Alternatives to Stillpoints

I am using the Stillpoints Ultra SS with good success in some of my gear. Looking to complete two more sets. Then it hit me, is there anything better (preferably cheaper) out there?
The Ayre myrtle blocks come to mind.
Are they 'better'? Who knows?
But, at least another choice that won't break the bank.
Besides that, maybe something from Herbie's.
Thanks @gdnrbob . I have the Ayre Myrtle blocks. They came with my Ayre gear. They did nothing to my system. Zip!

The Stillpoints however, they did change the timbre and tonality for good. I like them.

I was just looking for something for cheaper than Stillpoints.
I tried a whole bunch of different things under the tube power supply to my phono stage about 5 years ago. Wound up with Stillpoints SS. But, believe it or not, the Vibrapod cone plus puck did add a clarity without any stridency- not as much as the Stillpoints, but cheap. Among the things I tried were Herbies Tall footers (softened the sound), Aurios (like an enclosed roller block- unbelievable clarity but added a bite that quickly became intolerable); HRS footers and plates (fine, didn’t do much); a set of old Goldmund cones I had from biblical times (didn’t do much) and maybe one other.
I recently put isoacoustic's pucks under my power amp ($120 for four) to great effect. I'll be buying more. Thinking about the stillpoints under my TT though, due to their weight tolerance. 
I quite like Patent Pending stamped on top of the Critical Mass Center Stage footers. Nice touch.
I don't know if better then Stillpoints' since I have never tried them and refuse to pay that much but the Finite Elements Cerabase Classic,s work really well and look great. They can be had for a set of 4 between $700-1000.00.

Newsflash! There is something to be said to having your equipment secured as closely to good old mother earth as possible.
I would suggest Daedalus DiDs, particularly under DACs and other digital equipment. I had a chance to hear them A-B and the improvement was noticeable. As for Stillpoints, I'm using a set of Ultra SS under my speakers and they are excellent, though expensive. 
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And of course... here come the objectivists! Or the skeptics? Or the trollls! Flat earth crowd? Please... I don’t need your opinion. Go pollute a cable thread. Or a streamer/ DAC.... everything you don’t believe in
Stillpoints are bright and very overpriced. Look at Symposium Rollerblocks or Magico Q pods for better more balanced sound with great stage and balanced frequency extremes.
OP update:  I ordered a set of three Symposium Rollerblocks 2+

Thanks all for your help. It will be interesting to compare these with my Stillpoints Ultra SS
thyname: you’re wasting your money, but that’s your prerogative. You can’t afford $30 to try my recommendation huh? This is what’s wrong with our hobby!!!

Hard materials don't damp anything.
Believe or not @stevecham I did try those. Or something very similar I bought from Amazon. I definitely try to save money. I wish I could post a picture of them at hand. Still have them. Sitting there

Unfortunately, they made things worse. Muffled and dull
Send me your email: I still have them. I can send you a picture with me holding them, or even take a video or do FaceTime and show them to you. Why would I lie ?
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Be careful  where you put the gizmos as they leave a black print of them on wood over time. I could not remove the staining off my furniture.  Place some paper under them or blue painters tape etc.., May impact the gizmo’s ability? I don’t think so really.  
When I was looking for footers or platforms I remember reading that some had replaced their stillpoints ultra 5's with starsound tech apprentice platforms. This is what I use along with a couple starsound rhythm platforms.
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I’m a big fan of bungee cords for suspending components. And of suspending all cables and cords from the ceiling. One spring can be quite interesting under a thing, since it can isolate in rotational directs as well as vertical direction and has a very low resonant frequency compared to multiple springs. Getting a thing of some size to balance on a nice springy spring can be quite a challenge sometimes.
They are not the OREA. They are the "puck". Retail is $60 a pair. I'm impressed with them.  
It depends upon the component and how that component is currently placed in one's system. I'm still high on springs/springs w/ Rollerblocks.

Symposium Acoustics is the best known maker of roller bearings, and their Rollerblock Series 2 and Rollerblock Jr. are fine products at a fair price, really well made. Before ordering either, consider the roller bearings offered by the Canadian company Ingress Engineering. They offer three models, the best (and most expensive of course, but still cheaper than both the Symposium models) of a decidedly better design and build than even the Rollerblock Series 2.

The bowl carved into the Ingress cup is of a larger diameter than that in the Symposiums, producing a lower resonant frequency (and therefore better isolation). The bowls are then polished to a mirror-like finish for lowest friction. Also, the cup is manufactured out of the harder 7075 formula aluminum, as opposed to the softer 6061 of the Symposiums and the cheaper Ingress’. Three cups with ball bearings for under $200, a good value imo. For those preferring a top and bottom cup, the bottom-level Ingress is of the dual-cup design. As good as the Symposium Rollerblock Jr., at about half it's price.

