This place is getting sloooooooweeeerrr......

and slower. The mobile app seems fine. But regular access is slowing to a crawl.




All is good with every other site. Pages here are slow to load and time out sometimes. Frequently stalls and reloads. No issues on phone or ipad.


It used to be really slow for me too, but it's been mostly OK over the past 6 months or so....

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No problems here, but then: I have a 20 year old IBM ThinkPad (Adblock Plus, >375Mbps upload/download speed & SSD may be helping, though).

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Only issue is the security theater tells me connection is secure, I read a thread, am asked to log in to comment and it goes back to verification again but never does...waste of time and electricity...especially when I’m clicking on links sent to me by Audiogon...doesn’t the system know who their members are?

I’m with the OP.  Slooooowwww.  My Mac is new.  My broadband is strong.  Everything else works great.  A-gon’s site has been a nightmare.  I stopped checking in as often as I’d like.  

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I guess it's the stuff I play as 'background' shocks the server into leaving me be and In.... ;)

It’s not my provider. I am using the LAN at work, lightning fast. All other sites are fine. This one is slow to load the page and frequently tries to reload. A fresh reboot did nothing. There is definitely something going on, has only been this way a week or so for me.

maybe it i something with the security settings depending upon websites on your work Lan; running just fine at my cousin's casa where I am this week , and no issues before I left home

Speed is NOT my problem, I have 4 browsers and the ONLY one I can use wiht Audiogon's Forum is 'Brave'. One of the others I can't laod the page at all, two of the others I can't log in. It keeps sasying that I am either Not registered or using the Wrong password. Funny when I do log in on the others I am using the exact same user name and password.

By jre way I am IIT and Network ceritfied and can find No reson for this. BUt many sites do claim to have issues with the browsers I am using, but those same sites tell me to use IE, so I don't pay much attention to them.

The pages load slow for me as well, but it may be good today (its not) and bad tomorrow.  No issues with other sites, this is my home office with 200mps wired connection.  I've cease to try and figure it out.



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I’m pretty sure the security policy at work has changed and is causing this. Almost unusable now. All is fine on my phone and my tablet.

Internet speed is still fast here but the quality here at Agon as resources, sell, info, go-to is degrading..  Just saying.

Security police? Please. I still have no problems getting on this site or accessing it's  different threads. Maybe it's your internet provider?

Remember that 22.5% this country is still without broadband service/access and what you're using could be sub par.

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Was that directed at me?


If so, no it’s not the internet speed. I work for a billion dollar company that has a very stringent firewall and security measures in place. This gets updated from time to time. Some sites are blocked entirely, this one just runs slow. 

Last few days getting worse. Essentially unusable tonight. Been good for a few months 

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