Contact for Price

I don’t know about the rest of you but I use Audiogon for speed and convenience. So when a seller can’t be bothered to list the price of an advertised item but says “Contact for Price”, I can’t be bothered to spend the time calling him on the phone for his sales pitch.


that's a car dealer trick can be successfully applied to hifi audio

-- Hi thanks for contacting us, but we currently don't have this model, but have a lot better model for you

-- No thanks, please have your best of luck with better model

I have had no problem contacting them and the response is pretty much immediate. If the response was as CZarivey said, I would just pass.

I have run into this and I feel the same way. Just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. Don't know why, but it just seems "shady".

I like calling them pretending to be hard of hearing.

My record, as it stands now, is having the price repeated 57 times.




Total turn off.... almost always means ridiculous price and seller is out of touch with it's value.   Driven by nostalgia, greed, or both

If the item was listed by a dealer and the item for sale is a current item, in some instances his distribution agreement prevents them from advertise/posting any price other than msrp.  

@dekay hahaha that is amazing!


@testpilot is spot on. If it's a dealer, I have had them offer discounted pricing that they didn't want to upset the market displaying. It's definitely not always the case, but this is one of the benefits. It does drive me up a wall with ads by individual sellers that don't post pics or use stock images though. 

its a petty manipulation. i do not like it. not interested in BS. hard pass. 

I always wonder if I call at a different time will I get a different price?


@dekay, why would you do that?  I believe you are a dealer or something, and if that is the case, if the tables were turned, I am sure you wouldn’t like it.  If I am wrong about you being a dealer, then I would issue an apology. 


OK, I'll stop making those calls (sorry). 

However, I won't stop asking the fake Medicare spam callers if they are calling about my aching joint.





Now everybody and their mother are placing "Contact for Price" ads in the hope that I will call them.



(Message left; return number ought to be on their cell...)  "....and if you call me back in the next 24 hours, I'll really tell you what I really think of your ad and the lousy pics you posted....and what I think I'll pay for it when you post some with reasonable clarity....  Oh, and one with the case cover's amazing how much dust gets in there....Looking forward to your return call, I remain, Skeptically yours..."*clic*