Too late @bdp24 --- I already ordered the Rollerblocks 2+. One set. It should arrive on Monday. I will check Ingress out. Never heard of them
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Yup! I found it myself. Very interesting. and relatively cheap. Maybe I should buy them and do a shootout! :-)
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The original, cheapest Ingress is indeed a Symposium Jr. imitation. The higher priced Ingress are a very different story. Larger diameter bowl with a shallower slope for the ball bearing to climb (that climb the most important isolation design element of the roller bearing), 7075 aluminum in place of the softer 6061 used by Symposium (harder and smoother), and superior polishing. State-Of-The-Art in roller bearings imo. I have the cheap ones (double cup design) and the more expensive ones (single cup, with a stainless steel disc on the bottom of the component for the ball bearing to roll on), as well as a couple sets of the Symposium Jr's. They're all good. Still need a spring though, as roller bearings do not isolate in the vertical plane.

And then there is the Townshend Audio Seismic Pod!

A friend of mine, GH, turned me on to a much less expensive alternative made out of furniture cups and ball bearings. Bought the parts on Amazon for around $15. They are:

Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors with Non Skid Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 1-3/4 Inch - Chocolate Brown

Ten 3/4" Inch Chrome Steel Bearing Balls G25

The ball bearings sit just above the top of the cup. I use four for stability. I’ve tried them under an Oppo 105 with a mild improvement. I also used an Ikea Butcherblock cutting board underneath the cups/bearings. I also tried blocks of maple on top of the cutting board instead of the cups/bearings but the maple wasn’t as good as the cups/bearings.

I have an Aurender N10. The isolation on that component is not very good and it picks up significant vibration during spirited listening. The cups/bearings work very well in this application. Not exactly sure how much sound improvement I’ve realized since I’ve never removed them. But I can tell you that nearly all of the vibration during modest to loud volume is removed as tested by resting my hand very lightly on top of the N10. If you put weight on top of the player, such as a heavy hand, it picks up the vibration; so the isolation on top of the circumference of the four ball bearings seems to work well.

BTW, if you look at the Ingress Engineering product, the cup/bearing method talked about above is the same concept.
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Hi thyname: According to the system picture you have posted you're using wooden shelves on your rack. Although they look really nice, wood is not the best material to use sonically. Keep the Stillpoints  Ultra SS footers you have for now and try upgrading one of your shelves first. There are many brands to choose from, although the better ones can be quite pricey.
I owned stillpoints with risers, an old version. I replaced them with Machina Dynamica Springs, which control vibrations in 3 dimensions and relatively speaking, cheap
Yes @yoby I do use wooden shelves and rack. But those are not your warehouse woods. My rack is made of 4” and 2” thick air dried solid maple wood from Mapleshade:

They are excellent. So may I suggest you take a look before you put them down?
I actually make a dual layer mass on spring iso stand, the Nirvana, Revelation Audio has one, it’s two stacked layers of heavy masses on springs. The trick is keeping the resonance frequency of each mass on spring layer far enough apart to avoid any untoward interaction. It’s how the big boys do it.
@ thyname, I own a 2 inch  maple shelf from Mapleshade as well, and have done extensive comparisons of different shelves over the years ( Mapleshade,  Adona, and Marigo Audio)  I meant no offense to you and apologize if I did. 
Pop quiz,

Why is a 4” maple board better than a 1” or 2” board for isolation?
No problem @yoby no offense taken. I am pretty happy with Mapleshade and don’t see myself changing anything anytime soon. Are there better things out there? Sure are, but I have to stop somewhere and be satisfied. Like with everything in life. Honestly, I had been very resistant on racks and platforms over the past 15 years or so, and only used cheap racks before from VTI and Pangea. It took getting the Samson rack locally from someone last year to change my mind. So yes, racks matter, and I do realize I can do better. But not for now. Mapleshade will do.

Ingress LV 3 roller ball & cup footers/30mm thick slate plate/a spring, in that order from top to bottom layer.

Full review coming soon.
The Symposium Rollerblock 2+ arrived! Very well built, and effective! Damn... though they had like four pages of instructions to read 😂😂. So, I moved my Stillpoints Ultra SS to my power conditioner, and using these for my ZENith MK3 server. My system never sounded so good! Not sure whether from “equipping “ my Power Conditioner with footers in general, or from Rollerblocks.

I just ordered a set of three Level 3, V3 from Ingress Engineering. For less than half the price of the Symposiums, worth trying and comparing.