Just wondering about speaker cables

Had a crazy thought, not an uncommon phenomena these days.Can you use more than one set of speaker cables at a time? Not talking about bi-wiring, I am talking about connecting two cables to the amp and to the speaker using the same post. My thought is if a cable has a certain characteristic that you like (Tight high end) and another cable has something different (More bass response) could you run them together to try and achieve the best of both worlds? Both cables are the same length.
Would this create some kind of feedback loop or overload the amp or speaker?
No reason it shouldn’t work. I don’t think you want to pair two 9 gauge wires with each other. But hey! It might work...
It won't hurt anything. You're just increasing your wire gauge is all. But using two totally different cables won't give you the best of both, more like all of each:-)Give it a try and see what you think.
I am doing just that.
I have solid pure .9999 silver wire of various gauges that each gauge is in individually oversized teflon tubing and I also have copper foil. Both are connected to one set of amp/speaker terminals.
I used just the silver for a long time. A few months ago I bought the copper foil.

Each was good, but combined is was way better sonically in all areas that matter. I have recently tried this combo against some very pricey speaker cables and my Frankenstein arrangement is better.

What you're describing is a fairly conventional set-up called shotgun, but with a significant variant.  Classic shotgun is two identical cables terminated at both ends with single set of spades or bananas to attach to amp and speaker.  Hence the name: double-barreled.

In a biwire situation, you could certainly have one type of cable on the speaker's tweeter connection, and another on its woofer.

You suggest, in a sense, combining these two set-ups.  As others have suggested, if could just as easily (or more easily) lead to messing up the sound as enhancing it.  Given that there are so many variables, only a trial would tell.
Or just find one cable that sounds good to you on all levels.  Lord knows there are enough out there to choose from, and it saves you from all the mixing/matching, trial and error, and potential added expense of going the other route.  Then again, whatever blows your skirt...
twice the cable twice the fun twice the music twice the bass... do it!!!

let us know how it goes!!!!!


just kidding
This was the first cable thing I ever tried, shotgun two runs of the same wire. Flash forward 20 years, Ted Denney Jr makes his element Copper Tungsten Silver speaker cables, three completely individual cables combined into one. I don't recommend it if you have to buy a set of cables, but you have them just laying around then the cost is zero and the benefit is not zero so go for it.
Very bad idea could never work.good luck.
I've read reports of sonic improvements but likely an unwise strategy because the $ spent for 2 SC pairs maybe better spent on another better SC.  
No harm in trying. I suspect the probability that the sound will be worse than before is higher than the sound being better, but you'll never know if you don't try right?

Hook em up and let us know what your findings are.
The only things in audiophoolery you need to be concerned about is something blowing up/causing a fire. 

Other than those 2 concerns do what your ears think is "better." 

I am doing just that.
I have solid pure .9999 silver wire of various gauges that each gauge is in individually oversized teflon tubing and I also have copper foil. Both are connected to one set of amp/speaker terminals.


Me too ozzy, I’m using the binding post and bananas. Helix, Weaves, Ribbons and single solid core alloys in oversize silicone tubes. Makes it easy to add or subtract. Interesting way, I like it.. It’s down right personal. LOL

I’ve been using a box I made from some hardwood scraps. 12x3x4 with silver and copper turrets on a thick turret board. It slides in and out for access to either side. I’ve been adding and subtracting very short runs of different materials in the path. VERY interesting.. and easy to change constructs.. I call it "Harp"... I’ve been using it for the monitor section of my speakers.

I suppose it would be easy enough to use it for the bass section too.

I wouldn’t. I direct couple amp to driver (no passive) and use an external XO. It seems to work best, that way..
Better cone control.

OK, so this is how it went last night.
One pair of DH Labs Q-10 with banana plugs on both ends.
One pair of Silversmith Fidelium ribbons under the post on both ends.
Pass Labs X250.8 to Martin Logan 13a.
Started off low and slow but it sounds good so far. Cranked to my normal listening volume. WOW, nice tight base and the high end was still crisp. Loving it so far and the amp did not take on any extra strain that I could detect. The temp was normal and the needle never moved as usual.

Loving it so far, will keep you posted.
i just use components that have skinnier, olympics-ready electrons - its an off menu item if you get to know the owners of high end equipment makers

getting older now, don’t like to double up anything, want things light and compact
Maybe 3 sets of cables twisted together would be even better?

If you do that, you have to start braiding them.
Mine is VERY light construction, it's for the mids and highs. #16 x 16.
Mids, highs and heavy don't work well together. 

Weaving them together isn't a bad idea.. BUT you can weave welding cable too..

Just sayin' there is TOO BIG.. and then there is WAY TO BIG!!
I've done way to big in cabling. It served one purpose, to break things..

First cable I can think of that attempted to do what your asking was AudioQuest Argent from many, many, years past. I’m sure Kimber and others have done the same mixing copper and silver. Definitely not going to hurt experimenting.

Is there any weakness in the Fidelium that you are trying to correct?
I don't think there is a weakness in the Fidelium cables. They sound good on their own. I had the other cables available and just thought why not run them both.So far I have been quite pleased with the full sound of the 2 sets.