Integrated Amplifiers - Esoteric F-01, Esoteric F-02 or Dan D'Agostino Progression

I'm looking for recommendations on a high-end integrated amplifier.  Dealer choices in my price range ($18,000 - $21,000) are Esoteric F-01, Esoteric F-02 or Dan D'Agostino Progression.  Any opinion on these three integrated amplifiers would be appreciated.

My current speakers are B&W 805D4 Signatures.

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It would help if you also mentioned your sonic priorities and feature sets you need.

All amplifiers in this range are likely to be good. Given that you have stand mount speakers (I assume I have the correct), you probably don’t listen at super high volumes - or are you also using a sub?  And, if so, are you driving that sub from the speaker taps and rolling it off, or are you rolling off your 805s?

I think the integrates you mention are all well-respected. Side note - I personally wouldn’t buy D’Agostino because I understand he supports far right political narratives. That is me - I don’t expect others to agree but mention it in case it’s important to you as well.

Others that you might consider would be Vitus, Constellation, Gryphon and what I purchased: T+A PA 3100HV. It’s a bit above your price range but it’s possible you’d find a dealer who get close to your budget. Personally, I think it’s spectacular - but I am also biased by what I own. Bias or not, it’s worth a look. (They also have models in their R series that would come in a bit below your stated budget that are also quite good.)


Esoteric is known for their digital prowess, not so much for their amplification. D’Agostino is known for their amplification and agree with the previous poster on one point, that Gryphon should also be considered.

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The Esoteric(s) will provide precision and clarity but be thin compared to the rich, tonal characteristics  and power of the D’Agostino.  Which is right is your preference.  As alternatives at your price point audition the Burmester 032.  Some pro reviewers say the Burmester has tonal characteristics and liquidity of tube designs with the speed and clarity of solid state. Clarity, tonal colors, musicality better IMHO than Esoteric and not as overdone as the D’Agostino.  At this price point you will be able to get a home audition in your system.  PS: There is a new model, the Burmester 232.  More power and integrated DAC and streamer.  I have not auditioned it.  Will be available soon is the word on the street.  

Wow. So now we’re buying/recommending Hi-Fi gear on the makers political views? I imagine if your favorite US based speaker maker farms his manufacturing to China that’s an automatic “do not buy”? To which I ask - do you carry a smart phone? 

Wh6 are you limited to just them 2 ,they both sound different .

there is a excellent Goldman integrated amp asking around $12 k sells for close to 2 x that  ,that is a very natural sounding top quality Swiss integrated amplifier.

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This forum is for music lovers and those interested in high-end audio gear.  It is NOT a place to air your political agenda aka backstab a manufacturer because they don't match your "political" expectations.  It's not only divisive, but rudely derails the OP's inquiry.  Mentioning after the fact "but you don't have to listen/follow me..." lame excuse doesn't cut it

I believe, it is helpful to know in general how designers conduct their lives and affairs. Having a clear picture of who we support with money and boost the prestige is a good idea. The information, the facts must be correct, of course.


The D'Agnostino Progression will give the listener a deep musical, rich tone. What other gear is in your System?


Happy Listening!


This forum is for music lovers and those interested in high-end audio gear. It is NOT a place to air your political agenda aka backstab a manufacturer because they don’t match your "political" expectations. It’s not only divisive, but rudely derails the OP’s inquiry.

Very well put.

Kindly take the  Left wing vs Right wing to an appropriate forum. There’s no shortage of them.


@charles1dad hope you are well.


While I am less concerned about someone’s politics I always appreciate a heads up when trying to decide between the PolPot or the Mothertheresa integrateds. In the case of the Dag gear, does that mean there is more output from the right channel? LOL. Everyone have a great day!

It is far more money but the Dartzeel CTH 8550 MK 2 could be the best integrated currently made. Also great for phono. $42K 8550=85% of his separates at 50% the price. It has “changed my life”.