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Selecting headphones and a headphone amp
I think the best thing to do is go to a dealer that sells headphones and try some out. It's really the only way. 
The Piano - Herbie Hancock
Pretty much anything with Herbie on just acoustic piano is fabulous. This guy is/was a real genius of improv. 
Ohm Micro Walsh Talls spkrs vs Totem Arro or Hawk?
I'm interested, too. Mind if I tag along? 
Integrated Amps with a Headphone Input
Rogue Cronus. 
Best Record You Have Ever heard
Artist: Art PepperTitle: Art Pepper Plus ElevenOriginal was on Contemporary, around 1959Latest version I have is on two 12" 45RPMAmazing fidelity. 
Internet Radio Questions.....
Recommend the Myine. Stand alone tuner, sees your wireless (airport express), plenty of jazz, quality runs from not so good to pretty damn good depending on the source of course. Hundred bucks MSRP, prolly fine it cheaper somewhere.http://myine.co... 
Can all headphones handle HIGH Volume levels?
Denon AH-D2000 for a little more oomph in the nether regions. 
Review: Ohm Acoustics Walsh sat Speaker
Thanks, Richard1999 for that. I have a Nova and am looking at the Ohms. How big is your room and how far away from the speakers are you?TIA 
Need help with Jazz
Agree with the Flora Purim.Try Annie Sellick "No Greater Love" w/ Joey DeFrancesco. Non-threatening but lively with excellent sound. 
Headphone amp and headphones... ?
Headphones, like speakers, are a very subjective, individual type decision. If you can, go to some dealers that have headphones and try them out and see what you like. It's the only way. 
I Was at a Funeral of An Audiophile...
People still have funerals? 
Tube amp comparison
Heard Will Vincent's Dyna 70 triode mod (22WPC) recently at a friend's house. Sounded fabulous. 
What you drink while listening sessions?
Kentucky bourbon, Weller (7 yr old) and water. 12 year old has been hard to get.For rum, I use Bacardi Anejo which is Mexican, not Puerto Rican. It tastes just like the Casa de Goes from Mexico which I can't seem to find anymore. 
Preamp/Headphone Question
What headphones will you be using and what is your budget for a tube headphone amp? 
Are Headphone amps worth the expense?
I would get a headphone amp on trial for comparison. Grados are easy to drive and it's possible you will not hear a worth-your-money difference. Your dealer should be able to help you with hook up.