Luxman L-509X

Any A'Gon readers from Japan listened to this new integrated? The specs and description seems like it could be an incredible piece. Though likely dependent on how good the pre-amp stage sounds. The amp section is supposed to be similar to the great sounding m700u stereo amp.

Excel Audio in Newport Beach is supposed to have one in a week or two. I hope to hear it soon. Very beautiful to look upon and hoping it sounds just as good.
Newport is a bit of a hike for me given my current workload. I hope you can give some feedback from your listening session.
I had the opportunity to audition one. It’s a gorgeous unit, exudes class in its build and sound. So versatile, 3 different sound presentations, straight thru, tone control engaged and loudness engaged.  I liked using each one at different sound levels. At low volumes the loudness option really helps with a boost in bass and treble.  It had more than enough power to run Magico S3Mk2 without breaking a sweat!  the fact that it has bass, mid and treble tone controls really would help out tailoring problem rooms
  It’s also the coolest temperature wise of any of the integrated amps I have tried, barely getting warm to the touch.  In fact my Chord Dave Dac gets hotter than it does.

I really like the idea of tone controls and a loudness control. I sometimes listen late at night while my toddler is asleep and it is sometimes difficult to get the desired volume.  My office is also not that big so the tone controls would help out a lot. Interesting that it worked well with the Magico S3Mk2.

"the fact that it has bass, mid and treble tone controls really would help out tailoring problem rooms" I am lost on this comment since my brochure shows only bass and treble tone controls. Can you explain for me? 

My dealer has this unit in stock and just burned in. Hoping to hear it soon.

Finally had the chance to hear the L-509X. All listening was using Marten Django L speakers and a $12.5k turntable; Nordost cabling. The Luxman has good neutral deep resolution; the sound stage was wide and had some depth with instrument stage delineation showing where each performer was located. Bass was solid and well defined without sounding mechanical and mids and treble were also very nice too and I don’t recall any grain or grit – a very good thing. The tone controls worked well when needed and there is a button on the remote that allows you to toggle them on/off so you can easily hear what difference they are making. This product was “broken in” and I’d guess it has 100-200 hours on it. From my memory, I liked the Luxman L-509X (A/B with 3 W Class A) compared to the Luxman 590 AXII (60 W Class A) by a significant margin. The 509X runs just barely warm and would work well in an enclosed or vented rack whereas the 590 AXII runs like a house on fire. It may have a bit more midrange bloom over the 509X, but overall I liked the 509X much better. Also, after having looked at the PDF of the 509X sales brochure multiple times, it is even better looking in person. Super-high build quality and very visually appealing.

Wanted to say thanks to Mike @ Excel Audio in Newport Beach.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a good sounding unit and a beautiful one at that. I have found a store to sell me a pair of Yamaha NS 5000 speakers for my office. Now all I need is an integrated.amp and a DAC. The Luxman is likely my #1 choice for this setup and I will head down to Newport Beach to check it out. 

I am also looking at the Hegel 360 integrated which sounded good playing KEF Blades (future living room speakers) at the last LA Show. Problem is I went upstairs to another room after that and I heard the Luxman high end separates.They sounded better than the Hegel. Though the Hegel is a great bargain (with included DAC) for the sound and features it delivers. If the 509X is close in sound to those Luxman separates I heard, the c900u preamp and $40K monoblocks, then I will pay the extra for the 509X over the Hegel.

Thanks for posting the 509X review. I had not seen that one yet.

The 509X review I posted is the first according to Mike @ Excel Audio. FYI, he is by appointment only. Great guy to work with. Mike will also have the Luxman C900u + M900u in by the end of the week.

BTW, if you haven't read yet, the 509X uses a derivative of the C900u preamp and the M700u stereo amp. I am hoping to hear the 509X with TAD Evolution 1 speakers soon.

I heard the H360/Blade IIs at the LAAS as well (did you hear the full demo with the Rost/H360/Reference separates?). Thought the H360/Blade IIs  were very good together. It was amazing that the H360 wasn't very far behind the Hegel reference separates. It is a good value at $6k.


across many forums, these Luxman Integrated amps , are really hot (no pun) right now.  Anyone want to suggest a dealer/retailer where I can audition? 

Happy Listening!

949-933-1599. Hours are Monday - Sun 10-6, Evening. Appointments are available as well.
Best Regards, Mike Rose" 

Sounds like mike rose is the guy you met at Excel.I asked him about the m900u and c900u units a year ago but he did not have them in stock yet, He was going to get them in for me but I did not ask him at that time since I did not have the funds. Now I do so a trip to Newport is in the cards.

I did hear the Blades with the Hegel units, except the Rost. I asked them to skip the Rost because I would never have used that unit with the Blades. I was lucky that at the time I went to the Hegel/Blade room there was hardly anyone at that room. The lady from Hegel and I cranked out tunes for more than an hour, maybe 2 hours. It was a great listening experience. That is why the 360 is also a strong contender for my future Yamaha speaker.

