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Best budget USB
@temmple I haven't tried the Excalibur. Couldn't find one with micro USB connector for the external hard drive. Just bought a new Aurender N200 server/streamer. Now I need an USB A-B cable to hook to the Ayre Codex. Excalibur is available in this ... 
Supratek Owners Thread
Appreciate the info @jslateiv .  The Chardonnay is the best sounding linestage I've owned.  Thanks, aldnorab   
Supratek Owners Thread
I'm looking at a DAC with srrp tube output stage. It needs a 50k or higher input impedance. Anyone know the RCA input impedance of my year old Supratek Chardonnay?  Thanks, aldnorab  
Solid State Power Amps
Don't guess. Join the Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra Stereo V2 tour. Hear it in your system for the price of shipping and a small review. Check their website to participate. It knocked my tube and class A amps out of the system. Thanks, aldnorab   
What are your thoughts/opinions on the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium
@pprocter ask Leo if the converter circuitry can be built into the amplifier. He has done other custom things.  Thanks, aldnorab   
Magnepan 3.7i amp pairing
Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra. Leo builds his own proprietary modules. I'm using them on full range Acoustat 3 Medallion. They've never sounded so good. First time in 40 years I feel there's enough power. Orchard Audio is running an amp tour. Y... 
Beautiful Colored Tube Preamp ($10k budget) to Pair w/ Very Accurate Monitors (PSI A25M)
Love my Supratek Chardonnay that Mick built last year. Just fabulous sound with the stock 6SN7 tubes. Never had a preamp sound so right with easy to obtain new stock tubes. Wish I’d ordered one years ago. It would have saved me a lot of nos tube m... 
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
Thank you @corente for the answer. Guess if FLAC was developed today there would be fewer levels.     I would like to know what format the major studios supply streaming and download companies with.  Thanks, aldnorab  
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
If FLAC levels 0-8 are all lossless, why are there so many FLAC choices, and why would anyone ever use anything but level 8? Thanks, aldnorab  
Streamer only
@soix the right toslink components will handle 24/192 without problem. I use Oppo BDP105 >DH Labs Glass Master toslink cable > Ayre Codex dac. The Ayre display always reads 192 with 24/192 material. Before buying the Codex I asked Ayre if to... 
Coda #8, Pass XA25, or Schiit Tyr to replace PS Audio M700
I’m using the Orchard Audio StarKrimson Stereo Ultra V1 on Acoustat 3 Medallion. Orchard Audio is running an amp tour. Listen a week for free and pay shipping to next person. Sign up on their website.  I also have a PS Audio S300. It isn't as det... 
Best amplifier for Acoustat 2+2 electrostats for holographic sound, or change speakers?
Another cool thing about the Orchard is they sell the proprietary modules. Amps can be assembled by connecting the modules to their power supplies. This saves money. After buying a different brand new amp, I joined the Orchard Audio tour. The Orch... 
Best amplifier for Acoustat 2+2 electrostats for holographic sound, or change speakers?
Just hooked the Acoustat 3 Medallion to my Orchard Audio StarKrimson Stereo Ultra with dual power supplies. Absolutely amazing soundstaging and detail. Way out past the speaker edges. The 3's have never sounded so good. 500 watt per channel suits ... 
So You Have a Sick Vintage Integrated Amp?
Great news! aldnorab   
PS audio m1200
Orchard Audio is running the Stereo Ultra on an amp tour. Listen to it in your system for a week then ship it to the next person on the list. You can read more on the Hoffman forums and contact Leo via the Orchard Audio website. Gan-fets are used ...