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The Horror
@audiodidact  I couldn’t disagree with your premise more. You don’t mention anything about room treatments so I’m guessing that your room has more influence on your sound than your system. Maggies can be rather low bass shy so you may want to con... 
Low-pass Setting of SVS SB-3000s subs with LSA Signature 80 speakers
It appears that the -6 db down point of the LSA's is 35 Hz. I would start there and adjust upwards until you have enough bass or it starts to sound muddy. I would stick with the 24 db slope unless you have an option for a 48 db slope. The less fre... 
REL S510 or S812
With subs, bigger is almost always better than smaller if for no other reason than the cone doesn’t need to travel as far resulting in less distortion. It’s much easier to overload a 10” sub than it is a 12” sub and even if you only need  a larger... 
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
I have never cared and highly likely I never will care how a speaker measures. For that matter I have never bothered to investigate how well a speaker measures. The only measurement I care about is how does it sound to me. If I can't audition a sp... 
Music first or sound first?
It's definitely sound first for me. Good sound always makes a song more enjoyable and I'm not afraid to use external gear to help me shape a song to the way that I want it to sound.   
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@noromance Great selection. I have been listening to that record quite a bit the last few weeks.  
Overkill for small room
Understanding how to operate a speaker management system which is a fancy term for a DSP unit, is really not that difficult. Their functions are pretty straight forward. The hardest part is training your ear so you can distinguish what you like fr... 
Overkill for small room
I'm curious to know what you consider "very loud aggressive music. Lately I have been listening quite a bit to Fear Inoculum by Tool.  I also like Orbital, NIN, Ministry, Big Black, Moon Duo, The Black Angels, Foo Fighters just to name a very s... 
Overkill for small room
I assumed I'd set up the speakers on the narrow end I think that with your size room it would be better to place your speakers along the 11' wall. This will allow you to place both your speakers and your listening chair closer to the center of t... 
Searching for a little more warmth
In my experience most rooms tend to be on the bright side. Have you considered room treatments or some type of equalization?  
Best Neil Young Vinyl Recordings
I have been listening to Mirrorball lately. The record Neil recorded with Pearl Jam as his backing band. No hits, but a very solid record nonetheless. Neil gels real nicely with PJ's rhythm section.  
External XO Question
Are you looking to upgrade an equalizer or an active crossover (XO)? Per the Sanders Sound System website they appear to supply a DBX Venue360 DSP unit with their Model 10 electrostatic speaker. You will not be able to find an analog crossover th... 
full range or mini's and a sub
The biggest advantage with mini monitors and subs along with an active crossover, is that you can put together a world class speaker system at a fraction of the cost. The down side is that it takes a little more knowledge and skill to do it correc... 
JL Audio Fathom
I would not switch either. With the JL Audio you are paying a lot for room correction and a calibrated microphone. Room correction would be much better handled with a good DSP unit and REW.  
Short list of musical subwoofers
@ajant  My front subs are SVS SB4000 and I am crossing them over at 161 Hz and have crossed them over as high as 177 Hz and they have sounded good to me at either setting.