聖HIJIRI Users thread

Based on a discussion with another forum member, I've been reading up on this Comback Corporation brand. The reviews I've found have been pretty positive, but I've also learned over the years to take all reviews with a grain of salt. So the purpose of this thread is for users to share their input on 聖HIJIRI cables. When you share, if you'd discuss what model of HIJIRI you demoed and what brands/models they were compared to, that'd be very helpful.

A little background: a few years ago I was reading the Audio Envy threads and decided to give them a try as the seemed to compete with much higher-priced cable.  So I decided to give AE a try. I found both the $179 P2 and the $279 M3 to easily best an Isotek power cord at $1k. So that got me thinking even more about value products. I was about to give Zavfino a try and then was given another recommendation to give HIJIRI a try. So this is how I got here. I'll be very interested to hear all user comments on HIJIRI and this should be a good repository for the brand.

Here is their website: www.combak.net


“I was about to give Zavfino a try and then was given another recommendation to give HIJIRI a try”


Well, the easiest way to settle your quandary is to conduct a comparison between AE, Zavfino and Nagomi cables in your system. I find cable comparisons to be bit tricky. We post our impressions based on experience levels, system quality and personal taste and what we think is the best.

I went from AE to Zavfino and finally to Nagomi/TAKUMI. With each upgrade, I appreciated the leap in resolution, clarity and above all ~ purity of the sound. You don’t have to strain hard to notice the immediate shift in pitch black background with HIJIRI’s. If I were to narrow down to one aspect of HIJIRI’s that separates from AE or Zavfino is the fluidity. The HIJIRI’s conveys music in a most natural way without emphasizing any elements of music and with such smoothness than the aforementioned brands. In comparison both AE and Zavfino sounded constricted and forced.

As far price of these cables, only you can decide if it’s worth the upgrade over AE or Zavfino. I know the few here who have switched from AE and Zavfino found Nagomi’s to be simply remarkable and worth its asking price.

Agree 100% with @lalitk comments. I own 5 Nogami powers cords and the HCS speaker cables. I also listened to several Hijiri ICs in my system. I will add this additional comment. I find many cables sound similar in terms of staging. Specifically, how forward the music sounds. Yes, some small differences but Hijiri is tuned to set the stage back a bit and spreads out the performance. I love this about Hijiri cables. They sound natural, balanced and unforced. I particularly like the unforced nature. The music is not fired out of the speakers, but rather allows the listener to engage without any hint of being forced. 

I worked with the US importer/dealer Gestalt Audio Design in Nashville. Colin is wonderful to work with and quite knowledgeable.

Interesting comments on this cable. How about the high frequencies?

Many times, cables that move the sound stage back also reduce the high frequency extension.

Can anyone comment?


Oh my, the highs are there in spades. Delivered with nuance and realism however. These are not warm or thick sound cables. They are richly detailed in the very best way. These cables are for those systems and ears/minds that appreciate music’s subtle emotional and sonic cues.


I have owned cables from High Fidelity, Tara Labs and others that were pretty expensive.  I have also built many, many cables, but none have come close to the musical enjoyment these Hijiri bring. 

@ lalitk, @grannyring

I could not have said it any better! I have owned the cables mentioned and 30+ other brands plus numerous DIY variations I have built over many years and Hijiri is at a higher level…

Musicality, purity, tonality, clarity with a beautiful touch of richness, depth, layering with dimensionality, fluidity, wonderful sound staging with no crowding of performers, tightly focused imaging and viscerally Holographic!

In all honesty, if I would have known about these years ago, I would have bought them and saved money in the long run of buying and selling… I’m using their SC, IC and PC and am very happy with the way my system sounds. 😁






Thank you all for your comments. In a world where there are so many choices, it really helps to hear from others about their perceptions on cables. I think I'm looking for what you all say about Hijiri, it has this "ease" about it; mentioned above by others as fluidity, natural(ness), balanced, unforced. To me, that is one of the most important things that makes the music enjoyable. If a cable produces tremendous resolution but sounds mechanical or "clinical", I don't want that. I've heard plenty of that and it does not satisfy over the long term. Also, Wig mentions that they are "viscerally Holographic", I receive great joy when I hear the music take on this 3d see-through sound where you just suspend disbelief, that's when you stop listening to the cables and start listening to the music. And like Wig, I don't want to keep buying/trying, I just want to make the best choice I can and forget about wire and enjoy the music. So thank you all for your comments.



Are you using the Performance line or the "Millions" line and were you able to compare them to one another?


I know there are several others that mentioned they've tried Hijiri in the Zavfino thread. I hope they will contribute here as well.

Great Wig! Happy for you and thanks for posting.  Your system must be so beautiful sounding! 

@ pokey77

I am using Hijiri performance line.

@ grannyring

Yes, it’s sounding beautiful and I’m amazed each night I sit down to listen and just moved by what I am hearing... 😊 I know your system sounds amazing as well.



I have Combax Hijiri million Kiwami IC (RCA). The way I can describe them is "extremely musical, very open, organic". It just seems natural with no specific emphasis on any spectrum of sound. This cable is unlike any other cables in my system. They just seem right. My system is balanced but these RCAs still sound amazing. I am waiting for availability of XLRs on sale. 

Yes. Colin has helped me beyond, well beyond, what I would have done on my own. I have these Hijiri cables and a Circle Labs A200 integrated amp elevating my music experience significantly.

I had never heard of these brands before and just did not think high priced cables were really that much better than what I was making,  based on my experience. Well Hijiri changed that feeling. I also wish I had them in place years ago.

@romney80, you are so right about them being open sounding. They really helped make my speakers disappear along with better placement in the room.





“I just want to make the best choice I can and forget about wire and enjoy the music.”


In that case, I suggest to go with “Million” series and be done. I compared Nagomi and TAKUMI PC’s; could easily lived with Nagomi but after hearing TAKUMI, there was no going back. You’re in a different stratosphere with TAKUMI PC and Million Series IC’s and Speaker cables in terms of dynamics, saturation, smoothness and musicality.

Here we go! The Hijiri thread!

Lalitk turned me onto AE which was pretty good, then this Zavfino thread took things to another level. Now Hijiri…Oh man. 

I just ordered a pair of Silversmith Fidelium to go head to head with Zavfino, but I’m sure I’ll eventually test out the first level of Hijiri cords.

If the interconnect can beat the Fusion, that would be huge.

I shared that above. Colin King of Gestalt Audio Design is the importer and a dealer. Nashville, TN. Super guy and very knowledgeable.




I was afraid you were going to say that. As Bill says, that is some rarified air for sure.

Gestalt doesn't have much of a website. Clicking on the links takes you to the manufacturer's website. I assume you have to call to inquire about prices.  Very happy with my Zavfino Fusion i/c's but if the Hijiri are similar but mo' better then I'm interested!


Please call Colin to discuss pricing. His contact info listed on his website.

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Goodness EBM this is a long time company with a well known and well respected designer.  They have had quite a few professional reviews over the years.  Many are aware of the company.  You and I learned about them later on, but that does not make them an “off brand”.  

Just found out the prices of these cables. Yikes! They are in the price range of much more recognized very high-end cables.

Still, it would be interesting to test them against my SRX, AudioQuest Dragon, and Zavfino Dart power cords. And/or my Shunyata Sigma V2 interconnects.


lalitk, grannyring, and wig said it better than I could...100% agreement ;-)

Ok but it’s a little strange that there is no pricing info. On the website and “that you have to call Colin for pricing”.  Reviews?  Return policy (if they have one)?  Let me guess:  I have to call Colin to discuss…

Yes you can find several reviews on the web. Calling the dealer is always the best way to get pricing and learn about loaners, returns, the company etc…

Here is one review on the lower priced tier:


Everything in your system affects the SQ.  The only way to know whether a cable improves your SQ is to try it.  Don’t buy a cable you can’t return.


Everybody else’s advice is pretty useless, they’re describing the synergy of the cable in their system, not yours.

Well your post may not be as helpful as actual user experience. User experience across varied systems from posters with much experience is certainly not useless. Right? This forum exists for a reason and one of the main ones is to post user experiences. Agree on trial period which is offered by Colin.


One needs a place to start and become aware of products. That is what’s happening here. Many owners of Hijiri cables first learned about them by reading reviews and actual owner experiences. That’s what many posting here did. We then acted and purchased. Yes, with the opportunity to return. We owners have varied systems and they worked for us. System synergy, individual preferences, budget, priorities and other factors all play a role.



Hey all,

This thread is coming at a good time for me. I’m starting looking for an affordable PC for my Hegel H390.  So which Hijiri pc would you suggest I start with to open my soundstage more?


The Nagomi power cord is Hijiri’s entry line of power cords. Wether they are affordable will depend on your budget. They retail for $1350 for 1 meter. The dealer can give you more information if you desire. Here is Colin’s contact information.


“So which Hijiri pc would you suggest I start with to open my soundstage more?”


I recommend you to speak with Colin for one on one consultation. He is very knowledgeable and will work with you tirelessly to achieve your goals. 


Thanks for your reply. So who is Colin and where do I find him?

Thanks again.


@lalitk ,

Never mind, Agon sent me a message saying I was mentioned and sent the to that post only. I just found a bunch of posts.

Thanks again.


? His contact info is listed in my post above. Sorry, I am not following you….

The "lower priced tier"

HCS-25 speaker cable MSRP – 8690 PLN /2.5m" according to the Positive Feedback review. That is 2192.02 USD.

This is 3 times the cost of Audio Envy & The Zavfino. The Hijiri isn’t in the same league as these value based cables.IMO. I’m sure they are good. But, they should be.

