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Resolution Audio - Cantata
Long time since I have posted here! I concur with the above comments. I upgraded from the Opus 21 / s30 system to the Cantata system and could not be happier. The amp has a bit more breathing room and openness than the s30, but still retains the m... 
Esoteric UX-3 vs. XO-3
Keep the Opus 21. It's a fantastic player. Very musical and fun. As Jmcgrogan2 pointed out, both formats are DOA, though some classical labels are holding on to SACD. I tried SACD a few years ago, but a lack of software caused me to pass on. Redbo... 
Someone please 'splain me
Jayboard, Yes I'm sharing the music and in doing some research I learned that it helps if you set all the AEs to 802.11b instead of 802.11b/g (I still have one older computer with the "b" standard). That helped, but not 100%. 
Someone please 'splain me
Any old Mac laptop will do. But as others say, backup your music! I use Glyph drives designed for hard use in the pro music biz. I'm trying to get a wireless AE network going as that's the simplest for me, but it still drops out periodically. Need... 
Leaning towards tubes, but need help long
Manley, Blue Circle, or Leben. 
USB-S/PDIF Converter or USB DAC?
Yes, I've seen the new design. I can appreciate his aesthetic sensibilities. 
USB-S/PDIF Converter or USB DAC?
Thanks, I'm going the USB DAC route. I actually had an early Cosecant, but did not use it much at the time so I sold it. But now computer audio is really useful for me and I like the character of Gordon's DACs. I'll probably spring for the Cosecant. 
Will computer to DAC replace transports and cdp's?
I've been thinking about this. I have a headphone system that is iTunes based (headphone amp has a USB input) and it is so damn convenient, but my main system is CD only. I was wondering just yesterday why the newer CD players don't seem to have a... 
THE Most MUSICAL Preamp?
Audio Note. DeHavilland Mercury 2. 
I'm a committed zero sampling fan. I like the Audio Note DACs, but also have a Wavelength Audio zero sampling DAC in a headphone system which is just as nice. They sound very natural. Smooth, dynamic and certainly all-day listenable! The upsampler... 
No headphone output....options???
Is there a tape out? That will work too. 
NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles
Wente Vineyards still has summer concerts, some of them really big names. I've never been but it sounds like fun. But talk about good music... there's the bluegrass festival this weekend in San Francisco. And talk about big names! I'm going just t... 
NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles
The Spanish wines are a good value as the Italian wines used to be (but are now expensive). I was just in Spain and some of their wine regions are going Napa so I expect their prices to increase too. But the sad thing is the price of any of these ... 
NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles
Agreed, often the higher-end wines have to age to come into their own. Their price is aimed at collectors who will do this. Though I've had many good bottles of young reds, their is nothing to compare to a properly aged red. It is simply divine! S... 
Upgrading AudioNote DAC2 older version Help
A big improvement that AN itself upgraded was to remove the filters from the DACs. Does your DAC still have a filter? It's not simply a matter of removing it; the internals have to be reconfigured slightly. IME this was a worthwhile upgrade.Check ...