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Advice on Speaker upgrade vs System Component Upgrade
First, @gmdodd - second the congrats on SF Guarneri Evo. Really no better listening than in situ ... @larsman, the Parker would have my expectations up (high) with higher sensitivity, variable x-over and tuned with a passive radiator.  But giv... 
Advice on Speaker upgrade vs System Component Upgrade
Oscar Trio - Marten ... low order crossover / bass / build quality. From Mfg website:  Copper foil air core coils Silver/Gold capacitors Supreme resistors Jorma internal cabling  Bases covered. $11k msrp 
Any Guidance on How to Get my Lampizator Big 7 (DSD) Working with HQPlayer and Room?
My recommendation is to go to Lampi and HQplayer support for pre requisite / setting direction. Your choice of forums and / or direct support.  
Replace HDD in Sony HAP Z1ES with an SSD...but wait, there is more!
Ask Sony to point you in the right direction. Do you know how to use the HAP Features ... ?  
Integrating speakers into contemporary decor - can WAF ever be overcome?
Stylish / Flexible What's not to like ... ?  
room size question.
Something to try would be to raise the speaker to a higher level so that the tweeter plane is at least at ear height.  
Subwoofer boom is too much for me...
Try a lower level for the sub ...  
room size question.
@bshaw Yes the models are different but the example is applicable. Both models are dynamic driver / enclosure design. The M2 is quite a nice choice as smallish two - way designs have come quite a long way. My current ' stand mount ' mains are a ... 
room size question.
I found a set up description in a Stereophile Review of a PBN Montana. " When he sets his speakers up in a listening room, PBN’s Noerbaek begins by placing the speakers about 2’ from the back wall and about 7’ apart. He then toes them in, finding... 
Starting from scratch in a large room
Wilson Tune Tot will sound good / great ...! And your choice of Power Amp ...  
To port or not to port speakers
For a  Surround channel / limited signal - the impact of sealing the port is minimal. Plugged Port results in a higher bass extension ... finding a good material for the plug is of some import ... ' rigid foam ' ... for example.  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
A power cable upgrade - helped fill in sound stage / added sense of power, and a shiny new Xeon processor for my now dedicated streaming PC. A real - whoa ... whoa ... whoa - moment. Going from a powerful Laptop with good sound - tone / detail to... 
USB microphone setup to measure room for PC or Chromebook (non Apple user)
@troidelover1499, Sweetwater does have adapters for  xlr > usb with phantom power but is an additional cost ...  $35 for the ECM8000 is the lowest I think I have seen. Making the interface work in windows environment can be a pain though. A s... 
Technics SU-G700 Bookshelf Speaker recommendations & How To connect Klipsch Subwoofer
  No hesitation recommending SB C600k from Technics at $1k.    
DAC / USB outputs in MONO? HELP
Setup most likely - not a cable ... do a search on google for " sound settings windows 10 usb dac " and you may find a host of results with options. An example: from-your-dac-windows...