Insider or Outsider? To be or not to be,...?

Thoughts and feedback on the New Insider Lobby?
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What new insider lobby? I signed up to give feedback and was asked questions about this all of which I said were a terrible idea but I didn't know it had been implemented. And I don't see it on the site anywhere?
Never mind I see it now and talk about an awful idea! If things continue this way that will be the end of Audiogon I think.

From the same people who brought you the porthole pictures.

Will these "enhancements" never end?

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Audiogon is a commercial operation. I have no issue with their choosing how they operate and increase revenues from the site.

Trying it out first before passing judgement seems warranted, since it’s brand new.

I really like that it will be ad free.

It adds value by bundling in the Blue Book (though I have not been impressed with the BB).

I guess I need to experience the ’promotional offers’ (Offers and Discounts) before value can be determined.

Not sure how a private, limited-access forum with ’less-moderation’ will work?

I’m still mulling over signing up, or not.
This looks like a good idea to me $100 USD is a trivial, tiny, paltry, sum and what it will do in effect, result and consequence is substantially limit and reduce the children who post here there seem to be quite a few that are probably at the third grade level as revealed in they're thinking such as in the other thread about how it is a moral failing to earn a profit from items bought from this site! There are also those fundamentalist proselytizers who jump into every cable thread and yell SNAKE OIL and then say they do it to protect others from a fraud that they can not prove! I would say that if the $100 fee does not work that the site explore, consider, and evalulate an even higher fee so that those who contribute here are serious rather than winkly dinklers.

As the $100 is such a trivial paltry amount to you can you sign me up as well pretty please!

Seriously though, I was asked about it along with Jond and many others I am sure, and I thought it could have a chance of working as intended.
Agreed the blue book included is nice.
Ad free browsing, yep nice too.
Moderate my own thread? Oh Lord give me strength to resist hitting that delete button too often! Not sure as that is the best course of action, tempting as it may appear!
Could end up with a LOT of one sided threads depending on the OP in question.

Still not sure if I will give it a spin or not.
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I wasn't kidding! Geoff keeps in real in an outer space kinda way. He makes me laugh. I wasn't being snarky!! 
Man, I dunno. What was it Groucho Marx said?
I kind of like the noise and commotion of the public forum. 
Plus, I learn --- I think being part of some premium club is great when you are waiting for an airplane, but on a forum meant for the exchange of ideas? Not so sure about that. 
Then again, I'd pay a premium for an ad free tier of Internet. I don't know how people live without ad blockers on the general web. Some of that stuff is so invasive-- this is where the real aliens from outer space are gonna invade-- through the interweb. But, I did get my specially lined hat, so I'm good. :)
I think we should get a free pass for a month to see if this thing flies.
I’m so inside I’m out. The inside is out and the outside is in.
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Ahhh...and so it begins: what once was free you now have to pay. They could've just opted to give us most the new 'perks' for free.

Great move for Audiogon, they'd like to own the casino...they have a constant revenue stream, set the rules of behavior and, win loose or draw, the odds always favor the house...nice!

...and I'm wondering how many of the "children" in our ranks have a hundred bucks burning a hole in their pocket...
That is actually a very good idea, a free trial just to see if it is for you or not.

You know we all adore you........
No forum would be the same without you.......
And that one is the truth!
 Well I certainly won't be shelling out. And count me as one of the nonbelievers in all the fantastical cable and fuse threads so I guess it's accomplishing what is intended.   I really don't sell much on here and just come on for the entertainment value to see with the crazies are trying next… 
Can't see how it would be a good thing in the long run though, even for Audio gone and the advertising revenue stream. 
Instead of trying to "monetize" the forum directly, what A'gon should realize is that people coming to the forum will likely jump over to sales too.  Indeed, reading forum threads probably inspires people to make purchases there that they wouldn't otherwise have made.  Seems greedy and unnecessary and potentially counterproductive to me.
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I would say it is a result of the change of ownership where the new owners only see Audiogon as a pure business venture and all business have to make money.

It is not the enthusiast owned Audiogon of old I am afraid. 
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I totally agree with Geoff’s description of himself. He is fully baked, no half baked for our cookie Geoff.

>>>>As the cake in Alice in Wonderland was inscribed, EAT ME. 🎂
I think it needs a full 6 month break in period, with a full refund if your not happy no questions asked.

You know we all adore you........"
Speak for yourself, please. Tolerate may be better word.
"...the Insider™ forum allows users to discuss topics they might not otherwise be able to, with an elevated discourse."
Does this mean that calling for people's death, straight insults, and so on will be legitimate there?
Oh, lighten up, glubson. You’re coming up on a thousand posts. You’re almost a regular.

I realized that while I was taking a walk today and thought how I should cool it down. I do not contribute much anyway.

We are all just one big happy family here now.
Think how cozy the " insider edition" will be!

Long overdue to create a new forum for enthusiasts. First class/second class membership ? Maybe we should pay Audiogon to stop it.Or even better buy Audiogon. I can see there are enough people here who don't really know what to do with their money. It is just some have $10k and others $1 million.
I will give a hundred, but I want a business plan first. Powerpoint presentation and all that goes with that.
Come on, anyone could find couple of thousands if it looks promising. I don't mind membership fees either, not too high and not too low or it would make no sense.
lookin like net neutrality on a micro scale and a dash of social stratification with whiffs of gentrification. It’s obvious who they really want around. And that’s fine they gotta make money. I’ll find other forums not worried. Will be interesting. I personally like all the craziness and cable naysayers, etc. it’d be pretty homogenous and boring otherwise. 
They mostly want Asians reading posts and buying up most of the stuff. That's our worth here. Have a nice day if you can.
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So what’s next?

A forum in which you can only participate by invitation?

A forum with minimum system requirements to participate?

As I have thought about this "Insider" thing, I keep wandering if I would be that interested in comments from someone that was paying to keep them private.

Its not a horrible idea, I just do not see it working right here, right now.
There is little enough member participation right now on freebie forums, by that I mean many varied members not the same consistent core posters.
Really do not think timing is right for an elitist club.