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Buyer Beware
My original post was specific to purchase not sales. Although, I recognize that sale are a problem.    
What is the forum code word for "listen to this stoned". I'd like to use it on these two:
Marijuana and mushrooms are legal. I think you can say, “stoned” now without worry! 
Great sounding/recorded albums
Get Van Morrison’s “ The Prophet Speaks”. Sound is amazing and performance is awesome! 
The best music in 2019
Van Morrison, “The Prophet Speaks”! It came out in late 2018, December but should be considered 2019. Song writing, performance and sound is all A++++! 
Peachtree audio iDecco - not hearing any difference with the tube on or off.
I easily hear a difference and it is rolled off highs, less attack and decay of notes. Works well for edgy digital. 
Alert, Warning, and Caution about Modified Components
I mod all the time and I don’t have a E.E.mod. degree! Where do I go to get one? 
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
Peter Tosh Equal Rights is one of the best sounding Reggae albums of all time. 
The Best Record Ever Made?
Steely Dan, “Aja”! 
What's your go-to cheapie cartridge?
Denon DL 103.  
Technics vs. Focal
My Micro Utopia’s do not have a hot top end at all. 
Magnavox or RCA tube amp
Al,Yep, I’m going with the RCA. After looking at what has been done to both amps the RCA M1 12157 looks to be the better of the two. All resistors and caps have been replaced and the amp has been configured to be used as a 2 channel amp. The Vox w... 
Magnavox or RCA tube amp
I am aware of all that. I’m not asking what other amp I should buy, as I own several amps, including tube amps now, I’m looking at having some fun and want to choose between Manavox and RCA. So, given that, which one should I play with? 
Amplifier for a Focal Electra 1008 BE
I'm running my Micro Grand Utopia's nicely with a pair of Rogue M120's set to triode.  
Best vinyl purchases based on pressing, studio production, sound quality and enjoyment.
No, I haven't tried the MoFi version of Wake of the Flood. I do have a lot of MoFi pressings and enjoy them. However, this pressing would be hard to beat ana it is $21.00. I would be more than happy to dropbox a 24/96 sample to interested parties.... 
Best vinyl purchases based on pressing, studio production, sound quality and enjoyment.
For years I've searched for a pristine copy of "Wake of the Flood" but always fell short. I've bought NOS and used first pressings, imports, and later pressings, none of which provided what I knew this album had in its grooves. I even bought a NOS...