Best Audiophile/Music T-Shirts

Picked this one up while I was visiting Michigan last year.

It’s pretty good social "filter" for new aquaintances. If they don’t "get" the T-shirt, and I have to explain it to them, we may not have a lot in common?

Galileo T-sthirt

This one got my attention, too.

Hello Darkness

Your favorite(s)??


Not a Queen fan and very tired of that song. The other one is a bit funny.

I have this panel on the front of a t-shirt.  If they need words as well, there's usually no connection.  😂

@travelinjack I've got a print of the vintage Maxell tape ad (i.e.  "Blown Away") matted & framed, hanging in the room where my sound system lives.  I've always thought it was and continues to be the quintessential visual representation and definition for what an audiophile is.  Anyone who sees this and doesn't require an explanation and/or education of what it is, where it originated, what it means, etc. is most likely a kindred audiophile spirit.  As for conversation starter, however, my guess is you don't get much more than "nice T-shirt" or "I like your shirt", along with a wry & knowing smile.  THANKS FOR SHARING!

I do have T shirt that from Axpona . And the one I have is Cardas hat with their logo and in gold. Music Direct gave it to me many years ago.i like the blown away t shirt , i think you can get it .

I am not yet capable of uploading pictures, but I have a T-shirt with what stated with Da'Vinci's drawing of Man  and changed slightly to him windmilling a guitar like Pete Townshend.  Funny.

Court of the Crimson King, without a doubt. Also the Rush Star Man is in the running.


The aging, deteriorating "Blown Away" shirt is hilarious!! Haven't seen that one.


Funny.  Would love to see the shirt.  I developed, but never published, a similar Darwin concept with the end point being the "Blown Away" art.


Is the gentleman on the left eating a dog doo snow cone by chance?


I'll take "a bit funny" on a Thursday morning.

The "Bob Marley" t-shirt image is actually one of the most iconic photos of guitar god Jimi Hendrix!

Bob Marley, the master Jamaican reggae musician and Rastafarian, is always pictured with his famous dreadlocks!!

bob marley - Bob Marley Photo (395602) - Fanpop

Wow! You must be pretty young @chmaiwald ! When I saw the name Bob Marley over the top of a picture of Jimi Hendrix, I thought that it was some kind of joke that I wasn't getting. I can't believe that you thought it was him. 

Where did you see this t shirt?

light in the box has some various music t’s that have to be searched for since they’re not categorized as such...

Etsy has numerous vendors....

Funny Music Lover T Shirt, Hipster Elitist Gag Gift, Snob, Musician, Craft Beer, Reviewer Listener, Recording Artist, Music Geek Nerd Gifts..

...this being one of the more ’reserved’.

...and I’d guess that’s Capt. Beefheart with Frank Z.

Okay, here’s another:


Sorry my images don’t automatically "pop" up. The combination of a vintage computer and/or crusty user makes it so.


Really like the "If you took Cat Stevens and Pete Townshend and tossed them in a blender T"


The Gorillz shirts are great!!  The first one seems to contain every vintage speaker known to man.  Was looking for 901s in there somewhere.  Need to get thicker lenses on my readers, I suppose.

The latest version of a decades-old theme.

It's worth the "click" just to read the "features" of the shirt.


Earlier versions of the shirt (I have several) display artwork of Klipsch speakers with the word "Bullshit" encrypted down low on the shirt so that the wearer would have to point it out to others.  My, how times have charged.  Not bashful about display a full frontal view of the famous Paul Klilpsch statement from the past.


I've got a print of the vintage Maxell tape ad (i.e.  "Blown Away") matted & framed, hanging in the room where my sound system lives. 

Very cool. I remember buying various Maxell cassettes, I forget all the model names but I recall "Metal" tapes?

No picture, but I saw them everywhere. Disco Sucks from the 70's. Best T Shirt ever.

@waytoomuchstuff (Y’’re right, you do.... *l*fist bump*)

Ugh! I’ll pass on that blender bender....Make me a BassShake....’cuz
"That’s Great Bass!"

...besides, there’s that cannibal Hannibal conniption ...but one does wonder what BBQ sauce he preferred...

And yes, it’s a tight race betwixt the NoBS and the Gorillaz’ Driverpile....
As for the 901s’, think of it as the ’phile version of ’Where’s Waldo?!’

As an omniphile, I wonder how much raw amps to drive allll that to distraction in and to how large of a physical diameter did it hit?

The HA!udiophiles’ version of Burning Man..

Some burn books....We Celebrate the Castaways!


Bonamassa "Blues is the Backbone of Music" ’B’ side is terrific, but I’m tempted to hang for the ’droid graphic version. Light inthe Box already has sick stuff and lots of it.... ;)