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Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
Ive got no skin in the game and I hope to compare both BUT there is definitely more Atmasphere's used ones showing up in the marketplace if you pay attention than AGD ones.  Whether or not thats because more ATMA's have been sold than AGD I dont k... 
Why were the Shunyata Venom NR V10 / V12 Power Cables Discontinued?
New lines for Shunyata are coming out in the next few months.  
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
What version of the AGD amps did your friend have  1, 2 or 3?? and which ones did YOU hear??  
Borresen Loudspeakers
@mbmi  Think they're in my profile. Will be checkin out the Borreson 1's and JBL 4312G's (Ghost) for my Vintage system. Luckily I have a Borreson dealer about an hour away from me near Allentown, PA.  Looks like he sells out of his house. Cube Au... 
Borresen Loudspeakers
@mbmi  Gotcha beat by 3 (Slacker) LOL  
Impressions of AGD the Audion MKII Mono Amps
Jay (in Canada) of Youtube review channel just compared a bunch of Pre amps to pair with the Audion and Gran Vivace models.  His fave was an Audio Note Kit Pre that sells fully built for 6K. He prefers it over the AGD Pre and several others.  Just... 
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
+1 @badgerdms   Always buy that which can be upgraded instead of the "one and done" inferior design that doesnt keep up with the newest technology and innovation possible.  Better to be a Master of 1 design than a mediocre "jack of all trades".  
Lab 12/Qualiton Comparison
BEK HI-FI  in Allentown, PA has their Demo A20I up for sale on Audiomart....or you can call the store and talk to Erik. Wonderful people to deal with.  
Shipping Alternatives- US to Switzerland
I have a FEDEX Business account and using PRIORITY service all my items arrive in Europe within a weeks time. 5 Days on Average. My buddy recently sent me 2 pairs of Speakers from Europe using FEDEX and it only took 2 days using the same Priority... 
Luxman m900u monos vs m10u
Jay said the Luxman 10X is the best Amp under 30K. He even likes it better than the Gryphon Essence. Guess it depends on how much you "trust" his memory. He had the Luxman M900 at least 3 times in his system.  
Audio Research in Receivership.
#jea48 Sorry but its not true that to be an ARC Dealer you must carry every product. Ive had 3 ARC dealers within 30 minutes of me over the last decade and NONE of them had more than 1 ARC system in the house. Another dealer friend of mine just s... 
Audio Research in Receivership.
#bluorion The I/50 is already like 1 year old. Reviews started coming out last Spring.  
Audio Research Owners Worried?
Dont think ARC would have had a room at Axpona if they thought their demise was near. They're still "auditioning" new dealers for their products as well.  
Audio Research Owners Worried?
#adsell How do you explain the 20+ pieces of ARC gear that they will no longer service or have parts for??  
Audio Research filing for bankruptcy?
#jbl-4345 #decooney That happened years ago (2014) when the Mcintosh group acquired Audio Research.  Then Mcintosh sold ARC in 2020.  Mcintosh was sold itself in the past year or two.    Thats what GOOGLE is for!!