Why I’m not getting emails sms notifications ?

Why I’m not getting any emails  notifications or sms no more from Audiogon Im alone ?
Is over a week now since I receive my last email from Audiogon 
pls help thanks 🙏 

We replied back to your Support Ticket yesterday. Check your junk/spam folder for it. 

 @lordrootman   I just sent you an email from my Audiogon email address. Did you get it?
Admin still nothing 
I’m using both Apple mail and Gmail app but nothing is showing up 
I have checked junk/spam nothing kind of wired 
I check my Audiogon messages in Audiogon and no messages either 
the last inquiries I made week ago about buying SimAudio preamp sent reply but never show up on my regular Apple/Gmail mails

Have you checked with support at gmail?  There must be a problem with your email address, 
Alright I’m going to update my email here then 
normally I will get response from this discussion but nothing 
I think you’re right the last Email I received on this particular email account  is 10-1-21 wow 😯 
My wife is also having problems with her G mail account, nothing since early last week. 
Sounds like a problem with gmail. You could use a different email address for Audiogon if you have one.
admin I was out of storage so I just upgrade to more  storage and some mails start coming through thanks for the support 
@lordrootman  Good to hear. If you are okay, I would like to close this thread since we figured out the problem?