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Thinking to replace my phono
We are getting into preference here but I tried both the Kansui cartridge and the Zesto phono and didn’t love either one. I found them both to be very relaxed sounding, too much imho.  
Just another Orange fuse thread
George is absolutely right.  
Putting speakers next to other speakers
 Actually it’s the opposite, the more random crap you put into a room the better it sounds.  
Novice question
Don’t bother spending spending money on cables beyond a properly constructed set.  Unless you want to sit there and delude yourself like all these other audiophiles.  
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
Wolf is bang on as usual. Miller is full of .... as usual.  
Which is the most important part of a stereo system?
I’d say speakers then source then pre then amps 
Phono stage: MM only or MM/MC
IME I’ve always liked tubes better as they offer better staging and more emotional connection to the music.  Also you get the option to tune the sound by rolling tubes. YMMV.  
Phono stage: MM only or MM/MC
I recently acquired an EAR 834P on trade and when I tried it to verify that it worked I was astounded at how good it is. It is within a breath of my Herron which retails at 3500USD  I do have it for sale on the mart if you are interested.  
best phono stage under 10k
 And even if Keith passes it’s not as if other good techs won’t be able to fix it??!  Another very satisfied Herron user here but I would also consider the atmosphere out of the above suggestions.  
2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?
How much are they? 
2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?
Yes Sophia are just rebranded TJ tubes and have a bad rap for reliability. I have only had a few tubes fail in my audio life and they have all been Sophia/TJ. I also have numerous friends that have had problems with Sophia 300B.  Buyer beware.  
How much will you pay for an exotic cartridge....
@chakster  I’m not convinced that these so-called gray market items are fake. That’s just the distributors screaming to try to justify their intense markups. Which again begs the question, if everybody supposedly hates these gray market guys where... 
dB effeciency vs speaker configuration
 If you want to use tubes, generally speaking, higher efficiency and higher impedance are desirable.  
SET vs Class A vs tubes vs Class AB amps
Horses for courses.  
How Good Can My Vinyl Get?
I think your cartridge is decent I would go with the phonostage