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Cool running, low powered power amp
FWIW, we make a 5-Watt/channel class A tube amplifier that can sit on a sheet of notebook paper with room left over. I designed it for my bedroom system. @atmasphere, what speakers are you using with it?  
A treat for those who like classical piano
I enjoy both Beraia's and Olafsson's Rameau. Each can be appreciated in their own way On YouTube, there's an interesting compilation of 10 different pianists performing the Rameau piece, Rappel des Oiseaux: 
Preamp for a GaN-FET amp...
I would prefer a preamp WITHOUT tube (and not a class A). Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio posted this on Head-Fi (link): "all preamps are Class A. There’s no reason to run a preamp in Class AB. Or D, LOL." I don’t know if it’s actually true, bu... 
Wilson Audio Tunetot Loudspeakers Reviewed !
The TuneTot measured poorly on ASR, but Amir still gave it his recommendation because he liked how it sounded with EQ applied. Confusion ensues in the ASR crowd. 
AARP article on streaming hirez audio
United Healthcare. Not a fan. I agree, but what does UnitedHealthcare have anything to do with the AARP article?  
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
Could put in a transformer for volume control and diy. I don't know if it matches your intentions, but if you need a switch with volume control, you could use a passive preamp (volume attenuator with input selector). Some high end brands are Go... 
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
@arhgef Have you looked at Goldpoint? I'm more familiar with their attenuators, which are high quality and well regarded. Their switches should be good as well (as they should be for the price).  
Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz
I can stream wired through the BluOS at mqa quality OR I can use the Tidal connect app to get flac, but only connect wirelessly.  So I thought Tidal had solved the flac issue but if its only wirelessly then I will need to stay with mqa or go to Q... 
Best Amplifier for LS3/5a
In this bedroom system I keep the amp(s) under the bed and generally leave them on 24/7. @peter_s Would you want to do that with a Class A amp?  
Best Amplifier for LS3/5a
I can recommend the Schiit Tyr monoblocks, which pair great with my Harbeth P3ESR-XDs. The LS3/5a is a sealed box mini-monitor that is inherently reticent, but the Tyrs bring out a full, dynamic sound. I'm also struck by how good they sound at low... 
Beethoven Symphonies
I've enjoyed what I've heard from Noseda (most of his discography is with the London Symphony and BBC Philharmonic). In this Beethoven series, the sound close miked and detailed, but I prefer to hear more of the acoustic space.  
McIntosh is now inside a Jeep luxury car.
It has been an option on Jeep for the last two years already. The funny thing is that there are no actual blue McIntosh VU meters. They are just images displayed on the center console screen. It's a bargain for a McIntosh product — $2500 option on... 
Just compared Monster M2.2 and ZU Mission speaker cables
What a turn of events for Monster Cable. From 2004-2008, they were spending $6 million/year for naming rights for Candlestick Park (the home stadium at the time for both the San Francisco Giants and 49ers), renaming it to Monster Park. Ironically,... 
Are luxman integrated amps truly balanced?
 XLR carries a hot signal on one conductor and an inverted hot signal on another conductor.  A diff amp compares the two signals and amplifies the difference.  A +5 volt compared to -5 volt is a difference of 10 volts.  That's the 6 dB gain. Th... 
What news in 2023 struck you?
The demise of MQA. Roon acquired by Harman International.   Blue Jean Cables now telling me that very expensive high end cables are actually better than the cheaper cables they have always pushed. Their association with Iconoclast isn't new. ...