Is D-Sonics audio still in business

I was wondering if d-sonics audio is still in business, as I was looking to get my son some inexpensive class D amps for his new home and was looking into d-sonic amps but I cannot find their website, as it keeps coming up as unavailable.

Are there any other high powered class D amps for a reasonable price and good reliability out there, I am not to familiar with that class of amps.


I just tried it again and it came right up, maybe the storms in my area were affecting it, but it's strange since all of my other searches went through.

Thanks for the responses.

If you have any other Class D amps that you can recommend I would be happy to look into them, as my son is looking for smaller size amps that don't heat up and have plenty of power.


Class D is a good choice and high value.  I’d also recommend looking at a used Bel Canto amp like this…

If this is too pricey there’s this one that still puts out 150Wpc…

Personally I’d go with Bel Canto because I know their amps sound great and have never heard a Channel D amp.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Peachtree GAN400 is what I am listening to today.

I used to own a D-Sonic unit. 

@soix, thanks for the listings I will look into those.

@yyzsantabarbara, I have not looked into the newer GAN amps but I will check them out to see if they would be a good alternative to Class D.

Another vote for any of the Bel Canto products, really well made and great sounding.

@alucard19 GAN is Class D. I was going to return my GAN400 to Peachtree (trial period). I had it all packed and ready to go but decided to give it another go with my subwoofer in new location. I got some 15-foot RCA cables from Benchmark to make the sub positioning more flexible.

Well, that did the trick, and I am now keeping the GAN400. It is an above average sound with the sub in a better spot. I am using $995 Magnepan LRS+ in a small room.

A great Class D amp is a EVS modded Peachtree GAN1. This is incredible but a PIA to use. I think the GAN1 design has a great future.

See Daniel Hertz Maria amps (maybe the same as my GAN1, but more features).

Maria Amplifiers – Daniel Hertz SA


@yyzsantabarbara,  Wow those Daniel Hertz amps are expensive, I was just looking to get my son some inexpensive Class D amps that had enough power to drive what ever speakers he has, that was why I was looking into the D-Sonic amps they have plenty of power and are only around 1K each for the mono style.

I like my son but I'm not rich, I'm just trying to get him something that is easy to set up and still sound good.

Thanks for the link but I will have to pass on those amps.

@yyzsantabarbara not all GaN amplifiers are Class D. Take a look at the Gold Note PA-10  I have two operating in Bridged mode with an SPL Phonitor 2 as a preamp and they are spectacular.  

I also agree that the Bel Canto products are well built and sound great.

The PA-10 features quite an interesting design. It is not a Class D amplifier but it leverages a new technology that uses MOSFETs for the output stage, in common with the Class D, featuring an output oscillator (GaN Mosfets with Gallium Nitride), a proprietary design that actually doubles the power of the amplifier when reducing the impedance – exactly as a pure Class A but with extremely high efficiency to deliver great amounts of energy.” So there you have it.

What may surprise you is despite its great power for such a small box, it's not a Class D amplifier.  

"It's actually an A/B amplifier, but it uses a switching mode digital power supply, which allows it to get more power in a smaller chassis,"

@alucard19 I do not own the DH Maria amp. I just linked to it because I think it is the same design as the PeachTree GAN1. The GAN1 is $1500. I have about $600 mods on top of that. I think it is a rather great amp just hindered by the limited connectivity and the SPDIF requirement.

I expect other companies like DH to follow a similar design.


@recklesskelly I learned something new about GAN and Class D.

A Purifi based amp might be what you’re looking for. I have a March Audio amp (P502, discontinued) and am a fan of their build quality and incredible sonics, but they’re based in Australia. If small size is what you’re looking for, then you don’t really need monoblocks, and the P422 might fit the bill.

Even cheaper would be a Hypex based amp, and for that I would go to Audiophonics in France. Look for the NC502MP module, it’s 500 watts into 4 ohms, plenty of power and for many is indistinguishable from a Purifi. My amp is based on that module and it’s mighty fine and powerful, incredible detail and clarity with great bass drive and definition. I love it and don’t feel a need to upgrade to a Purifi at the moment.

I have a Nord Purifi dual mono Class D amp which I rate as excellent value and SQ. Mine cost under Aust$3000 including shipping from the UK to Australia, customs duty etc. They also do cheaper single end Purifi amps and Hypex amps as well as more expensive Starcrimson amps. In the USA I believe Buckeye have a good reputation but extensive waiting time.

you should be looking for an integrated amp save the space and complexity


we have a llumin mi streaming amp demo1200perfect for you

Not looking for an integrated amp and he does not do any streaming, so anything that streams is definitely out.

Did some business with DSonic. When you call you talk to Dennis directly. The power-to-dollar ratio is the lowest I’ve seen with DSonic. Build quality excellent. Based on Pascal modules. These are great amps for an AV, home theater setup. 

Check out the VTV Amplifier website.  They have a wide range of class D designs from Hypex, Purifi, Pascal - even an all digital (digital in only) GaNFET design.  Saw a stereo PASCAL and a Hypex NCore MP design on there for under $500.

@petaluman, thanks for the info on VTV amps, I was looking at their website and have put them on my list of amps to consider. The prices are very reasonable for what you get and I do like the Hypex modules and the Pascal modules.

Another recommendation for Orchard Audio. I participated in the amp tour and bought a Stereo Ultra dual mono amp. Love it. There are other Orchard Audio amps starting at $1500 for a pair of monoblocks. They won an Absolute Sound award.




I have D-Sonic mono blocks and am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend them. I’ve tweaked them with high end power cables and fuses, which brought improvements, though they sounded great out of the box. High value product providing massive headroom and speaker grip. If you are drawn to them I would recommend you just go for it.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and recommendations I now have 3 - 4 amp brands to look into in the next couple of weeks.

I will let you know which amp brand I end up with soon.

Excellent!  Please let us know your findings.  Interested minds wanna know.