Any US manufacturer of a 845 SET amplifier

I listened to a Line Magnetic 845 SET amp and was very impressed. It was very well built. My concern is not about build quality, however I am concerned about service.  Anyone know of a US company producing such an amp?
I've had a Line Magnetic 518IA 845 SET , which is now called 845IA, for 5 years no operating issues whatsoever. If you haven't already, you might reach out to US importer Jonathan Halpern - Tone Imports to ask if there is US based tech support ; I don't recall if there is. His email is

Art Audio is a UK based company that does 845 SETs and they have three approved service centers in the US.  One in CT, MI and CA for regional convenience.  That being said, I am 100% certain Line Magnetic has an approved service center in the US.  I don't know who it is, but it is not possible that they don't have one.  
Thanks all for the quick response. I will check out these products and call Tone Imports. 
I dont think that Kara (DeHavilland) is still active in this market. Perhaps I am wrong but I think this is worth mentioning.

i remember my cary 805’s... massive, lovely amps with such a warm luscious sound! couldn’t drive my proacs at the time on more dynamic music in a large listening room at the time, was sorry to see them go
Coincident Technology makes a limited edition 845 amplifier. They’re a Toronto company. I think very highly of their Frankenstein momblocks, which are 300B. Those guys know their tubes.
From the reviews I read, it sounds almost as good as an Audio Research 6550 amp.  They are made in the USA I think...

Are you looking for an amp or integrated amp?

Cary Audio makes an 845 based amp --

And Line Magnetic makes both 845 integrateds (845ia and 845Premium), and amps (503PA and 513PA).

I'm a dealer for both lines.

And we generally do not see issues with Line Magnetic.  But if you do, there's a service facility for everything that Tone Imports brings in here in the US for repair.

Thanks all. I should mention that my budget does not exceed $5000.

@goldprintaudio  thanks for chiming in. I had you on my list as a dealer to call regarding my questions concerning LM amplifiers. I will do so.  

At the moment I am in a quandary as to going to an integrated vs. looking for a tube amplifier to rotate with a SS amplifier using my Aric Audio tube preamp. 

From my observations the Tone Import web site doesn't supply much info regarding LM. I had planned on calling them to find out more regarding the service facility they use.   
Feel free to send me a PM on here or email and we can chat about who does the service work/etc. 
@cal3713 Thanks for the thread. Just now followed it. Most of the 845s mentioned are above my budget. Need to pay off my house first.