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PayPal problems
@kenjit Its not about being my problem. The seller was straight up, and honest. The least I can do is help him to get what is rightfully his. I would hope for the same in return, had the situation been reversed.  
PayPal problems
Just received a message from the seller, and they say they will release the funds by March 26 for him. Good news indeed. :)  
PayPal problems
@dill Yes, that is a valid point, and Paypal does have a policy of holding funds on accounts of new sellers for a period of up to 21 days, if I understand correctly. 21 days has long since elapsed though    
PayPal problems
@bubba12 No, I would not even consider sending any more $$ I only want the seller to have what I sent him. I did speak to PayPal, and they did acknowledge that they did not release the funds, and that basically it was non of my business. They were... 
PayPal problems
I am told that this is his first transaction with PayPal. That's what he tells me anyway, and I have no reason to doubt him. That being said, perhaps there is more to this than I am being made aware of. All I know is that the deal went according t... 
Best progressive rock album side
Rush - Hemispheres Rush - 2112 Yes - Close to the Edge Yes - Fragile Dream Theater - Images and words Pink Floyd - Animals Pink Floyd - Wish you were here etc, etc, etc,..........................................  
Anyone Seen a Feb 2022 Stereophile Issue??
Got mine a week ago  
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Rush - Moving Pictures  
@edgyhassle You beat me to it LOL 
Favorite Guitar Solo
Rush - La Villa Strangiato 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
James at Bryston      Jerone at Wilson Audio 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Aerosmith, 1975 at the CNE Grandstand in Toronto. Absolutely horrid sounding, and of course they were wasted too. Saw Peter Frampton the same year (I think) for his Comes Alive tour, and it was wonderful. I still consider it one of my favorite con... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Steve Vai   - Flex-Able Leftovers Vanessa Fernandez   -  Use Me 
Stereo systems are like Harleys
I live in both worlds. There's good people in both of these passions, and a**holes too. Just sayin........ 
How old are you?
I can’t remember.....