Oregon Audiophiles...

How many Oregonians are there here on Audiogon?
Here is an idea :

If I can get a few of you to post to see if this thread is still alive :

Maybe we could meet up at a brew pub for a discussion on where to go from here? Seems like we have some interested folks but we need to get together on neutral ground and start a conversation. If the energy is good (and I bet it will be) we can pass some contact info back and forth. At the very least we could have a few beers and share some stories. I have met 6-10 really cool "audiocentric" people in the last year - most of you through Audiogon. I would sure love to share a beer and talk about music/audio for a couple hours.

Anyone still out there?

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I would be up for that.
Warren and I have communicated in the past but have never met. Name the place and time and I'm in.
I live on the East side but have whhels.
Looks like there is a couple of us in Beaverton. W barton probably knows the area best, why don't you set the venue, day and time, maybe a couple of different options and see who all can join in.
I am fairly flexible, weekday or weekend.
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I'm in.
2 meetings might be best as mentioned above. Of course, if everyone attended both times, even better.
How about one on the Eastside (Marty?) and one in Beavertown?
Set it up, and let the suds flow.
i would also attend this event. i'm also near beaverton. how about meeting in the middle like somewhere near downtown or there is a mcmenamins on broadway in ne portland. it has long tables to seat up to 20 and a room in the back to play pool. nights and weekends are best for me.
I propose we have the first get together at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub on Saturday the 23rd at 6PM.
It is located at 915 SE Hawthorne.
I am not sure how we will know each other in a crowd of people.
Any ideas?

That's a good call - looks like quite a few responses so I will band them all up and create a mailing list. The Lab has big tables and we can get some food as well as beer. Saturdays work for me and we have a little time to plan.

What do you folks say? I'll plan to be there
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Sounds like a party ... I have arranged to have the night off. In addition to meeting up, I figure we can all exchange email addresses when we get there. I can’t seem to pull addresses from the response emails. Probably best – as a lot of what I write can be construed as spam. Yep, fat balding and grey … I should be fairly easy to spot. I got the first round and thanks for making the effort to be there. For those who can’t make it – we will plan another outing you can reach me at air_klein@hotmail.com.

And for the record … I’m workin on it!
Great George, I look forward to meeting everyone.
Always good to get different perspectives on our hobby.
OK folks,

I will see most of you on Saturday night at the Lucky Lab ... 6 PM. I'm buying the first round. Talked to Kurt from Echo Audio but he is busy this weekend but he hopes to join with us sometime in the future. I will also push to see if we can get Jeff Dorgay out of his cave and have a beer with us sometime in the future. If anyone knows Dan Wright I'd sure like to shake his hand and I bet he would have some intersting stories.

Here is the address :

Lucky Labrador Brewing Company
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214

See you there ...

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I would also like to get together again. I had a great time meeting a few of you. unfortunately I had to leave early so i didn't get a chance to make the rounds and meet everyone. Let's do it again.
I believe I just greeted you over at Audiokarma did I not. Nice setup...perhaps we should get together for a listen one of these days. I'm Art from Albany. Have a great evening!
Marlin here from Sandy.
Some of us Portland area people got together a few years ago. Something I would like to do again (see posts from 2010).
I would be up for traveling to a more southern location to more easily include Salem, Albany, Corvallis area people.

My son used to work for Kurt, a well respected person in the audio community.
Kurt's a nice fella. Down in Eugene you have a number of great guys. Tim and Jeff at Bradford's and my favorite dealer's Dale and Chris Shepherd of Eugene HiFi.

I'm here in Albany and actually work in Corvallis. Perhaps we can get together sometime. My email is audiofi@comcast.net.

Even though I'm in Corvallis, I'm willing to travel. My email: mresseguie@yahoo.com
I would like to get together to hear some different sounds also. I am in Harrisburg or between Corvallis and Eugene. I also know how to read maps and get around the state. Do I hear Road Trip?!?!?!?
Scott here in Ashland - talk about an audiophile desert! No good stores between here and Eugene or here and Sacramento to the south. Pretty rough - a lot of online orders, shipping back and forth, buying and selling used gear here, etc. Of course, it's all worth it when the sound is just right on a quiet evening at home…

Hey Scott,
We have a group here in Southern Oregon that gets together to listen to music, trade gear and maybe have a beer or two. We would love to have you join us.
Scott in Ashland too!
Anyone in the Willamette Valley (So. Washington included) who is either part of a local audiophile club, or just a passionate individual? Love to make some connections.
There could be room for 1-2 more folks that would like to Join a plug and play as we are calling it. Date is Nov 15 most of the day. There are 4 major contributors that will meet at my home for a day of swapping equipment in a system. Right now the base of the system is Daedalus Pan Speakers.

The will be some tube, Hybrid and Solid state. Seating is limited as is the menu.
We are working on a gathering right close to you. Check Audio Circle under the Daedalus audio sub heading Oregon Demo. Room For on or two more for that day long event
There is a post on Audio Circle for a upcoming get together in Corvallis March 14.
This is a CALL for anybody in Oregon or for the most part the I-5 corridor or anybody that want's to get together and driving a few miles is invited to Corvallis.
Mark the calender for March 14 at 10 am.

There is a posting on Audio Circle under Regional Audiophiles and Any Central Oregon Audiophiles.

Please post on AC if you care to attend and maybe bring a toy or tune to share.

This is the Second such attempt and the first was grand.
New to PDX, living in central SE.
Is there any active Portland group nowadays?
Thanks all
Looking to Have a GTG in the MID I-5 Eugene/Corvallis area or willing to drive.

I have hosted before and willing to go again.

Alan Harrisburg Oregon the Oasis?

I'm about to move up to Portlandia from SoCal. Is Positive Feedback, being Portland-based, involved in any local activities? Based on a couple of encounters I've had with David Robinson at Hi-Fi Shows, he doesn't seem to be a real friendly or pleasant guy. Maybe he was just having a bad day, a couple of times ;-).
Check Meetup.com, there is a Portland Audio Club in it, we get together every month or so. Would like to get more local philes to join so I could hear more systems
Thanks Bwalso, I'll be in touch. I'm aware that the housing situation in Portland is getting insane, so I may end up in the outskirts, Gresham perhaps. I don't want to be too far from Music Millenium, my favorite Portland record store!
Yes, "insane" would be putting it mildly. Fortunately for us we bought our house here about 12 years ago, otherwise I guess we'd still be in the midwest. This city has people scraping by on social security income, living in half million dollar small houses. But where else can they go, who could go to Arkansas after being in Portland?