Best drink while listening to your rig?

Your favorite...
single malts?

For me (at the moment; subject to change in mood):
Single malt: Lagavulin
Beer: Westmalle Trippel
Wine: geessh... Caymus Cab? Nautilus Savignon Blanc (NZ)
Single malt: THE MacCallan
Beer: Magic Hat Blind Faith
Wine: Vueve Cliquote Yellow Label
Bombay Sapphire and tonic. If I'm celebrating something I'll pour myself a glass of Johnny Walker Gold Label.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Hmmm... an earthy, deep red, perhaps a Bandol or Vayqueres. Maybe a sip of Lagavulin or Dalwhinnie scotch.
MILK??!! Actually, I have to drink some to coat my stomach sometimes...for medicinal purposes only!

Slipknot: tell me more about this beer! Great taste, though. The Macallan is great. I particularly like the 15yr. And your champagne recommendation is spot on. That one is better that Dom Perignon and is 1/3 the price (IMO).

Danlevy: Ummm....why am I not surprised?!
Cognac/Armagnac: Various, I have a large collection.
Beer: Microbrews-Slipknot1,I love Magic Hat #9 but it's hard to find in DC
Wine: Leftover Samples, I'm a wine rep. Prefer Italian and French.
Jond: you have any particular recommendations for, say, a good Italian primitivo?
Ventana wines.
They are located right near my house.
My wife and I belong to their wine club.
All of their wines are excellent.

Check them out if you love fine wines.

Drink: Redbreast 12yr Irish , Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Beer: Rogue Brutal Bitter, Anchor Old Foghorn Barleywine
Wine: Merryvale Cab '97, Estancia Meritage
Armagnac(visit tireguys rig in the virtual systems- or just click the "System" after my moniker to view the armagnac, which is listed as a tweek w/picture) other then the Armagnac I enjoy small batch bourbon neat and calvidos. I am known, from time to time, to imbibe a martini or two though those days are becoming fewer and fewer.
Well, living in Vermont, I might have a locally brewed Magic Hat, Trout River or Long Trail should the occasion arise, but usually just a good old bud. Great midrange, not to sharp on top, and a bottom end to die for. Kind of like my system in fact.
Travicello 2001 Indicazione Geografica Tipica. Italian red wine. I do not normally like these wines but this is outstanding!!! But don't buy any. I don't want the price to go up.
Single Malt: Maccallan 25 years...
White wine: Beauneau du Martray Corton Charlemagne 1989
Red Wine: Chateau Montviel (pommerol)

After Diner: Brazillian coffee with a splash of cognac on top of the cream...
Single Malt - The Balvernie 1966 Vintage Cask

Beer - Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, or if I'm slumming, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

Wine - Mouton Rothschild 1982
Poland Spring for this recovering acoholic...14 years ago, it would have been an old cognac. But after the second glass, I wouldn't give a s...a Victrola would do...
I'm with Hpshps, Jmcgrogan2 & Warrenh on this. No alcohol when I want to do any serious listening, whether it's for critical purposes or just to enjoy.
Single Malt: these days the bottle getting the most exercise is an Aberlour a'bunadh.

Beer: I'll have to second the Belgians, Leffe Blond is good and I'm still partial to the Chimay.

Newest mania: Tres Generationes Anejo tequilla.
Contrary to Driver and others, I in fact, like a splash of something when doing serious listening.

Lgregoir: you have good taste (and must have a solid bank account)!

How do people manage two hobbies: high-end audio and high-end liquids?
For Italian Primitivo try Anfora Zinfandel. It's from Puglia, labelled as Zin buit's Primitivo and it's made by a hotshot Aussie winemaker named Chris Ringland. Best of all, it's around $9-10 retail. Happy listening and drinking!
Endoit,is Heinz Triomphe special ultra-premium ketchup?
Just kidding, I think you meant Hine, great cognac, I have a rapidly disappearing bottle myself.
Thanks for the primitivo recommendation, Jond!

We might have favorite food/drink pairings, but are there certain appropriate/acceptable combinations musical genre and drink? I mean, would you pair Bob Dylan with a Belgian beer, an typical American one, whiskey...?
That's an easy one...nothing goes better with female vocals than a warm fire and a glass/bottle of medium-to-full bodied red wine, especially on a snowy day like today. Recommended flavors for casual enjoyment: Holly McNarland "Home Is Where My Feet Are" and '00 Penfold's Koonunga Hill Chiraz optional if it's warm where you are...Enjoy
Where are you, Goinbroke? Penfolds makes some good stuff, esp. for such a huge company.

YES! Port, esp, during these Chicago winters, with some good classical or jazz... great!

You dring much LBV? The best deal, IMO, for LBV port is the 1994 Osborne. 95 points in my book, and even higher in James Suckling's, as I recall. Less than $20/bottle!!

Sorry for the delay...out skiing for the weekend. I'm in PA, but I learned about Penfold's from an Aussie friend who lives very near one of their wineries. That's one of the great things about good wine...the taste and the memory of that flavor can be colored by the company you keep while drinking it, whether it's good tunes or good friends.

Cheers and enjoy
A wide open question you asked, so why the obviously contrastingly worded reference?

The matter of fact statements with regards to the other posters was not a barb about alcohol, rather just stating my preferences. (milk & bottled water) Nothing more, nothing less.
Weyerbacher ESB ale or Weyerbacher Merry Monks Ale (Belgian Tripple). Micro brewed in Easton Pennsylvania!!
Driver: I had no intention of causing offense. I thought, at first, you were joking, but on second reading, you weren't. I don't judge anyone about anything, unless they intentionally cause me pain/suffering. You haven't. My apologies.

Jmphotography: I'll have to look out for those. I hope there is a Chicago distributor. I tried a Canadian one called "Tres Pistoles" that was pretty good, although I was turned off a little by the gothic label.
Booker Noe Bourbon - Booker is Jim Beam's grandson and is a 6th generation family member - they've got it right!
Really, Pops?! Never heard of it. If Booker has got it right, I'll have to give it a try. I like Bourbon neat, so winter is a good time for sipping/
Pehare....hmmm.... There is also a Psilocybe mexicana, no?

Pops...with moniker like that, of course I trust you!
1. Due espressi (can't listen if asleep, but if asleep induces somnambulance). 2. Single? Oban (Lagavulin nipped/meditated upon in silence). 3. Often green tea. 4. Or mineral water (with #1). 5. My suggestion for sweet listening (etc etc) a deux: Sauterne (and strawberries)