Burning in question

I bought an NAD M33 for a system in a 2nd home.  I want to run it in before installing and these amps are notorious for needing a lot of time before sounding as designed.  

The speaker terminals on the M33 won’t accept my ribbon cables.  I’m curious if any of you have an opinion or experience to share.  Will an amp burn in just being on, but without a load at the taps, and without playing/streaming a file?

For those who think burn in is hooey, please just kindly move along - nothing to see or hear, here.

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     Leaving a SS amp turned on, 24/7/365, keeps it warmed up and sounding it’s best (circuits are energized). 

     SS amps are typically safe to turn/leave on, without a load.

     Given those two observations: it should benefit/can’t hurt.


Burning in question

I bought an NAD M33 for a system in a 2nd home. I want to run it in before installing and these amps are notorious for needing a lot of time before sounding as designed.

For burn-in you need current traveling through circuit electronic components to burn them in.

You will need to feed the inputs with a music signal source.

You will need a load connected to the outputs on the amp. You could probably use a dummy load. An 8 ohm resistor connected to each channel output. Wattage? Depends on how hard you drive the amp. I would think a moderate level would be enough. I have always just used the speakers for burn-in.

I see on Ebay 50 and 100 watt 8 ohm resistors are pretty cheap.

Hopefully some one will chime in for the wattage needed.


I just remembered that my Audio Research Ref 5SE used to require music being run through it for 10 - 15 minutes every time… even if it was powered on for an hour or two. Then it would sound notably better. Not a click and instantly sounded better… but over say 30 seconds every time. I thought I was crazy… I posted to a high end audio forum where lots of folks owned these and got many replies that They heard it also and it was a known thing… Happily, I just realized it does not happen with my REF 6SE.


So, I am thinking that is somewhat indirect evidence that initial breakin requires something flowing through it. Try lamp-cord… or cut up an extension cord to get around the ribbon cable issue.

I used the following $500 item to burn in my gear recently. I took speaker wire to connect the amp to the device. The device is used for headphones. My CODA #8 amp has power meters. I was able to see the meters move even without headphones connected to the device.

Ribbon/Amp Interface • RAAL-requisite (raalrequisite.com)

BTW - I have 2 of these and only need 1 these days.

Look up music direct I believe they carry the Isotek breakin cd, it’s won a bunch of awards and truly cuts the time down by burning in the critical capacitors and transformers ,and track 3 is a Excellent system tune up that demagnetize you audio 

system I do mine every other day a 5 minute sweep test and really works very good .

A timer works great for a source to let play 24/7. As the other fellow said lampcord and a cheap used pair of speakers set that up at your away place turn the tuner on and walk away. 





For ribbon cables use trasparent banana plug adapter from spades to banana for like $39.00. Might work. 

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll be able to make some progress before installing it. Appreciated. 

when I purchased a Pass X250.5, I was given a burn-in procedure from Pass, that included much time simply left on, as well as some time totally off (not in standby)..my experience with a lot of gear is that simply being on is part of burn-in...,when I purchased a used Aesthetix CD Player, that had been unplugged for 6 months, I was told by Aesthetix that a month in standby would bring it back to full sound...

Just leave it on. You do not need speakers connected to a ss amp. 

I never turn off my SS gear. 

I am with those that advise the use of different modest speaker cables for a burn in period.