Responses from jaybo

HELP FedEx Mangles Speakers - Refuses Claim
the seller should have warned you about this. 
McIntosh MA-6900 Integrated Amp - Your Thoughts?
it should sound great. 
new Led Zeppelin album due out late 2012
a hoax. 
VPI Classic vs Avid Volvere SP
keep the classic. 
a solid state amp that is recessed in the treble
Revox B 150 and B 160
there are many revox collectors out there...near mint condition with boxes,etc would be easy to sell. 
Disappointing Albums of 2012
notec...i gree with all your disappointments. next up, neil young and crazy horse/sing the phone book. 
Which to get rid of, TD145 MKii or Dual 1219?
you really should keep them both...the thorens is the better performing table, but the selling the dual would only fetch a couple hundred bucks, even in perfect condition. the value of both should continue upward. 
Recommendations for Speakers that sound like Snell
once you and your wife 'price' speakers that don't come close to your snell's performance, she may be inclned to live with them. 
McIntosh-Keep the Classics or Sell for Newer Gear?
keep your dad's gear...and use it. 
PA Speakers for Parties
go to a local pro sound shop. 
$$$Sensitive Speakers with $$Amps?
not sure about the speaker choice. 
Analytical or Musical Which way to go?
Actually, some 'live' music does sound dull and lifeless. 
Floorstanders with a large sweetspot
agree with ohms. 
Varying ways in which artists approach their music
dirk hamilton, john parker compton, the late great john martyn