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Tube amps under $7500
My personal favorite is Sophia Electric...a number of excellent sounding amplifiers and what you hope for when you go to tube amplification.....  
Differences between Harbeth, Spendor, Graham, etc. ?
Interesting term "punchy" bass...I have been to a lot of live venues and never heard what I would term "punchy" bass. I have heard it from amplifiers.   
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Maybe only the box was made in China.    
Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation
You guys are special. Love the ad hominem attacks.      
Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation
Thanks Toronto. The Parsifal that I heard did not have that doubt the provided that option to eliminate the issue I was referring to. In the setting I listened in the owner had a ton of sound proofing behind them and to my ears they s... 
Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation
why is that silly. They have a large bass driver pointing out the grab your bass busters and anything else you can find to dampen that crap  
Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation
You must love all that bass just pouring out the rear.   
Speaker for Nagra VPA
Subwoofer for music only ?
Will your wife be in the bed with you? She could adversely affect the listening experience, or possible enhance it depending on the resonance of the room.   
Esoteric Amps with Revel Salon 2 Speakers
Those class A amplifiers are magic and have plenty of power...plenty .  
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
If the speaker says  " Reference " we can purchase with confidence.  
Devore 093 compared to o96
If you love the sound stay put. Larger bass drive moves more air "however" that may not be a good thing in your room, or any room.   
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
I honestly do not need to look at the spec's to know if a speaker sounds good.....but if you do and if you that is important to you then knock yourself out......  
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
With speakers it is close to impossible to have a "flat line" speaker that will sound good in your room, So you get your "flat line" speaker home and it promises to disappoint.   
Audiophile Comedy
Oh gosh....I thought all that sh#%&t was really true.