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Do You Clean Your Ears?
Cleaning ears will improve your listening experience for audio but may contribute to an increase in relationship difficulties.   Much harder to implement selective deafness with clean ears.😂  
What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?
Pipe organ music with long sustained lower octave notes is a serious challenge to a system   
Help me to build my first stereo system
I was under similar budget a little while back and ended up getting a Rega Brio integrated for $300, Tekton Lore speakers for $500,  Schiit Audio dac for $200 running through an older NAD dvd/cd player and I’m extremely pleased in the result  for ... 
going from tube preamp to solid state
I tried various combos of amps and pre amps over many decades.   In the end I generally preferred a solid state amp and a tube preamp.    
How hot is hot when moving from class a/b to to a or tubes?
I had a pair of Monarchy Audio se-100 Delux class A mono block amps.   They powered a pair of Usher floor standers.   Even at moderate volume the amps barely got warm.   Amazing amps for $900 I bought as factory refurbs/upgraded.    I once brought... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
My speakers have no grills.  I went to a fabric store and bought yards of a dense grey fabric.    I attached Velcro tabs on back side of speakers.    When speakers are not in use the speakers are draped with covers/fabric.   Also helps protect fro... 
Mu metal for Brio Integratdd
I joined a Rega forum on Facebook about my hum issue with the Brio.   Within 30 minutes 4 other Brio owners noted same issue and it’s definitely the unit and not related to ground loop, wiring, or other components.  Looking at the Brio everything ... 
David Crosby R.I.P.
Saw CSN in Hartford maybe 35 years or so back.   Great show.   Check a documentary Laurel Canyon if I have it correct.   He was interviewed.  
Mu metal for Brio Integratdd
I did some research and there are others noting same issue with this particular Rega.    I will try the MU metal since I’m curious if it could improve the situation.   If yes then I’m good to go.   Else I may switch to a Schiit amp set up  
Mu metal for Brio Integratdd
Actually I had two techs look at it and both stated the close confines of the components in the 1/2 sized chassis is the likely culprit  
Mu metal for Brio Integratdd
Good point.   I did bring it to a certified tech who gave it a clean bill of health so to speak.   I may try the mu metal as per Amazon for a sheet at about $60.  Worth a try so to speak  
Mu metal for Brio Integratdd
I tried most of what was suggested.   I also removed all components except the Brio integrated amp.    Still have the hum.    I’ve had many other combinations of components in the same room and never had a problem.  Tube amps, solid state amps…. A... 
Midrange hearing loss, u shape.
I know for purist the best approach is the most direct path with least amount of components.  So most audiophiles I suspect frown upon using EQs.   I had years back a nice silver faced Luxman EQ.   I would think inserting an EQ into the circuit wo... 
Jeff Beck - passes away
We have roughly 8 billion people on our planet.   Read that an estimated 250k die from bacterial meningitis a year.   What are the odds of some being this gifted musically and then factor the odds again from being taken by this disease.   Hard to ... 
Jeff Beck - passes away
I really enjoyed his performances on the crossroads concerts and also his live show at Ronnie Scott’s