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Why Do Cables Matter?
"It doesn't make logical sense to me." Unless you know everything, it really doesn't matter. And none of us knows everything.  In some ways audio is like witnessing a UFO. Sometimes we can explain a phenomenon, but sometimes not. I stopped tryin... 
Zoomer needs help navigating 50's-80's Hi-Fi equipment
The Fisher SA-300 Amplifier is your best score I would think. I’d hang on to that I’d if I were you. But bear in mind tube amplifiers like speakers with high(ish) impedances and fairly flat impedance curves.    Don’t sweat what I just said though... 
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
There is no magic ratio of cable vs. component cost. Go with the flow and enjoy the journey.  I have found the cables that made the biggest difference in my system was my amplifier power cord(s). That may not be the case in your system.   
Power Cables - Stock vs. Budget
Get one cable, the best you can afford and put it on your amp. You will be pleasantly surprised.    
Prioritizing Power Cable Upgrades by System Component.
I found the biggest improvement was on the power amp. If you want to upgrade one PC at a time - which is the wise way to do it, start on the power amp.  As you work through the components the improvement will become less and less, so I would sugg... 
How Big of a Difference?
I hear a difference, but I am sure there are people who don’t. You can argue the technicalities all day long, it boils down whether it’s worth your while.    Best is to get cables from a retailer that allows you to audition cables and return them... 
Adding a “safe haven” forum for discussion of tweaks?
I am ferociously against censorship...(save extreme exceptional case)   Denying people the right to speak is censorship. Not having an interest in listening to a lame brain from down under's opinion is not.  When I share something I have exp... 
Adding a “safe haven” forum for discussion of tweaks?
The best solution would be an ignore button. Life is too short and precious to waste on boorish know-it-alls.  
Jantzen Wax Coil or Mundorf M-Coil CFC
ok. So no need for fancy inductor?If your hearing is bad and/or your system lacks resolution, you don’t need a fancy inductor. If you want your speakers to sound good, have a natural sound and resolve detail, you need a fancy inductor. 
Cost to keep equipment running / on
 Yes i know it's "easy enough" to get the tool to calculate the energy usage but I have better things to do with my time than figuring it out and assuming I'm calculating it all correctlyDoesn’t sound like you “know”. The tool does not calculate t... 
Cost to keep equipment running / on
12" of sea level rise, 300 billions tons of ice sheet loss, and 500 dead kittens ... 🤣😂It’s easy enough just to measure as fuzztone suggested. My equipment consume around 180watt whether playing or not (all class A). 
What are the sexiest components ever made? to everyone's taste, but they sure are easy on my eyes. 
That Other Audiophile Website
1+ @mmorrison55. @tominnj - People who smoke are unaware of the odor. Unless the seller stated it was used in a smoke free environment I see no ill intent on his part. I would suggest rather than continuing what you are doing, invest in an ozone g... 
Tube vs solid state (with all apologies)
@sokogearyou definitely are the exception. Everyone I hear from talks about replacing tubes after some cycle time depending on the amp, environment, usage, volume, etc.Well as of 11/02/2021 that statement is no longer true.I build amps as a hobby,... 
Tube vs solid state (with all apologies)
clearly you are the exception. Please let us know the SS amps you had problems with and the tubes that are super reliable, long lasting and maintenance free (for decades without periodic tube replacement).Hardly an exception. I have an Audionote S...