Marketing slogans to catch the consumers attention

Carver's digital time lens comes to mind. Also his magnetic field amplifier at 7 inches square!!! It must be bending the laws of physics. He is a great inventor engineer and salesman. What other slogans can you remember that helped hook the consumer? There are a lot that I just can't remember or remember what company came up with it.

"The closest approach to the original sound". Quad.

"High Definition". ARC.

And lest we forget, "Perfect Sound Forever". Sony and Philips.

Those Carver Magnetic Field cube amps are really pretty good! I have one in my collection. 200 wpc! Maybe not so good for low-impedances - lack of heat-sinks. But they sure do look neat!
If you ever get the chance, check out an old movie titled, "Defending Your Life." In it, a guy explains how he doubled business by adding the word "All" to Nude Girls to the strip joints down by the airport. 

It's one of many wonderful scenes in the movie.

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"Is It Live - Or Is It Memorex?" I remember this one from the magazine ads. Gray tones with a JBL100 on the left and a seated male listener wearing a suit and clutching the chair's arms as his tie and hair are being blown back from the wind of the L100! 
This is a newer one. A ad for one of Spendor's narrow (7" wide) tower speakers. Their saying is:  "Obviously, we're narrow-minded." Wow......
The very best one I've ever heard was when I was a teenager. I used to listen to a late-night rhythm and blues station that was broadcast from a record store in South Central Los Angeles.  The DJs name was "Huggy Boy."

The sponsor of the program was Mister Jim's BBQ. Mister Jim's commerical claimed:  "You need no teef, to eat ma beef."  I still laugh at that one ... and that was 65 years ago. :-)

I can't believe no one has mentioned the RCA Victor dog, "His Master's Voice".  Is anything more iconic?  

Did you mean this?

Your dog can hear it even if you can’t. 🐩

Sorry, I didn't realize that was the same reference.  You beat me to the punch.
And the indestructible lexan housing of Loran tapes. You could run over one with your car. Park your car in the desert. I still have a few
I think "first watt" is a Bryston slogan too. Correct me if I'm wrong. Then there is the Kenwood ad showing their 5070 TT with a composite concrete plinth sitting on top of a speaker!!! How gullible did they think the average consumer was?
"Schlitz - The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous!" Anybody here old enough to remember this one?
“Signature.” Hey, I use that one myself. And “Ultra.” In fact I use the words together. Ultra Signature. Is that wrong?