Another Fedex problem...

Just wanting to point out a problem I am having with Fedex as a potential warning and to see if anyone else is having this situation come up.

The last 4 packages I have had delivered to me by a vender via Fedex have NOT come to my home. In fact, only once did the delivery driver leave a notice on my door? It seems Fedex drivers like to skip your house and take the package to a designated drop off point. In my case, that is a Walgreens store that is totally inept and uneducated as to how to organize these packages.

In the last 2 instances, I have had to change my address to a drop off point (I have chosen) to avoid having the package sent back to the original sender. I asked a driver I had seen do this ...and he gave a very evasive answer.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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I would contact FedEx. 

FedEx was the premier delivery company until a bout five years ago… since then they have been falling apart… UPS has been gaining In technology and customer care over the last few years. 

I have had occationally incidences over the last few years… not consecutively though. 

Such bad luck with fedex delivery of audio gear between losing and damaging equipment without honoring the insurance which I paid for. Had to switch to UPS.

I too have had good luck with FedEx although I tend to use UPS.  However, I understand the frustration of those who have bad experiences.  I agree with @ghdprentice about contacting FedEx.  Also, I believe you can set up a free personal account that may provide some benefits related to tracking and resolving issues.  Good luck.

FedEx just dropped 6 packages at my house last week. 5 from one seller. 1 from another. As mentioned by elrod, it sounds like more of a problem with your local FedEx. Whenever possible, I pick a drop off near my home as I hate having to deal with re-delivery or hold at FedEx.

I prefer FedEx to the other available shippers. UPS is second, then DHL... I avoid the USPS like the plague.

I’d also venture to guess too that It’s a local issue. If you really want to know, its best to drive to your local FedEx hub and talk to the hub leader directly. Tell them you want a 3-way conversation with the driver to discuss. If in doubt, sometimes I will login and re-route the package to a real FedEx Office for pickup - the day it leaves the original sender’s pickup site. I do this for all valuable packages.  

These issues can happen with FedEx, UPS, DHL too depending on your local drivers or concerns they might have at your particular drop-off location. I found out once a driver did not feel comfortable dropping a package over my gate, worth checking why if this keeps happening to you. May be more to the story...Best of Luck.


Sounds like GROUND FedEx. Ground and Express are two different compainies merging and it is destroying FedEx Expresses name brand. 

Thanks for the suggestions. I will contact Fedex and also take the advice to select my own preferred Fedex drop off location, which I have had to do anyway.

@tonydennison  is right about the FedEx company. FedEx Ground is and has been a separate division that employs independent contractors as drivers. There is no incentive for them to do quality work; the attitude is get these packages off my truck and go home. It doesn't matter if it's the right address.

Take a look at FedEx Express next time. It costs more but so does UPS. BTW, I have noticed improved service from UPS.


Fedex express and ground are presently unifying so even if you pay for express, theres a 20% chance your parcel will be gien to ground to deliver. Terrible idea for fedex express but thats where it is today. ups might be the best option at this point


Tony, if they are unifying the two services, isn't there a chance the Ground employees will become full-time employees rather than independents who pay their own expenses and have no interest in quality work?


Many will be made corporate employees but there will still be some contractors. The problem is the cutting away of the franchise Ground owners is impossible at this point. The worst way to deal with it is merger, which is exactly how they are trying to deal with it. I think creating the Ground animal was a terrible idea in the first place. It was a way to lower prices, increase volume and still make a short term quick buck for the investors. The decision lacked foresight or at the very least concern for the future. Now Fed Ex is at a cross roads, only time will tell if they pull through with their good will intact. Terrible decision making. Then there is the possibility of class action, i.e. you pay for express for 3 day service, express gives the shipment to ground on day 1, who has it for 10 days and cant get it delivered, they give it back to express 10 days later who delivers it that day or the next  day, provided ground didn’t lose the parcel.