Integrated for Devore O/93

I just got a pair from a friend of O/93, after tried several speakers in the last 5 years, these ones got the soul I’m after of.

When I had them, used to run with a Mastersound Dueventi, EL34 based amp very nice phono stage and so, there was some magic in it, now I can go for any of these:

Octave V70 Class A. Really liked all about this "little" german fella, very neutral and punchy presentation, awesome build quality. Pretty good phono stage.

Octave V16. 300B? why not? always loved them.

Mastersound Duetrenta or new Icona or just go for the Compact 845, why not come back to my favs tube amps? very good looking and wonderful sounding machines, used to have Compact 300B and Dueventi, but lately I’m enjoying KT’s lamps, they are not as magical but very well controlled and extended in the extremes freqs. and with real punch in the bass department, that’s why Duetrenta or Icona, pure Class A Single Ended ones, with a Triode/Pentode switch (with Devore’s Triode sounded more magical but Pentode with balls and really nice separation).

Copland CT408/407, heard amazing things about this danish integrated with a very good phono stage.

Western Electric 91E. Only read about it, but looks absolutely brilliant.

Rest of the system is a Kuzma Stabi R with a Zyx Ultimate 100 and Acoustic Plan DAC/Lumin U mini.

Ideally, one of those integrated is what I’d like to get, no more otherwise my brain will explode looking for choices so I’ll appreciate if U can tell me a little bit bout them.

In the future would love to upgrade to O/96’s but will be in 2-3 years so need a real good partner for them.


The upper mids of those made me nuts so I'd go with something smoother than pointed. 

Sounds like in your heart you like the Mastersound, and I’d say follow your heart. One other thing I’d say is to step up to a separate phono stage — it’s too important to compromise with an integrated’s phono stage IMHO. Best of luck.

If you love tubes, have some coin, and a little patience here’s 2 you should check out:

1. Leben CS-600

2. Allnic T-1500, Mkii

The ones on your shortlist are great, these are excellent with Devore high efficiency speakers. 


Mastersound sounds like a great choice. DeVore designed his speakers to work with most of amplifiers, but since they are high-sensitivity speakers, tubes are the best choice, if you like tubes of course.

Check into Line Magnetic, 805ia, 845ia, or 845 premium.

I had the O/93 with the 845ia and I really enjoyed that experience. I also tried a higher powered Audio Hungary Class A tube and solid state Aavik integrated and the Line Magnetic just had better synergy with the DeVores.

I've since upgraded to the O/96 using the same 845ia and it's a wonderful match. I upgraded the front end tubes which made a nice difference. Currently planning to upgrade to the 845 premium when Tone Imports get them back in stock.

Check this review of the 845ia, mentions the O/93 and how it was a great pairing:

Twittering Machines 845ia review


The Western Electric 91E sounds very nice with the O/93 and 96s.

The Passlabs INT 25 is also a good match - I know it's not tube but nonetheless...

Thank You guys!

At the end two contenders: Octave V70 Class A or Mastersound Duetrenta, in the future for sure 845 or Acoustic Plan Aruna (sold my acoustic plan Mantra).

What a hard choice! V70 or Duetrenta! Don't U think the mastersound amps are more powerful having same or less wpc? maybe are the current? the transformers?

I really like the Synthesis Audio A40 (KT 66 tube).  It comes with a built-in DAC that is no slouch.  A local dealer that sells these things gets in trades of gear costing MUCH more than the A40.  I have not heard the A40 with DeVore speakers, but, I have heard it with Audio Note speakers that share similar efficiency and similar parentage (both are sort of clones of Snell speakers).

Mastersound and the Leben recommendations are also, to me, good recommendations.  I have only heard a couple Allnic pieces, but, t like what I heard and the construction looks good too.  I spoke with a very knowledgeable real (vintage) Western Electric expert and he hates the new 91E amp.  However, the new 300b tubes that the same company produces do sound good and they come with a generous warranty.  

Might want to check out Rogers High Fidelity. As high a build quality as there is in tube amps, sound excellent, lifetime warranty!

There are a few available on Audiomart and both new & used directly from the manufacturer. There are pretty argue & operate in full class A mode so they do put out some heat. I really enjoy mine! 

We are synthesis dealer just fantastic gear


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

As an owner of O/93's I can not help you as to an integrated but feel compelled to tell you that the Auditorium 23 speaker cables really do something magical with the O/93's. They are more pleasing than Cardas Clear Beyond that I also have. I have three amps and one of them is an integrated of sorts, an Ampsandsound Nautilus. Eight watts of no negative fb and pure SET is beautiful with the O/93's in a smaller room. 80 watts and 160 watts with an ARC Ref 6 and the Ref 80S and Ref 175SE provide more control and macro-detail but less micro-detail and less relaxing, "just let it wash over you" sound. The sound signature of the O/93 remains the same throughout so the choice of cabling imho is more important.

Now that said, I auditioned the O/93's with a Sugden preamp into a VAC amp at Don Better Audio (who no longer seems to be a Devore dealer) and maybe it was his room but I would never use anything but all-tube with these speakers. 

If you want authoritative low end, you chose the wrong speaker and even the O/96's won't punch you in the gut. If you want true tube magic at the expense of a tight low end, take a hard look at a 300B integrated. Remember-there is no system that "does everything" and there are always compromises. The inner beauty of low powered SET's, particularly with 300B's, is analogous to the old wine saying that "people start with cabernet, but all roads end at Burgundy". 


Thank U all for everything, really appreciated.

Got a super deal on a Mastersound Gemini, let's give it few months and see what happens.

I really like the Sophie Electric 300B...available. in mono blocks or integrated...hightly rated not highly marketed. Very organic which a 300B amp should be and plenty of head room as well.