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New Krell s550i Impressions?
Hmm ........ Nobody owns one? 
Esoteric owners - SA-50 to ?
The Esoteric sound is wonderful and the SA-50 has been great. I have owned Audio Aero and EMM Labs prior to and was looking for suggestions on whether to hold the line with Esoteric or shy away to another product. Thank you for your input! 
Best CD/SACD Players under $3K
I second the used Esoteric SA-50 
Squeezebox touch volume question?
Upgrade the firmware via Soundcheck-audio instructions. You will have the option to disable the volume as well. Send me a PM and I'll give you the link. 
Pass XP10, Ayre K-5xe, Calypso - Your Experience?
Sticking with the SS Amp is your better option IMO. 
Pass XP10, Ayre K-5xe, Calypso - Your Experience?
I had the XP-10 coupled with the X250.5. After about a year I went with the Rowland Capri. The XP-10 was a bit sterile sounding and the Capri nothing of the sort. Still have the Capri and am very happy. Contact Mark at Reno Hifi (has website too) ... 
Can Vandy's get along with cats?
I second Chadnliz on the perfectly put wording to the idiot. 
PS Audio: Power Plant Premier. How much ....
SM2727,I had ran my X250.5 through a V-Ray V2 with excellent results. I now run it through the new Triton with even better results. 
Hrmm..24/96 Deluxe Ed of Damn the Torpedos
For a special version with extra tracks and remastered sound in 24/96. I don't think it was grossly over priced. As far myself spending $33 for it, most likley not. I agree with you that the Redbook version was recorded very well. I most likely wo... 
What is your favorite 1 hit wonder from the 70's?
Tiny Tim for sure ....... 
My love of music is killing me.
Hi Dean_fuller,That's a sad story and many of us have been through heart breaking sadness in our lives. Having lost a child to MD and a wife of 25 years to cancer, I feel your pain. I would like you to know that your loved one would have wanted yo... 
It was 44 years ago that...
Pink Floyd - DSOM - Made a BIG impact 
Complete 2.0 System for Under $3k?
You could go to one of those "Big Box Stores" and get yourself a complete system for what you have budgeted. The turntable most likely will not become a reality ........ 
Rogue Audio M 180 fuse upgrade
Leave your factory fuse and move up the chain and get yourself a new power cord ...... it's that easy! 
Building bedroom system.....speakers for it?
Usher Tiny Dancer ........ Superb!