Wrapping Up 2016

All in fun, there is always a wrap up of the year’s highlights, this is what comes to mind, feel free to add to the list:

Within recent memory we have discussed, solid state A , AB, class D and OTL and other tube amps, preamps, phono amps, turntables, tone arms, cartridges, cd players of all types, DACs, music servers, speaker cables, interconnects, PCs, room treatments, reflections off walls, floors, windows, tables, racks, platforms, fuses, receptacles, power conditioners, stands and stand mount monitors, towers, cone and electrostatic speakers, subwoofers, beverages and drugs to accompany listening, listening chairs, graphene, magnets, lasers, markers for CDs, record cleaners, cleaning solutions, tubes, tube dampeners, fuses, whatever comes into Geoff’s mind, music software, all the SR other tweaks, modders, CES and other shows, capacitors, music, wire and fuse directionality, cryogenics, watches, automobiles, televisions, home theater systems, and …….

Geez, when you put it like that, 2016 seems EXACTLY like 2015!!
I'm sure 2017 will be more of the same.

Though it does look like you missed the ubiquitous: Why so many brand X for sale?

Happy and Healthy 2017 to all here at the Forums!!

For me, 2016 was a year of an alarming number of deaths. The boomer generation is coming into the last decade of it’s time on Earth.
You missed the "Predator" Audiopile Speakers from the Drumpfk Symphonic Bombast Corp.
Hey randy, sorry and yes the Predators slipped my mind, just an oversight.  Thinking of ponying up $600+K to put the wamms in my den.   Bdp24, I hear you, think the same.  I'm not sure whether it was more people passing in 2016, or just being more aware because they were closer to our (at least my) age.  I prefer to think us boomer's are coming to the last two decades of our time on the planet.    

Don't worry be happy.

I'll split the difference with you George, and say 15 years ;-). If I live that long, I'll be older than my Dad made it to, and he was of a much heartier generation, that of WWII.
Hi bdp,
I will gladly split the difference with you for 15 years.

Today, sorry to hear about Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, meeting our maker.  The scene in Star Wars where she is holographed out was just spectacular, to us sci-fi fans.

Happy New Year to all, party on,


Every new year brings us all closer to our last year.
That sobering observation reminds me of what
someone said quite awhile ago:
"I should have made more mistakes."

Then there's:
"Do not go gentle into that good night,
 Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
 Rage, rage, against the dying of the light."

All the more reason to get busy with this hobby,
and life in general. It's way too short.

All the best,

Here's one that has more resonance with me as my end approaches: "If I'd known I was gonna live this long I would have taken better care of myself". I have friends already gone exactly because they didn't. Smoking, alcohol, even one from his bad diet (sugar junky).
First off Happy New Year to All!! 2016 wasn't too bad and audio-wise a good one with finally being able to say that its sounding pretty darn good. Next July retirement so I'm definitely high on 2017. Oh yeah, I think I'm good for a another 20 or so.
bdp24, never to late to change bad habits and start a regime of physical exercises, whatever you are up to.  You can do it.
This thread made me realize my father died when he was 6 years older than I am now. Geez. I've never smoked, am in relatively decent health and I have had more health issues through this age than my dad did up to the same age. Guess it's time to start partying like there's no tomorrow. 

2016 was a very stable audio year for me. No component changes- at all!. I said it a year ago "I'm done" and I meant it! Found other things to spend $ on. 
Oh, I’m fine jetter, one of the healthiest people I know. I take no credit for that, other than having observed the old expression about doing everything in moderation, nothing to excess. I owe my health to genetics, my Dad passing his healthy gene’s onto me. My sisters aren’t as fortunate, getting my Mom’s. I don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. I’m not an alcoholic or drug addict, and have never smoked. My hair is turning salt-and-pepper gray, but I still have it (and my teeth)! Other than needing to lose 15-20 pounds, I can’t complain.
I remember Redd Foxx's line about cutting pork out of his diet:  S**t, I don't want to be lyin' in that hospital dyin' of NOTHIN'!