I am really looking forward to the next show in June because that time frame matches up with the time I will likely buy my upgraded office system.

I am definitely looking forward to The Show Newport. I live about five miles away and will probably go at least two days. Always have gone just one day and am totally tired out and didn't get to see all I wanted to.

Yes, Mike is indeed the guy. He is Excel Audio. I've been for demo's three times and have at least a few more before I make decisions. Mike is a great guy with lots of ideas and is not pushy. You should give him a call; I'd guess the Luxman separates will be burned in in a week or two. I'm not sure if they have arrived yet but he said on Tuesday he'd have them this week.

2 days is about right for these shows. It is a 2 hour drive with traffic for me but I think I will do 2 days this time. The show is supposed to move from the airport location to closer to Newport. I think the location is still undecided. 

FYI - The LA & OC Audio Society recently announced that the show will be held at the Hilton Irvine, June 8 - 10. See the announcement here.
Clarification - The Luxman 590 AXII is 30 WPC Class A @ 8 ohms, not 60 like I said above though it is 60 WPC @ 4 ohms.
@rpeluso Me too owner of 509u.
Are you from Italy, isn't it?
I am not sure 509x can better the 509u, our amp was built with another kind of attention to perfection.
If I had to buy an integrated today (I will never change my 509u) I would buy a 509x without esitations anyway.

@pokey77  I was sure 509x destroyed 590AXII ... no dynamics, no image, no extension ... only midrange bloom!

Yes, it seems that the 509X is much better than the 590 AXII. Thinking back to that demo, the 509X has great bass response with a nice midrange. The treble is very clear but may be a bit rolled off compared to separates.
509u has no roll off.
Maybe it was a choice to make the new integrated "easier". 
509u was a "no compromise" machine, you had to work hard to find the right match with source, speakers and cables, it was very high sensitive to electricity quality and line phase... it was not an integrated "for all", but I like this way, the way of real hi-fi.
Hi biggy 79,

No, unfortunately from Italy, but my dad was, he was born in Naples (Napoli) in 1919.  

I share with you the very highest esteem for the 509u; I managed to purchase the last one available in the USA (that's what I was told) and I have no regrets about that purchase at all.  I use it with Vandersteen 5A speakers and a Luxman Do6 CD/SACD player, and that system makes music that makes me smile.  
I noticed that this thread has been dormant now for 5 months but thought I would see if anyone has had a chance to compare this Luxman L-509X to a Simaudio 600i or 700i. Thanks
pokey77463 posts01-26-2018 6:41pmClarification - The Luxman 590 AXII is 30 WPC Class A @ 8 ohms, not 60 like I said above though it is 60 WPC @ 4 ohms.

The L-590AX actually puts out over 90wpc @ 8 ohms, switching out of Class A at some point. (presumably @ 30w) Luxman has never publicized this. Beyond that, I’d suggest listening to one for yourself.

What is the difference between Luxman 509x and 507ux ii? I am looking for an int amp that I will keep for years to come. I have dynaudio contour 20 speakers. 

I was thinking about Simaudio 600i v2 but I think for the money luxman might just be the amp. 
@danimaz, perhaps your speakers need more watts?. Generally Luxman gear is conservatively rated. But regarding integrates I am not sure, the measurements for Luxman 509x are here

Seems like approaching 200 watts THD shoots to 2%. Not able to find measurements for Simaudio 600i v2.

Dynaudios have a reputation for needing lot of power. May be contour is different. Depends on how loud and how far are you from them.

I'm in my first full month with the 509x after running Rogue 180's, PS Audio BHK 250 and even McIntosh 462 as amplifiers with various preamps C2200 and C50 Mc's and others.. NOTHING has compared to this integrated and speaker wise I've used Focal Sopra 3 and recently ML Imp 13. now moving to ML 15's. I'm completely blown away by the Luxman product with regard to quality build and it's transparent sound.  My dealer suggested the 509 as everything including the Mc's were way to warm for me and was he on the money! I'm so smitten that I want the 900u amp and 900c pre amp as the dealer say's that I will be shocked how much better it will sound! What's interesting is the review posted at the top of this string states that the 509 enjoys the 900c technology which makes sense based on how it sounds. I'm heading to the 900u first but cant swing these two pieces since the retail for $20k per, however, my quandary is what preamp to use? Dealer recommended the Jeff Rowland Capri 2 or the Bel Canto Black EX (too expensive)?  So.. if yo haven't heard the 509 find your dealer and find the money to buy this integrated, you will NOT be disappointed! Any preamp suggestions are welcomed.   
I have heard it and it is spectacular. One of the best Ive heard.  It has me thinking of downsizing.
Anyone compared the 509X against the 507uX II? They are very similarly specced.

