I watched both of the videos just last night and after watching the second I pulled out a calculator…

But I would like to hear his system 😁

I live in ectasy then i am not envious at all...😊

An ectasy equal another ectasy nevermind the price...

Headphone is my last stand and the best ever i experienced ...

Very interesting system for sure... Thanks for the information...

Being without money i myself go for small room acoustic, but as Harley said very rightfully , electrical noise floor level control is critical... I could not experiment with it the way he did... but my system being simpler it was also more simpler to control it in some way..

his other video about room acoustic is interesting...

Thanks to the Op...


That was fun.  Interesting comparison might be:  One Man's Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary about the world's best stereo system; on YouTube.  Some would say, why would you spend so much on a hi-fi?  I would ask, why do people spend what they spend on automobiles or airplanes.  A great hi-fi system takes me more places. 

1 big sales pitch for each of his components. They get all of this equipment at a drastic savings and there was controversy over how much these reviewers get paid by the manufacturers to give them glowing reviews. I quit TAS and the other audio mags because they stopped giving relevant reviews, everything they reviewed was the best they ever heard. Not everything is the best, some are better than others and some components are flat out bad or bad for the money. I prefer online reviewers 

@baylinor ...Sez who? 😒...(...😏*elbow to ribs bump*)....*L*

...so ripe for a parody vid....

(Scene opens on a dusty garage; cam pan to metal cabinets of various colors with coneless speakers of varied sizes, cables hanging off like icicles, stuck by their magnets....
A large 24" frame makes one fall over as the cam pans away towards an astounding collection of audio 'items' *quick cuts that accelerates to the tune of:

Mystery Roach -fade out to exterior shot

...that begins with the impact of the cabinet; fade out with fade in of exterior of an abandoned chemical facility....*)

You can fill in to hearts' content (or not) where the rest of it would go..... ;)

I don't need therapy....$'s Yes....J


It's good to have an overview of reviewers' rooms and equipment.

There isn't enough of it.



I enjoy your vibe and posts, but I am forever confused by the characters used in your writing. Mostly letters at the end of sentences with asterisks. 

Help me Jerry, help help me Jerry. 

@uncledemp ...*Grin*  1st, it seems you've channeled some Beach Boys viral....and watch out for Rhonda, 'he' now goes by Rex.... ;) 

I still suffer olde 'n oddity 'chat room contractions' *L*=Laugh, etc., ad nauseum....

Emoji mojo has expanded beyond 'uman incapacity to draw upon IMHO....unless there's a Cliffs' Notes version that one can refer to and be nimble 'nuff to type...

....so I just draw upon the 'local, easy to access' file...(Unless it doesn't have something that 'works'....then I'll insert a snide aside 'twixt parens....which has just occurred....) ....😉👍

As for style & vibe....good times, bad times, y'know I've had my share, but when my muse left home with a insane plan....🤷‍♂️  I just think 'any rant is fair'.

(...abused Led Zep, 'scuse...)

( 'K, where's that f'n....soapbox...*?!*.....underfoot....😏....)

@yoyoyaya ....et all.... There's enough, already, mho.   They've got their fanz And their detractors, usually delineated by how well or not they align with the readers' preferences and the widget being commented upon.  They have this job to create X# of words about said widget without causing the advertisers to flee like lemmings.

Personally (and since I don't know of any other ), I rarely read them; occasionally scan one or the other at a b&m or online if mentioned here or elsewhere, about some thing of passing interest or curiosity...

Bob obviously has a lovely 'home' to listen & expound from for TAS, as well as access to the SOTAstuff that some aspire to; in some happy case studies, even own....🤔

...and, I'd bet....an alarm system to match.

All that megaK$ objects of desire....I don't.

I quite pleased (MOL)...*L* (More Or Less)...generally with the audities I own.

Yes, room to improve...specifically the room itself, but...*shrug*

As an advocate of odd-fi....Walsh drivers, omnis, audiothrash, and loud noises (and soft ones as well) in the dark of night into the light of day....

Happy enough...until I'm not.  Good to go for the time being, ;) *S*

Y'all do the same, and have a pleasant weekend....Yrs, J



James May does audio with similarly painful pedantic dronings  However, James May artfully sprinkled brilliant humor throughout those dronings.

If I had the $ to spend, I’d no doubt have a different opinion but as things stand, such extravagance is far, far removed from my experience.

Audio ala Harley is so clearly a rich man’s activity, like yachting.

I find little of relevance and due to Harley’s robotic demeanor, little that’s even entertaining.


"Audio ala Harley is so clearly a rich man’s activity, like yachting."

I’ll bet their are people out there of reduced means who encountered your own system and had similar thoughts. "Audio a la Stuartk is clearly a bourgeois activity like materialism."

Post removed 

@celtic66  James May does audio...?? I love that guy. Where can I find and enjoy his audio wisdom? 

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