I didn't take his advice, I'm living ultra-clean.  And lean.

I'm scared to ask, has anyone heard anything from Schubert?  I don't see any posts since early May...
bdp24, so good to hear.  May our good fortune and that of our friends continue into the new year!
Excessive weight is a HUGE problem in the USA, an epidemic even. I don't know about the rest of the world (except Asia, perhaps because of their leaner diet?), but it's even worse up here in the Northwest than it is in S. California, I have discovered since moving here. It causes lots of health issues, many of which both my obese sisters suffer from. They take pills for everything, I take none.

@jetter  Love the line : whatever comes into Geoff’s mind.

Sorry Geoff, but ya gotta admit, that was a good one!!


Drumpfk Symphonic Bombast Corp.    Surely not referring to my beloved mini-predators?!?!?! LOL

Have a great(and safe) New Years everyone!!

another thread designed to promote (nothing), just the OP's # of threads.
eddy - Drumpk is the family name of our next President

Symphonic Bombast - I took that from Stereophile's equipment reviews, where they say that just because it isn't in this years Recommended Component's does not mean it is not as good as when it was Recommended

Predator - the new Wilson high-end speaker looks like one, so i added that too

Enjoy the potato-potato sound!
slaw and randy,
Hope your new years gets better.

 Happiness runs in a circular motion
Thought is like a little boat upon the sea
Everybody is a part of everything anyway
You can have everything if you let yourself be

For all you too young to know, the little ditty above is by Donovan.  From a land far away and a time long ago.

Donovan, under-appreciated imo. His early Fairytale album proved him to be a fully developed artist at a relatively young age. My favorite lines from a song of his:

"First there is a mountain

Then there is no mountain

Then there is"

It's about the circular nature of the increase in consciousness and gaining of wisdom.

randy, go for it., You got me curious, and "A desmodromic valve is a reciprocating engine valve that is positively closed by a cam and leverage system, rather than by a more conventional spring."

bdp24  I really agree with you 100% about Donovan, on the oldies stations you rarely hear any of his songs, perhaps Sunshine Superman once in a long while.  Somewhere in my collection I have a multiple set of Donovan LPs I picked up along the line.   Will dig them out when my Thorens is back up and running.  He had a lot of hits way back then.
Yeah Jetter, Donovan’s Sunshine Superman album is his classic. In 1967, every band in San Jose (including legendary Garage Band The Chocolate Watchband, seen in Roger Corman’s Riot On Sunset Strip movie) performed his "Season Of The Witch" from that album.
I posted desmodromic for crazy eddy - they are used in motorcycles, tho not the type he has

valve operation is a serious drag on engine rpm and other criteria, so I thought that general concept would also help with understanding audio component design
Under the radar Donovan tune worth a listen: Sunny Goodge Street. bdp, I was in a band in a tiny town in southeast TX at that time and we did "Season of the Witch." I liked Terry Reid’s version.
Yup Tostado, Terry's version is a good one. The guys on the first Super Session album (Stephen Stills, Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper) did it too, but in an only okay version I thought.
Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger did a version of Season of the Witch that I  liked back then.  Super Session, wow, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry, good memories.

Actually, I have all these old albums packed away in my basement.  I am in the process of having a Thorens TD 160 brought up to spec so should be fun playing a few old favorites.  Actually, not sure of there condition after all these years.

I had forgotten about Julie & Brian’s version Jetter. I really liked their albums together. Cross your fingers on the basement-stored LP’s---basement moisture may have taken it’s toll! If you don’t already have an LP cleaner such as the VPI HW-16, consider getting one to restore them.

Another great song that has had many cover versions is The Band’s "The Weight". None are as good as the original, but none as bad as the version of their seldom-covered "Chest Fever" by Three Dog Night. PU!