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How did you discover audiogon?
Elizabeth - I've missed your replies! Hope life is treating you well and the tribesmen have good hygiene. 
Personal amp evolution
I don't think that is the first time I've made that mistake about the NSX, perhaps it is me looking into my crystal ball and seeing your future :) 
Rowland Concerto or BAT VK-300/SE
No comment on the Rowland? That was my number one choice, with the Bat as number 2. By the way thanks Stubby, I had heard the same thing about the SE model and was leaning more towards a standard tube output model. 
Personal amp evolution
Brian, of course its really me :)Nil, I very seldom lurk, let alone post these days, I just happened to pass through the forums and saw your reply was the most recent and thought I'd say what's up! I've missed a few updates, but am casually on the... 
Tok20000 is going pro
Keith, Good to see you posting, how's life been treating you? Shoot me a message when you get a chance, we should catch up!Best,Tim 
Personal amp evolution
Nil - You've sure had some changes since we last spoke! Glad to see your still into the hobby. 
Denon DVD-3910 digi out?
I just checked my 3910 and I don't see a firewire port period. It does have a digital output section, and in it there is an optical jack and a coaxial jack, that's it. Further, no player outputted the hi-rez formats digitally when 3910 was release... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Just picked up a 2007 Infiniti G35X, with the sub-par "studio on wheel" Bose sound system. 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Woman love Chris Isaak Wicked Games, they all want to be like the girl in the video(can't say I blame them). 
audio aero capitole- how good vs analog?
T-bone nailed it, this subject has been beaten to death, there are analog lovers and digital fans. They both have benefits and limitations anyone not willing to admit that has some vested interest in one format or another. I will add that we have ... 
Amp recommendations for Maggie 3.6?
Parasound JC-1 's are great on 3.6's. If your willing to take a little chance, I've always been curious if a VTL-450 would have enough juice for the maggies and used they are in your price range. I know the 750's will work, but they put you over b... 
The BEST Listening Chair u’ve ever had or saw??
Buy two? Seriously, contact Brent, I am sure if its out there he will be able make it happen. 
The BEST Listening Chair u’ve ever had or saw??
No problem Brent, when someone treats me right I like to spread the word, another one of my local friends will be in touch with you before the end of the month he loves my chairs! 
The BEST Listening Chair u’ve ever had or saw??
Backsaver, look no further, I have 3 of them and they are good looking, super comfortable and conversation pieces. If you like them contact me and I will get you in touch with the guy I got mine from, he was great to deal with and had great prices... 
Wndows media player to Apple Itunes
WMP is not the best music program for computers. Itunes is better simply because its not complicated with the ability to playback videos/movies. With the new intel dual core Mac's I am pretty sure you can run WMP on them, however, it may be benefi...