"Anyone compared the 509X against the 507uX II? They are very similarly specced"

"Anyone compared the 509X against the 507uX II? They are very similarly speced"
As long as you're looking in the $10,000+ price range and if you can stretch your budget a bit more, I'd seriously consider the Pass Labs int 250. Outstanding amp from what I've read. Same with the int 60.
Personally I’d never go from Luxman to Pass, so I would not make that choice without listening. The idea that Pass would be universally better does not hold up to my ears.

The 509 and 507 are incredibly similar, with the main difference being slightly lower output impedance thanks to more output transistors in the 509.

If you have more challenging speakers, the 509 is the way to go.

As I've said before, in kind of the same price range I suggest Ayre, Luxman and Pass as integrateds with decidedly different sonic signatures to listen to. Among those, if you can't find a strong preference, go with the cheapest.

Also, the Loudness feature on the Luxman is really nice for late night listening. :)


Eric, agreed that the 509x and int 250 are both superb sounding amps and both should be listened to before making a decision. I had the opportunity to audition both the int 60 and 509x and one sounds as good as the other. My ears just prefer the int's smoothness and sweetness...I like the chocolate ice cream.
If you have $10K and are considering a Luxman, I cannot buy used on this one since I went and demoed them (will buy new) but for someone open to a used purchase.

In my opinion the difference with the m900u and c900u combo is massive compared to the 509x integrated. Yes, I have heard all three in the same room with the same gear (that is why I will buy new).

Edit: The price is for each unit not for both.

I auditioned a 509x a little over a month ago. It sounded good, no doubt. Great integrated. But it just didn't grab me or excite like the int. Had nothing to do with the quality of it's sound or build. It was more to do with it's sonic personality. As I mentioned in my post, I like the chocolate ice cream. You obviously like the vanilla. Nothing wrong with that.
I've heard the 509 right after hearing the D'Agostino Momentum.

While not a Momentum, it was not too shabby. Not shabby at all.
That price on AudioMart is absurd.  Those sell used for around 8K each. I got the C900 for $7500 and it was about 6 months old.  I can get them brand new for 10,500 each from multiple dealers. Do your homework people.
"That price on AudioMart is absurd. Those sell used for around 8K each. I got the C900 for $7500 and it was about 6 months old. I can get them brand new for 10,500 each from multiple dealers. Do your homework people."
Wow! I thought the exact same thing when I viewed the ad.

In what used marketplace do you find Luxman 900 gear for 8k? In what condition might they be, as well. 
There has been plenty over the past few years if you go on HIFISHARK and look up past sales...some as low as 7800. In the past month a guy here on the East Coast RE-LISTED his pair on Audio Mart that he initially had up for sale at 8K each (Asking price).  You have to be patient. Never saw any that had cosmetic damage.
I was about to purchase the L-590AXII after reading a rave review from Steve Huff’s site but stumbled upon this thread saying the L-509X trounced the 590AXII.
Link here:

The 590AXII will be matched with Marten Duke 2 speakers as the Class A of the amp may bring the speaker to a higher level of performance when compared to my existing solid-state amps.
I spoke with someone yesterday who has considerable experience with Luxman Class A, and their counterpart Class A/B Integrateds. His advice was not surprising. In short...with a warmer balanced speaker like Harbeth, he prefers the AB amps. However, with a more revealing, neutral (if you will) speaker like a Kharma, the Lux Class A will give them much needed warmth. I use Kharma and Harbeth because I have owned both and consider them sonic polar opposites.
Fjn04, that is surely useful. Currently I have Harbeth and Marten and it is true they sound very different from each other. The Harbeth sounds great driven by the Naim pre power solid state amps (they sound soft and dull driven by 7 other amp combinations I tried). Nevertheless the Naim is not a good combination with the Marten as the sound is too spotlit, rough and unrefined.

The Marten and Kharma are quite similar in sonic character I believe, and I would suspect (and hope) that the Class A L-590AXII would be a better match to the Marten than the Naim and L-509X.
Interesting.  I went from Parasound to Luxman 507, and it was in fact getting rid of the warmth that I needed, not to mention that the Luxman has more intestinal fortitude.  Basically more extended at the top and bottom with a better midrange.

I've not auditioned the class-A Luxmans but this tells me I'd probably not be very happy with them. :)
i have always found the very high end japanese solid state ultra refined ultra smooth but a bit lacking in frequency extension and attack

in this group i have tried units over the years by luxman, accuphase and esoteric/teac

i would agree that amplification from ayre, pass and even top hegels are better sounding overall, at least to my ears

that being said, the build quality of luxman et al is absolutely beyond reproach and they are luxurious in their own right, certainly do no harm soundwise
Douggie, only the first photo comes up while the other two failed to load. Although the quality of the image is low resolution, it does appear that the two highlighted vents are poorly formed. Could you speak directly to the dealer to have it sorted out? I have the L-590AXII and the vents are in different material but it’s perfectly made.