Wilson Audio Tunetot Loudspeakers Reviewed !

I was very willing to spend the money on Wilson's Tunetots, then I listen to them and was not that impressed. I really wanted to like them, but even through the sales guy tried different amps and DAC's  they never engaged me. This of course is my own experience and my tastes. I would suggest anyone to listen to them to decide not just on reviews (yes,  common sense on any equipment!) especially if you are spending that kind of money.
I think TuneTot's are cool.

And as others have said its about your personal tastes.  I have Sonus faber speakers which from a speaker philosophy may be the polar opposite. 

And that doesn't mean Wilson doesn't make excellent speakers, I simply prefer different speakers.  The clarity and accuracy of the Tuentot's is incredible for their size!
I can't tell you how much better and cheaper Fritz speakers are in this form factor. 
Listening to Wilsons is something I would highly suggest doing before deciding they are the right speaker for you. To me, Wilsons sound great on the usual audiophile measures, but don't sound musical or engaging to me. But, your listening preferences may likely vary from mine.
For less than the price of the Tune Tot's, you could buy a system with Vandersteen VLR's that would give it a run for the money..
I think previous posters are correct, you really have to audition them. I heard the original Sabrina's years ago. They were nice, but at that price, I knew I could do better.
They are not what you want or are looking for you will be sadly disappointed if you buy them but if you have a generous return policy you could try them but there is way better out there for sure.
How do you know what OP wants or is looking for or that he will be sadly disappointed if he buys the Tune Tots??
He didn't say what he likes, he just said he thought the review was great.
I bought a pair of Tune Tots about a year and half ago and I'm still enjoying them and I doubt I will ever replace them. I felt that the highs especially, were superior to the other speakers that I auditioned, which were B&W, Focal, Spendor and Vandersteen. They do cycle quite low for their size but if you like to listen to bass dominate music louder than maybe 92 db than you will need to pair them with a sub and some type of external crossover. 

Wilson's are very sensitive the gear your hook up to them. They will reveal everything, for better or worse. I listened to these speakers yesterday, extensively, brought my Sugden integrated and it was a match made in heaven. I mean other worldly awesome, totally engaging, musical, detailed and accurate. 

Conversely, I then listened on some Naim gear. If that is where I started and stopped I wouldn't have considered the Tune Tots at all. Not that it sounded bad, just wasn't engaging or as rhythmic.  

This exercise validated what I had researched and been told about Wilson. You need to make sure you like the gear you attach to them, and you need to know that gear well because Wilson tends to act like a reverse Microphone. 

I was really impressed with this speaker, to the point I am considering them over my awesome Sonus Faber speakers. It's most certainly not a desk top or kitchen speaker, not sure why they market them that way, 

Another great review     "Quad ESL 57's GOOD"


LOL, Ken Kessler is the epitome of everything that is wrong with hifi reviewers. Just look at the measurements, you will have to try super hard to mess up a 2-way like that.   

I don't think the Tune Tot has ever sounded bad ... in different listening positions and Amp / Pre combinations (casual observation).

But what is impressive is how good the ' Sound ' is when matched with higher tier Amplifier.

Also I like the design of Vandy VLR but have not listened to VLR at all however Vandersteen has good Rep and the price is much less.

Darkos Non Review: 


People's listening opinions are like, you know what! Especially in this Hobby, y'all should know this by now, way to many factors involved. Music, gear, age, even the time of the day, can make a significant difference. One opinion concerning gear can be, "those are the worst speakers I have ever heard," another opinion concerning the exact same gear, "Wow, those are the best speakers that I have ever heard in my life," so why do you think that is? Every one of our Brains are wired Different, it mainly depends on what kind of listener we are, individually.

The TuneTot measured poorly on ASR, but Amir still gave it his recommendation because he liked how it sounded with EQ applied. Confusion ensues in the ASR crowd.


tough crowd... if they priced at 10K, they were probably confident in what it does?




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Another great review "Quad ESL 57’s GOOD"


This is not good... The reference made elsewhere in this thread about "Wilson’s being sensitive to the gear you hook them up too... they will reveal everything"

That made me chuckle, as I have experienced that exact thing with my Wilson Audio Duette... but here’s the thing - it’s not a "feature correlating to excellence". In fact, it highlights a problem with the speaker. When you experience or read about a speaker that’s said to be "very resolving" and "sensitive to gear...", in my experience, the issue there is an issue with baffle step compensation / tipped up presence in the 700hz-2khz region. "Resolving" is often an imbalance in this region that makes the speaker SOUND VERY FORWARD AND SHOUTS AT YOU. It’s not "this speaker is better than your gear"... it’s highlighting and issue with the speaker... it’s imbalanced.

People read about and get sold on the fallacy that the problem is their gear. Nope, the problem is the speaker.

And... here we are... This is a mess:




And it doesn’t stop there. There is ringing in the 1khz range. That range SHOUTS AT YOU. It’s not a matter of "this speaker is better than your gear" and that’s why it is "sensitive to gear matching". The issue is the speaker is SHOUTING and Ringing in the 1khz range. People think the "highs" and "brightness" are 8-10khz. In fact, that imbalance and ringing in the 1khz range is the issue.

This ringing is a problem: