moodies. The list is a pretty good one, you can find it on their website, but someone really screwed up by overlooking the Moodies.
"I think its a badge of honor that the Moodies aren't in.

Also a badge of honor that The MBs have never received much credence from RS magazine.

Maybe if Justin Hayward would have just broken a few guitars on stage things could be different......
03-02-11: Phaelon
"The 70s without the Moody Blues? I can’t even imagine that. Hell, it wouldn’t have been the 70s without them."

The 60's, if you were tuned in and turned on, man.....the 60s