Respect your comment. I get it. This price point is not for everyone.

I thought spending this kind of money on cables was just not worth it. Well, when I put them in my system my past assumptions just evaporated away. To me, in the end, they are an equal value and perhaps even a greater one. I base this off the beautiful music they make in my home. I have not been able to enjoy this level of emotional connection and enjoyment with other cables. The Hijiri cables took my listening sessions to a much more enjoyable level.  However, that’s me. We are all different.  

The price is certainly not within the reach of some. For those there are still many options like Zavfino and Audio Envy. Lots of roads to great music in our homes. Enjoy!

I wonder who actually manufactures the wire for them? I wonder this about many of the high-end brands.

Well, I tried to get a power cord to compare to my SR X Galileo, AudioQuest Dragon and my Zavfino Dart that I could have shared on this forum. But the requirement was to pay first, no demos. I guess dealers can get ripped off, but it is disappointing.


Not sure if these prices are still current, as they were given to me back in April 2021, but here is the MSRP back then:


Hijiri "high performance to cost" XLR interconnects:

.75m $1,725

1.0m $1,790

1.5m $1,910

2.0m $2,030

2.5m $2,150

3.0m $2,270


Hijiri "high performance to cost" speaker cables:

1.5m $1,900

2.0m $2,150

2.5m $2,400

3.0m $2,650


Hijiri Kiwami "Million" XLR interconnects:

.75m $2,800

1.0m $3,150

1.5m $3,800

2.0m $4,450

2.5m $5,100

3.0m $5,750


Hijiri Michi "Million" speaker cables:

1.5m $6,750

2.0m $7,400

2.5m $8,050

3.0m $8,700



This is exactly the feedback I was looking for. Very much appreciated.

When folks like grannyring, lak, wig, & lalitk all report fairly similar results, and some of those users also having used Audio Envy and Zavfino, you can have a better idea of how even the Hijiri Performance line is also a value. Let me explain. I mentioned a $1k power cord in my intro. Audio Envy's $179 and $279 power cords were both better by a fairly large margin than the said $1k PC. So if these posters are saying that Hijiri is much better than Audio Envy and Zavfino, at the price that grannyring  mentioned for the Hijiri Nagomi power cord above ($1,350), it is still a solid value in that it handily beats the AE and Zavfino power cords. And understand that grannyring and maybe others in this thread have spent a lot of time building cables and so have a larger world view of wire and how it works, you can then understand that when the Hijiri are recommended by them, that they must be pretty good. I have some experience with trying different power cords, but certainly not to the extent that grannyring, lalitk, wig, and others do. So their experience and insight with Hijiri can be highly useful for many who read this thread, certainly for myself.

@ozzy ,


I am a bit confused with your last post. A trial period with the option to send back for a full refund is quite common. That is how it has always worked in my experience. Some dealers reduce the refund by charging a restocking fee. I don’t think this dealer charges a restocking fee. Being charged upfront is the way it always works in my experience. Both dealers and direct to customer manufacturers work this way.  Perhaps there are some exceptions, but those would be rare exceptions. This is how far less expensive cables are sold by companies like Zavfino. I was charged upfront and given a time window to return. I returned mine. Audio Envy works the same way.

With these Hijiri cables the upper end models represent a significant amount of money. I rather doubt dealers keeps 10 of each variety and length in stock. Some cables may need to be ordered and shipped directly to customer.


Perhaps I am missing something and you can clarify.


The cost of the power cord was greater than$5000.

Many dealers do have demos.

I don’t mind taking my credit info for security but to try and obtain a refund later is just too risky.

Btw it is in stock


“I don’t mind taking my credit info for security but to try and obtain a refund later is just too risky”

Honestly I am speechless. There are so many reputable folks here shared their wonderful experiences with Colin. If that’s not enough, most reputable credit card offers Purchase protection benefit for their consumers, where is the risk :-)

Honestly OZZY, Colin could not be a finer gentleman. I’m not gonna try to convince you because his reputation among his customers really says it all. I will say this; in my experience as an audiophile, some 42 years, I have never run across a more competent, professional and caring dealer. So yes you can trust Colin absolutely and completely.


I must admit here that I am also speechless as the practice of a trial period is near ubiquitous today. I not only expect it, but find it the only reasonable way to run a business. Some dealers don’t even offer a trial period with returns like Underwood Wally, LTA on MHDT dacs and others.

Now if being sent gear at no charge is a must have expectation for you, then I respect that need for you.

@ozzy I was looking forward to your feedback since you seemed to have listened to a lot of stuff. I think with Hijiri, the prices now get into mid/upper range Shunyata, Siltech, Hemingway, etc. 

@lalitk @grannyring I imagine you guys have heard a lot of different looms, so will take your word for it on Hijiri. I just settled into Zavfino, but it never ends, does it? :)