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dac recommendations for turntable listener?
I went through a similar search and stumbled upon the Electrocompanient 1 MKII. It does not get much press but does offer a nice warm rich sound. Worth looking into. Good luck.  
Anyone familiar with Chris Romeo cables?
I have had the opportunity to demo his speaker cables. They were quite nice with lovely tone and timbre. Build quality is top notch. Chris is very helpful in the process.  
Tara Labs
Thanks for the followup.  It seems Tara has fallen off the radar as there are not many/any reviews of their cables.  One thing I noted was their spades and banana plugs are gold coated brass.  I was under the impression brass was a lower cost, les... 
Modwright Phono stage power supply ugrade
Great, thanks for the information. I have the 9.0 x as well. Have you upgraded the umbilicus cable as well?  
Raven Osprey 3.1 vs Leben cs600
One other amp he liked was the AudioNote UK Cobra. He went with the Raven as he did not need the internal DAC in the AudioNote. I really appreciate the input.   
Leben CS600 required tubes
I would suggest Tesla NOS EL34s as another option. I agree regarding the 6P3SE; a bit too forward. Of the 6L6 world, I recommend GE NOS  
Raven Osprey 3.1 vs Leben cs600
This is very helpful. The Leben also allows for endless tube rolling.  
Raven Osprey 3.1 vs Leben cs600
My Leben is the CS600; so little opportunity to roll the pre-amp tubes.  In fact hard t find replacements. I have rolled the power tubes and currently am running Tesla EL34's which are quite nice.  
Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!
My network switch and server ( SGC sonictransporter) both use wall warts.  I only have room for one LPS and wonder which connection would benefit the most from adding a LPS?  
Audio Envy SP12 Speaker Cables
Socprof; which cable did you end up going with?  
KT 88 with Leben cs 600
Have you all had any experience with the KT77 tubes? How is their sound in comparison to the EL 34 and KT 66? Thanks,   Mike  
KT 88 with Leben cs 600
But PS. Should I ultimately try the KT 88, how does one decide the optimal plate voltage position?  
KT 88 with Leben cs 600
Thanks for the update.  I am aware of the above chart. Currently listening blissfully to some NOS EL 34. Hope I get a good 5 years out of them. Thanks again  
Speaker Cables : Moderate priced
Just to clarify;  I am unable to move the components closer to the speakers. This is due to spousal limitations in the placement of furniture etc within the room.  
Clarus Crimson vs Clear Beyond.
How would you describe the Clarus Crimson sound?