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Tidal removing all MQA
No way !!! The major AG topic will be gone !? :)  
Apple Music streaming vs "direct" connection
iPhone or iPad, running Apple Music hardwired to Dragonfly Cobalt or other DAC then to high resolution earphones or amp will provide you with lossless ALAC outcome but any wireless connection on that path will ruin lossless hi-res.  
Best Audiophile/Music T-Shirts
Personally I’m Metallica t-shirt fan, but Gorillaz has pretty cool art too. 
Get some mood lubricant and keep it ready for next time. :)  
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
My wife’s sister's kid made coin box out of their Denon home theater receiver putting coins through ventilation grill during several months. The family realized that only after they saw a smoke coming from the unit one day.   
sending signal wireless from Mac to DAC- whats the best way ?
Google Chromecast Audio via optical Toslink to Mini Toslink connector. 
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
I prefer spades more. Newer had a problem with Cardas spades. Tight, reliable connection. However bananas could be very weak. Ones I accidentally pulled the cable just a little bit and one of banana connectors got bent. When I tried to straighten ... 
Help With New Preamp Decision
Modwright LS 36.5 Would be fair contender option in your list. Don’t miss your opportunity to compare not only technical specs and reviews but also internal design and components before making your final decision.   
Audio Mirror WAVE tube based line-stage is one of StereoTimes 2023 Most wanted Components
It would be nice to see internal components. I didn’t find under the llid pictures. Could anybody publish it please?  
Will audio gear be ok in unheated house
Metal oxidation level will be much higher in unheated environment. Plus humidity level will be significantly higher which will negatively affect any contacts and wiring. If you don’t have other options, wrap equipment you intend to leave with seve... 
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
Phones r good as remote controls for dedicated streamers.   
SACD is VERY confusing
Yes, I was aware of this from very beginning of using my SACD player. All you need to do is just read manual before using, however my player (Cambridge CXU) won’t even let me play SACD through any other connection except HDMI. The signal won’t eve... 
Have you asked yourself this question?
Sell it if you do not use it. To keep it as a furniture is nonsense. I sold my Vikings ice skates long time ago :) What is the reason to keep high performance professional equipment if you don’t use it anymore!?  
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
+1 for Bluetooth speaker. It kind a complicated to build and maintain audiophile environment with in college style of life. I suggest something like Harman Kardon HK SoundSticks 4-2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System. Nice build high quality BT system, pr... 
After a long, long sleep: ML-335
My suggestion is to look inside first to make sure that it not too dusty or any dead fauna, insects etc inside. From personal experience I can tell that it’s very common to find some dead insects inside old equipment. Clean it if needed and live i...